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C1508 everything will be ok

Blue fiber encountered the lowest point in her life. She washed her face and hands, but the dirt on her clothes could not be cleaned. Now, it has frozen to the red face. After cold water scrubbing, it began to hurt. Blue fiber could not help squatting on the ground and crying.

Finally, she had to get out of here and find a way to get in touch with her family and ask them to come and help her go home.

LAN Yanxi is in a dilemma at the moment compared with the miserable situation of LAN Xianxian. When she returns to the city, she is directly hospitalized. Ling Mo Feng has changed a new set of clothes and sat by her bed. Her deep eyes are on her pale face, both distressed and anxious.

LAN Yanxi woke up more than an hour later. Her hands were still filled with liquid. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling in confusion.

"Yan Xi, you wake up!" The deep male voice is full of joy. Next second, her cold little hand is tightly controlled by a big one.

LAN Yanxi turned his head and looked at Ling Mo Feng's tender eyes.

"Ling Mo Feng, where is this? Why am I here? " LAN Yanxi's last memory is still on the river, and she can feel the harsh cold in the wild. But now, she seems to be in the warm spring, without cold.

"This is the downtown hospital. You're in a coma!" Ling Mo Feng helps her out in a low voice.

"Is uncle Yu in the hospital? How is he? " LAN Yan's uneasy heart finally settled down. Then she asked urgently what she thought of.

Ling Mo Feng nodded and replied: "Uncle Yu woke up, just took out the bullet, the doctor is treating him!"

If it wasn't for knowing that uncle Yu had a kinship with her, Ling must have been jealous.

This woman wakes up first to care about, unexpectedly is not he?

Ling Mo Feng is very broad-minded. Although she doesn't care about herself, she is still happy because she wakes up and seems to be OK.

"I'm sorry I've put you down!" Lanyanxi feels that he has been apologizing, and feels guilty.

"Well, if you want to see me like this again, do we have to postpone our wedding?" Ling Mo Feng knows how to blame himself. He reaches out and pinches her face gently, laughing and teasing her.

"Of course not!" LAN Yanxi couldn't help blurting out. Then, looking at the man's burning eyes, she blushed: "get engaged earlier, I don't want to wait any longer!"

God has given her such an excellent and perfect man. Of course, she should catch it as soon as possible, and she doesn't want to have more dreams at night.

The man was amused by her to smile, the smile is low, the eyes are affectionate coagulate she to ask: "the girl doesn't like Jin to hold?"? Why are you different from them? "

Lanyanxi is even more shy. However, when it comes to shyness, she is still not vague about the things that should be confessed: "I don't know others, but my own heart is clear. Lingmo Feng, you helped me and saved me. Now I still take care of me. I feel that I have nothing to do but make a promise."

"By example?" The man was stunned by her words. Then, his long fingers deliberately moved a few inches around her neck, and his voice sank: "I will give you this chance, but now you are like this, I can't do it!"

LAN Yanxi was stunned and hurriedly checked himself: "I'm ok now!"

"Look at your face. It's as white as paper. It's not bloody at all. It's ok?" Ling Mo Feng sighs, this woman loves to be brave, when should she change her mind.

LAN Yanxi can't answer. She's all weak now. She can't do anything except her mouth.

"Don't you want to visit abroad? You hurry back, I will go with Uncle Yu when he is well injured! " LAN Yanxi reached for the man's finger and said softly.

"I have more than two hours to fly. I wanted you to go with me. Since you are worried about Uncle Yu's safety, please stay. He may need to recover in a few days!" Ling didn't want to let her run with him anymore, so he asked her to take a good rest in the hospital.

"Well, I don't care about me. Hurry up and do your business. I can take care of myself!" LAN Yan hopes to see the man sitting still and quickly reaches out to push him.

"I asked Cheng Yuan to stay and take care of you. Call me if you have anything!" Ling Mo Feng pinched her palm and said goodbye to her.

"Well!" LAN Yanxi is reluctant to give up, extremely reluctant to give up, but there is no way. Leaving is just for a better reunion. She can still bear the sadness.

Ling took two steps back, turned around, opened the door of the ward and left.

LAN Yanxi's heart, in the moment when he turned around, seemed to be hollowed out, and even his heart drifted away with him.

Ling Mo Feng went to the airport, and Cheng Yuan stayed.

After LAN Yanxi ate something, she went to find uncle Yu. Seeing that uncle Yu was sleeping in bed, she gently withdrew from the door.

Lanyanxi stood at the window. Suddenly, she heard a roar of airplanes flying over her head. She couldn't help looking up and saw a rising shadow. She couldn't help being in a trance. "Lan Yanxi!" When LAN Yanxi and Cheng Yuan decided to go back to the ward, they didn't expect to see blue microfiber running towards them angrily.

Blue fibril came to the hospital to deal with the bruises on her wrists and legs. With a mouth, she asked a kind uncle to give her 100 yuan to see a doctor. Just after blue fibril came out of the outpatient room, she saw blue Yanxi. She immediately complained from her heart, and turned to her angrily.

LAN Yanxi finally believes that there is a saying that there is a narrow path for enemies. Although it's a small city, it may meet here. I really don't know what to say.

"What's the matter with you?" LAN Yanxi saw that blue fiber was no longer the usual scenery. She walked around and around. Besides, her arms were wrapped with gauze. It seemed that she was injured.

"You still have the face to ask me what's wrong? It's you. It's you and that dog who did it. What did you do to me? Go back, I must find grandpa to reason with me. You are too deceiving. I will not let you go! " From childhood, lanxianxian felt that she was a noble princess. She could not live such a beggar like life. She felt that she could not kill lanyanxi.

Cheng Yuan is not used to the self righteous woman like blue fiber. She sneers with cold face: "Miss LAN, if you suspect it's Yan Xi's work, please show me the evidence and speak with facts, which is more persuasive than throwing women and scolding people here!"

"What more evidence is needed? She wanted me to die. Oh, I'm not dead now. I'm still alive. Are you disappointed? " Blue fibril grins at blue Yanxi, full of anger and resentment.

LAN Yanxi ignored her expression of resentment and said lightly: "you are not dead, which means that heaven still pity you. You should cherish your life more. This is a hospital, not a vegetable market. Please keep your voice down and don't affect others!"

Her face was blue, and what she hated most was LAN Yanxi's cold and lukewarm expression, which made her unable to quarrel with her if she wanted to, but she couldn't help it.

"And Mr. vice president? Where is he? I'm going to see him, and I'm going to let him decide for me! " Blue fibril immediately questioned her.

"Mr. vice president is busy with state affairs, and he has a long time to go back to work. If you want to see him, you have to wait for a few days!" Cheng Yuan replied coldly.

"Back?" Blue fibril suddenly looks sad.

Cheng Yuan sneered: "Miss LAN, I have observed you for a few days. You seem to be very interested in the vice president. What's the matter? Do you want to trample the bottom line of morality? He is your future brother-in-law! "

"I want you to mind your own business!" Blue fiber also sneers at a, turn around, a turn on the left.

LAN Yanxi looks at her like this, and her expression is also rich. Although there is no taijiduan way to punish her, I'm afraid that zengbo along the way will also have a long memory for her.

"Yan Xi, don't you see it?" Seeing LAN Yanxi's calm expression, Cheng Yuan is in a hurry for her.

"I can see it already!" Blue Yan hopes to breathe.

"Then why don't you claim sovereignty?" When Cheng Yuan said this, she suddenly felt that it was not right. She smiled and explained, "I mean, it's time for you to show your identity properly!"

LAN Yanxi murmured: "Cheng Yuan, don't you understand my current situation?

Cheng Yuan was stunned for a moment, and sympathized: "Yan Xi, the good days are ahead. Wait. Sooner or later, sir will supply you with all your grievances!"

LAN Yanxi was amused by her words, nodded and said, "everything will be better if you accept your words."