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Uncle Yuan who was at the side had long since been unable to hold back from laughing and hurriedly passed a piece of bread to Tang Xiao Nai. "Young Miss, stop looking, they are your closest friends, hurry up and eat your bread, you still have to go to school later!"

Tang Xiao Nai was a glutton. With food, everything was easy to settle.

At this moment, Tang Xiao Rui, who was dashing upstairs, opened his own door first. He discovered that his father was not inside, and thus, he quickly ran to Mummy's room.

Tang You You felt like he was about to collapse.

Ji Xiao Han was completely speechless towards his son. It had been so hard for him to get such a good opportunity, but to think that it had actually been destroyed by him.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately said: "Mummy, Daddy, great-grandmother and great-grandfather have come. Are you still not going to leave?"

Ji Xiao Han comforted Tang You You when he saw the mess in front of him. "Don't worry, I'll take Xiao Rui with me.

When Tang You You thought about the embarrassing incident yesterday, she could not help but pull out her hair hatefully. "Fine, you guys go down first, I'll come down right now!"

Looking at her vexed expression, Ji Xiao Han's thin lips couldn't help but curl up into a smile. He rubbed Tang Xiao Rui's little head and said: "Look, you scared your Mummy."

"Why is the Mummy scared? It's not like she did anything bad! " Tang Xiao Rui rolled his eyes at him, then turned and left for Walk Outside.

Ji Xiao Han followed his out in big strides. Tang Xiao Rui immediately said darkly, "Daddy, if you really like my Mummy, you shouldn't take advantage of her in secret."

"Little thing, do you know what pleasure is?" Ji Xiao Han felt that the little fellow's brain circuit was abnormal. How was he taking advantage of her just now? He was flirting with her.

"I don't know!" Tang Xiao Rui answered very straightforwardly.

Ji Xiao Han was even more speechless. He did not know, but he was still talking nonsense.

When Tang Xiao Nai saw Ji Xiao Han, she hurriedly jumped down from her chair and ran in front of him. "Daddy, look …"

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin carried her daughter in his embrace, and seeing that she was pointing at her grandfather and grandmother with her little fingers, he quickly took her little hand away and walked over with a smile: "Xiao Nai, Xiao Rui, they are father's grandparents, and also your family. Don't be afraid of them in the future, they will love and protect you like father and Mummy!"

"Really? Daddy, you have your own grandma and grandpa, so do I? " Tang Xiao Nai spoke in such a childish tone, which was why she could ask such sad things.

Ji Xiao Han and the two old men started to have a heavy expression on their faces. Ji Xiao Han kissed her daughter's cheeks and said, "Xiao Nai, father will accompany you to breakfast.

"Alright!" Seeing that her father had changed the topic, Tang Xiao Nai obediently did not ask any further questions.

The old lady's eyes turned even redder, but she held back her tears.

Tang Xiao Rui immediately brought a cup of milk in front of the old man, "Great-grandfather, why don't you drink a cup of hot milk!"

The little guy was already very good at taking care of people, and the two old men felt extremely relieved when they saw this.

"Why hasn't she come down yet?" After drinking a glass of water, the old lady realized that she was still missing a person.

"Great-grandmother, are you asking about my Mummy?" Tang Xiao Rui immediately became more sensitive, and then he replied loudly: "My Mummy only returned home after working very late yesterday. She was too tired, so she probably slept a bit late!"

When the old lady heard that the little fellow actually knew how to speak up for her Mummy, she could not help but laugh, "Aiya, my little ancestor is indeed a good, sensible child. He even knows to be considerate of your Mummy!"

Just at this time, Tang You You had already changed her clothes, and anxiously walked upstairs, just as she reached the dining hall, her footsteps immediately slowed down.

Once he walked over, Tang Xiao Rui immediately ran over and grabbed her fingers, and brought her in front of the two old men: "Mummy, this is father's grandparents, and your grandparents as well!"

Tang You You saw his son's positive look, and awkwardly greeted him: "Greetings, grandfather and grandmother!"

Tang You You quickly whispered: "Twenty three years old!"

After that, she stared somewhat sternly at her grandson. Sensing her sharp gaze, Ji Xiao Han hurriedly explained, "Grandma, it's not what you think.

The old lady didn't say anything, but her stern gaze already represented what she wanted to ask.

Tang You You did not notice that the old lady's expression was strange as she kept her head down.

"Oh, the children are four this year. You got pregnant with them when you were seventeen?" The old tutor asked directly.

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy. Ji Xiao Han's handsome eyes flashed with light as he dealt with the seventeen year old Tang You You …

Tang Xiao Rui and Tang Xiao Nai did not really understand the thoughts of adults. However, Tang Xiao Rui had already guessed the reason why everyone was quiet, he was so sensible that he did not make a sound.

Tang Xiao Nai suddenly spoke out: "Great-grandfather, can you not insult my Mummy? I'm begging you! "

Tang Xiao Nai was the most naive, she thought that when elders use this tone to speak to juniors, they would scold them. Thus, the little guy quickly opened her mouth to plead for mercy on behalf of her Mummy.

Everyone's expression froze. Only then did the old man realize that the atmosphere had turned serious and he immediately laughed, "Xiao Nai, don't worry, I'm not scolding your Mummy. I just want to know more about the matter between your Mummy and father!"