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If it was any other matter, Mu Lin would definitely not blame her mother. However, this matter had a different nature, Mu Lin was also very angry.

Ever since Lan Re Nuo was young, she had raised his daughter as her son, and doted on his son as her daughter. Therefore, now that the authority of the company had fallen on his daughter's shoulders, Lan Re Nuo could only let his son live a relaxed life.

"Little Lin, why are you so fierce? I told you to come back to persuade you to come back, not to scold me. Quickly go up and take a look at him! " Lan Re Nuo also took out her mother's dignity to speak.

Mu Lin quickly walked up the stairs, and the moment she entered the bedroom, she immediately frowned: "Yeye, what happened? Do you want to die? "

When Mu Shi Ye heard his sister's voice, he immediately covered his ears with the blanket.

Mu Lin knew his brother's character. When he was troubled, he did not want to hear anyone talk.

"If you really still want to bring An Xin back, then you shouldn't be lying here and not showing your loyalty. You have to think about Cheng Cheng, I will go and see her tonight, do you want to come with me?" Mu Lin knew that he was listening, so she spoke her own thoughts.

"I don't have the face to see my daughter …" Hearing about his daughter, Mu Shi Ye then threw away his blanket and mocked himself.

"What do you mean having no face? You can't be a coward just because your mother objects to it. Take out your man's courage …"

"An Xin is already disappointed in me. I don't even have the courage to pursue her anymore." It was only then that Mu Shi Ye was willing to communicate with his sister, because his sister was much more reasonable and understanding than his mother.

"An Xin is a good person. You have a daughter now, and you love her so much, so you must get married together. Otherwise, even if you are old and die, you will still be able to regret it." Mu Lin had always been bold and direct, she did not comfort her and always got straight to the point.

After hearing the two words "Leftover Grief", Mu Shi Ye fiercely sat up on the bed. After an entire night of decadence, green stubble had also appeared on his handsome chin, and adding the messy shirt, he no longer had the image of a male god.

"You're right, I want to die!" The first thing Mu Shi Ye said when he sat up made him frightened.

She quickly reached out and touched his forehead. "Are you having a fever? What did he die for? Wasn't it because he didn't pursue the woman he loved? You want to die? Are you still a man? "

Mu Shi Ye tilted his head and looked at her sister: "I'm just pretending to be dead, we'll talk after I've fooled Mom!"

Mu Lin understood immediately, her beautiful almond-shaped eyes turned sly as she said, "Oh, this is a good idea, it's worth a try, then hurry up and die!"

"Tell me, should I jump off a building or should I cut off my wrist?"

Jump off the building. Jumping off the building doesn't hurt, because you don't even know how to jump off the building, right? Mu Lin hurriedly made a move towards him.

Mu Shi Ye thought about it for a moment and felt that his sister's words made sense. "Then, I'll just jump off the building.

"Don't worry, I'll definitely help you. I'll definitely stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell at you to hurry up and jump down …"

Mu Shi Ye frowned, "You are not my blood sister!"

"I'm trying to increase my mother's mental pressure so that she doesn't keep bothering me with your emotional problems." Mu Lin laughed. To think that his brother still had the energy to commit suicide, it could be seen that he had not completely broken down or given up yet.

Mu Shi Ye facepalmed with his hand, and said painfully: "Drunk is not fun, I had a headache for the whole night, and am still dizzy, as if my entire body was beaten up."

"Of course!" Mu Lin stood up, "Alright, hurry up and think about where you want to jump off at!"

"It's the roof of our building, I'll go up right now!" After Mu Shi Ye finished speaking, without even wearing his shoes, he went straight to the Walk Outside with his bare feet and messed up his hair.

Seeing his extremely dispirited look, Mu Lin was immediately amused by him.

Mu Lin went downstairs and grabbed her hand: "Little Lin, how is your brother? Did you advise him? Did he say anything? "

"He ignored me. Whatever I asked him, he wouldn't say!" Mu Lin crossed his arms in front of his chest as though he was at a loss of what to do.

Lan Re Nuo's face immediately became deathly pale. She paced back and forth in the living room, muttering: "What should we do? Your brother is stubborn, did I really do something wrong this time? "

"Mom, you made a mistake three years ago. You went to find An Xin without telling her, so she could take out the money and ask her to leave. Do you really think that money is impressive? I left with my pride. " Mu Lin said angrily.

"Don't blame me for what you did, I don't think I did anything wrong. Oh, right, Little Lin, let me ask you, your brother was drunk yesterday, and recited the name Cheng Cheng, do you know who this Cheng Cheng is? What is their relationship? "

Hearing that, Mu Lin actually called Niece by her name, which showed how much he was blaming herself.

"I don't know. About this, you have to ask your brother!" Mu Lin wisely shook his head and refused to answer.

Lan Re Nuo immediately became angry: "You only know about work every day, and you don't care about your brother!"

"Mom, if I don't work, how can I buy for you?" Mu Lin spread out his hands, he felt that his mother was too strict with her, she was a woman after all.

Lan Re Nuo immediately started crying, "Are you blaming me for angering your father away? I'm telling you, I can't be blamed for this. Your father left the house on his own. "

"Mom, I heard you went to see my dad not long ago. Are you going to reunite with him? " Mu Lin immediately asked mockingly.

Hearing that, Lan Re Nuo felt like she was slapped, she grinded her teeth in anger: "I don't want to get back together with him, he likes to do his research, so I guess he did work for me!"

Mu Lin's father, at the age of forty, had already been immersed in the field of research on deep sea objects. She had set up a simple research institute herself, and was a visiting professor at various universities, which made him a celebrity.

As the mother and daughter chatted, the servant outside the door screamed, "Ah …" Great Young Master, why are you standing on the roof? It's too dangerous! "

Hearing the servant's scream, Lan Re Nuo immediately ran out and saw his son standing on the third floor's roof in a daze.

Her heart stopped instantly, with a rhythm that made it seem like she was going to have a heart attack.

"Time and night …" What are you doing up there? What are you doing? Don't do anything stupid. " Lan Re Nuo had completely broken down.

Mu Lin raised her head, looked at his brother who was standing on top of the building, opened his arms, and said indifferently: "Mom, he wants to jump off the building!"

"Of course I know he was going to jump off the building. Little Lin, quickly think of a way to persuade him to come down. If he died, how would I live?" Lan Re Nuo immediately shook his daughter's arm hard, telling her to quickly think of a way.