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C752 no way out

Half an hour later, a special waiter brought a delicious dinner, a bottle of wine and a bottle of Hami melon juice.

Yang ChuChu's small hands are slightly and inextricably pinching his white coat. His beautiful eyes are shining and moving, and he is nervous.

Luo Jinyu woke up suddenly after she came down and put her hand over his eyes.

Yang ChuChu asked him when he was thinking. He always insisted on his firm ink eyes, but there was a panic color that was hard to detect. However, it was only a convergence. Yang ChuChu did not see clearly, thinking that he was just angry because the relationship was inexplicably open. "Wow, why do you order so many delicious food? It's all my favorite food. " Yang ChuChu sat at the table with a happy face. He thought to himself, if a man knows how to hurt people, she must take it down first. In case another woman takes him away later, who can Yang Chu cry for?

"You haven't eaten much recently. I'm afraid you're hungry, so I ordered more." Luo Jinyu sees her happy, thin lips also pull up the smile, eyes gently lock the smiling face of the girl opposite, the mood is complex, bring a touch of pain.

Luo Jinyu is not an indecisive person. He is always resolute in dealing with official affairs and has a strong hand. But at the moment, he is satisfied with the feeling of being hard to leave. It's really hard to bear.

"Thank you, Luo Jinyu!" Yang ChuChu was suddenly moved, and then she began to cry.

Luo Jinyu didn't expect that she cried inexplicably. Moreover, she cried so inconspicuously. Tears and snivels flew together.

Jun's face was dyed with a flurry of color. Luo Jinyu hurriedly walked to her side, and his big palm fell on her thin shoulder. He whispered: "what's the matter? Why do you cry like this? "

"I I'm just moved. " Of course, Yang ChuChu was embarrassed to say that she was showing him the play, and then she opened him up and poured the powder into his hotel, so she could only continue crying and cried hard.

"Look at you, tears on your face!" Luo Jinyu knew that she was such a childish character. However, he didn't dislike her at all. Instead, he liked her frankness more. After gently blaming her, he stood up and said, "I'll get you a towel and wipe it. Don't cry, OK?"

"Well, good!" Hearing that he was going to get a towel, Yang ChuChu blinked his eyes like a fox, and he was very happy.

After Luo Jinyu finished, he turned around and went upstairs.

Yang ChuChu shook his hands, reached into his pocket, took out the small bag of powder, and saw that the figure of the man disappeared completely on the stairs. She shook her hands, and hurriedly shook the powder into Luo Jinyu's glass. Fortunately, the powder and the wine were melted, so that people could not see the flaws.

After a while, I saw the tall figure of the man coming down the stairs. Yang chuchuchu's frightened little face was white. She was sitting in a critical position. Her big eyes flashed and stopped. When she heard the sound of the man's footsteps approaching, her whole body was frozen like wood.

Next second, the warm towel in the man's hand has gently fallen on her face covered with tears.

"Why don't you grow up like a child!" Although men blame her, but with a smile, with a pet.

Yang ChuChu has never felt such gentle treatment. Her big clear eyes are lifted up and run into the man's dark and gentle eyes. Her heart jumps wildly in an instant.

At the thought of her little action just now, she lowered her head in fright and did not dare to look at him again.

"Luo Jinyu......" All of a sudden she lowered her head and began to whisper his name.

"Well!" The man answered with a low voice. He had wiped her face clean. He clapped the towels on top of each other and put them aside. He also sat down opposite her. "If I do something to make you angry in the future, will you hate me? It's not good for me in the future?" Yang ChuChu instinctively looked up at the man in the opposite direction and asked carefully, as if he were a child who would make mistakes but wanted to ask for forgiveness.

Luo Jinyu reaches out and carries the wine cup beside him. He doesn't answer, but laughs.

"Ah..." Seeing that he didn't answer himself, Yang ChuChu took two sips of the wine, and her pretty face was very rich for a while.

"Well, eat, and don't think about it!" Luo Jinyu thought that she was in a hurry because he didn't answer her. He took the chopsticks and put a piece of beef in Yang ChuChu's bowl. He asked her to eat it quickly.

On Yang ChuChu's beautiful little face, his expression was red for a while and white for a while, which was not rich.

"Good!" Yang ChuChu wanted to say something more, but his mind was empty. Yu Guang saw that Luo Jinyu had drunk all the wine in the glass at one go. Then he took the bottle with a big hand and poured it himself.

It seems that he must be depressed, so he wants to drink.

Yang ChuChu closed his eyes tightly, and his little hand with chopsticks trembled slightly. When it was over, he drank it all.

Yang ChuChu thought of his friend's surprised expression and looked at her. He also said that this thing should be used with caution, because there is likely to be trouble.

Now, she was thinking about whether to stop Luo Jinyu from drinking the wine. Now she doesn't have to think about it at all. Everything seems to happen as she wishes.

What to do?

She was afraid again.

Luo Jinyu even drank two glasses of wine, and he felt dizzy for some reason. Even Yang ChuChu, who was sitting opposite, seemed gorgeous in his eyes.

It's strange. How could it feel like this?

Luo Jinyu reaches out his hand and pinches his eyebrow. He must be in such a bad mood that he will have such a reaction.

"Clear!" The man opened his mouth and his voice was inexplicably mute.

"Well!" It was as if he was shocked by a thunder. Yang ChuChu looked up at him with incomparable spirit: "what's the matter?"

"I may be drunk. Go upstairs to have a rest first. Take your time!" At the moment, Luo Jinyu didn't know what was the reason for his body's reaction. He felt that he might be in a hurry to drink. He was so drunk that he felt dizzy.

"Oh, I'll help you up!" Yang ChuChu knows it from the bottom of his heart. He may have reflected it.

So fast. I thought it would take at least a few hours.

"No, you can eat. I'll go up and lie down myself for a while!" Luo Jinyu's reason is still there at the moment. Hearing that she wants to help herself upstairs, he immediately refuses her.

Yang ChuChu had to stand on the table, watching the man's tall body, walking a little shaky, she bit the lower lip, this time, things are really big.

"Luo Jinyu, be careful!" Yang ChuChu is still very uneasy about going upstairs like this. Luo Jinyu made a sound. As soon as he got to the first stair, he leaned against the wall. It seemed that he could not walk.