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C1041 looking for a father

Yang ChuChu has asked for a five-day holiday. The director called her in person to do ideological work and asked her to return to the production team to take part in the shooting. She is the heroine and plays a very important part. If she is absent like this, the play can't go on any more. Knowing that she had to work hard, Yang agreed to return to the group the next day. When the sky darkened, Yang ChuChu pretended to have just returned home from the cast.

Cheng Ying saw her enter the door and looked up and asked with concern, "you know, are you tired recently? I think you don't look very good every time you come back. If you are tired, you should have a proper rest."

"Mom, I'm fine!" Yang ChuChu immediately hid the sadness on his face, smiled and shook his head. Cheng

Ying is looking at her mobile phone. Yang ChuChu looks at her, hesitates for a moment, and asks, "Mom, can I ask you something?"

Cheng Ying looked up at her and nodded, "if you have anything, please ask."

"That Where is my father? " Yang ChuChu asked hard. In fact, she asked when she was a child. Her mother was always impatient. Later, her mother simply said that her father died and was not in the world. She asked her not to ask again.

Yang ChuChu is very afraid of her mother's anger, so the older she grows up, the more sensible she is, the less dare she dare to ask about it, that is, she is afraid of exposing her mother's scars. However, Cheng Ying's expression froze. She looked at her daughter in amazement. For a long time, her face turned ugly: "why did you ask again?"

"Nothing, just When I was filming today, I also happened to shoot the bridge about Dad. I I don't know how to get along with my father. The director also said that my acting skills are stiff, so I will ask you about it. " Yang ChuChu looked at his mother's expression nervously, trying to explain it.

Cheng Ying sighed a little and said lightly: "I remember telling you before, you should be dead. Don't hold too much hope for a dead man."

"Mom, do you know where he is?" Yang ChuChu's mother seems to be really hiding something from her. Cheng gave a sneer: "even if I knew it, I would not say it. I hope you don't ask about it again." "

mom, I'm no longer a child. If you know where he is, can you tell me? I want to see him. " Yang ChuChu did not know where the courage, suddenly put forward this request.

As soon as she finished, she closed her eyes and waited for her mother to roar at her.

However, after waiting for a long time, she didn't hear her mother's angry voice. She couldn't help but open her half eyes and see Cheng Ying lying on the sofa, her whole face full of sorrow like a lost soul. "

mom!" Yang ChuChu was startled. She hurriedly tried to walk step by step. At last, she squatted beside her mother and shook her arm with her hand: "Mom, am I making you angry again? Don't be angry. I won't ask again. If you say he's dead, I'll think he's dead. I don't want to know where he is or who he is anymore. " Cheng

Yinghong looks at her daughter's nervous little face and laughs at herself: "if you don't say it, I really don't know that you have grown up, and I still treat you as an innocent child." "

mom, I'm sorry. I know this is your scar. I shouldn't have taken it off." Yang ChuChu put his face on his mother's knee. Her legs were on the ground. She was afraid of her mother's sadness. Cheng's fingers caressed her long hair gently. At last, she sighed, "you really want to know where your father is?" "

I really want to know, mom, you never mention him. Why? Is he a heinous sinner? " Yang ChuChu asked sadly. "

no He is not unforgiving. He just married other women and formed a family. With children, he is very clear. I'm sorry. No matter how hard my mother tries, she can't give you a complete family. I can't snatch him from other women's hands. I'm the one who is not right. " Cheng Ying said here, already tearful, extremely sad. Yang

her delicate and painful heart ached. She couldn't help but reach out and hug her mother. She finally knew why her mother never mentioned her father. In fact, the man had become someone else's father. She didn't even have the right to call him. "

mom, don't cry, I'm sorry, I won't talk about him again, I won't talk about him again!" Yang ChuChu also began to cry in a low voice. The two women cried for a long time, and finally stopped crying. Their eyes were red and swollen.

"Well, do you blame me for keeping it from you? Mom can't help it. I can't let you really be the illegitimate daughter in the eyes of others. But you are not. When I was with him, he didn't get married. He said he would marry me at that time, but I didn't expect that he married someone as soon as he turned around. Besides, he knelt in front of me that day and said he was sorry for me. Let me let him go. What can I do? I am pregnant, but I want to accept such unfair treatment, I am also very desperate! " Cheng Ying talks to Yang ChuChu for the first time about what happened before. She thinks her daughter has grown up. She has the right to know who her father is and understand the decision she made.

"Mom, I used to blame you, but now I don't blame you. I know it's not your fault!" Yang ChuChu lowered his head and dared not look into his mother's sad eyes. "

in fact, in the years when I just gave birth to you, I was tired and annoyed to start a business with you. I even wanted to find him to have a fight. I was not happy, but I also wanted to break up his family and let him compensate for the feeling of being ridiculed. However, later, I felt that it was meaningless to do so." Cheng Ying laughed at himself, closed his eyes, and recalled the painful days. He had no courage to continue to live that life. "

mom, why does he want to marry someone else? Didn't he love you? " Yang ChuChu asked angrily.

"He said a lot of sweet words to me, but unfortunately, no matter how sweet love is, it can't match poverty. He is very handsome. After being looked upon by his current wife, he has a crazy pursuit for him. The other side is a rich woman, and the family has the right to power. Your father wants to go on the official career and rise step by step, so he chose his official career and gave up me!" In retrospect, Cheng Ying felt that he was stupid.

"Mom, is he going up now?" Yang ChuChu sneers, and suddenly doesn't want to see that scum father. He doesn't deserve to be her father.

"Yes, he's promoted and his career is really successful!" Cheng Ying sneered.