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C1432: from anger to beating

Yang ChuChu stood still, and stepped back two steps from the man's arms: "how could someone come to you?"

"Our relationship has not been a secret for a long time. Everyone knows that you are my girlfriend. If something happens to you, who can I look for? Can we still find someone else? " Luo Jinyu cannot laugh or cry for a while. Is this little woman so afraid to trouble him? But he likes to be bothered by her.

Yang ChuChu blushed with embarrassment and quickly retorted, "you are the only one who has any others."

When Luo Jinyu saw that she was angry, he went over again, stroked her head like a kitten, and said with a gentle smile, "so I can only manage your affairs. By the way, I only know that Liu Lan's family came to you for trouble. Do you know what happened?"

"When I went out in the morning, I found a black car following me all the way. I thought it was some villain I met. Unexpectedly, it was Liu Lan's family. When I came out from the audition, I stopped me and scolded her. It was Liu Lan's mother. She was so old and unreasonable. I was angry for a while and just touched her corner. She couldn't afford to fall to the ground. She put it on the table Take the opportunity to blackmail me. " When it comes to this, Yang ChuChu is full of resentment and has nowhere to vent.

"There are so many plays in the Liu family. Don't worry. I will be angry for you in this matter. The Liu family is also a business. I'm not afraid of him in the competition between businesses." Luo Jinyu looks at the little red eyed woman in front of her eyes. She is angry and distressed.

"I thought that this matter had already come to an end, no one would uncover this scar any more, and Fang Yang was getting better and better to me. I thought that this day I would just live with one eye open and one eye closed, but who knows that Liu's family even made such a mistake? I really can't bear this evil anger. It's too much for him to humiliate my mother." Yang ChuChu is also full of grievances. Thinking of his mother's tolerance over the years, in the end, he is still going to be so disparaged and ridiculed. I'm not reconciled.

"The Liu family was not stable at first, because they were rich in mining industry, and their reputation in the industry was not very good. They came to see you rolling and splashing, because this is the victory in their eyes. Don't worry about it, I will let them come to apologize to you." Luo Jin's eyes are cold. He must not let his women suffer such grievances. He must let these people know that the consequence of hurting Yang ChuChu is to be the enemy of him.

"Thank you, Luo Jinyu!" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes are raised and sincerely grateful.

If Luo Jinyu doesn't support her and protect her all the time today, she and her mother will be in a very difficult situation if they really want to shoulder the burden with Liu's family. Therefore, in this life, she really owes too much to Luo Jinyu, and she will thank him with absolute loyalty and love. This life will not be lost.

Luo Jin's thin lips are light, and she is gently hugged into her arms again. The acquiescence at this moment seems to strengthen the determination of two people to share happiness and suffering and hand in hand for a lifetime.

Yang ChuChu left because the company was in a hurry. Luo Jinyu sat at his desk and received a call from his assistant.

"Mr. Luo, these people are so poor and crazy. They need 50 million yuan to open their mouth. How dare they open their mouth." The assistant said angrily over there.

"Then you have to sign a confidentiality contract with them. Once this matter is revealed by someone, you have to give me a lot of money back. Otherwise, let them consider the price again." Luo Jinyu is not so easy to bluff. He knows that this group of media loves to make a big deal out of a molehill, and naturally does not follow their way.

The assistant got Luo Jinyu's words, so he was confident to continue to talk with them. The final transaction price was 8 million yuan.

After the assistant paid the money, he brought all the video materials. Luo Jinyu sat at the computer desk and watched it repeatedly for several times. His face was gloomy and terrible.

Seeing Yang ChuChu surrounded in panic, helpless and uneasy, he really wanted to kill those poisonous women, some 40-50-year-old aunts and bully a little girl. They are really capable.

Luo Jinyu was so angry that he threw the video materials to his assistant: "destroy them all. Don't let me see them again!"

Assistant nods and destroys things. He's good at it.

In three days, LAN Yanxi has been working in the office. Fortunately, her boss is considerate and doesn't give her too much work. LAN Yanxi is grateful and believes that there are still many good people in the world.

Blue microfiber stepped on a pair of high-heeled shoes and walked back to her car from the vice president's office. More than half an hour later, her legs were broken. Naturally, she remembered this resentment.

So, in the corridor of the office, she still met LAN Yanxi, immediately hung a little corner of her eyes, walked towards her viciously, and said angrily, "Lan Yanxi, did you deliberately straighten me last time? My heart is very poisonous. Grandpa says every day that you are simple and kind-hearted, and a rare good child. I don't think so. Don't you have a set of them? "

Lanyanxi knew that lanxianxian would not give up, so she was calm and unhurried when she heard such ridicule.

"You came to trouble me on purpose. Can't I resist?" LAN Yan hopes to turn his mouth and snort.

"Wait, I'll settle this account with you, and I'll double it back to you." Blue thin fiber hates to bite the root of the tooth to say.

"Don't be so arrogant. Don't forget that the blue family is still up to Grandpa." LAN Yanxi was shocked by her cruel eyes and immediately reminded her.

"Grandpa is old, he can't control it. As soon as he leaves, my father is the head of the blue family. LAN Yanxi, if you have a seed, you can leave the blue family completely. If you can't, you can wait and see." At the moment, lanxianxian and lanyanxi have completely torn their faces, and they can't care so much, so they sneer and scare.

LAN Yanxi's face was pale. She didn't expect that Lan Xianxian would dare to curse her grandfather. She was used to be lawless.

"Grandpa will live forever!" LAN Yanxi's angry retort.

"Long life? That's just your dream. The other day, I heard grandpa's attending doctor call my dad. Grandpa can't bear it. He really hurts you. He has to plan a good future for you before he dies. " Blue fibril immediately sneered.

"You nonsense, no, grandpa has always been healthy, he will never be OK, I don't allow you to curse her." LAN Yanxi is mad at the moment.

"Without you, I would have been a filial granddaughter, but because of you, I really want to curse..."

"Pa!" LAN Yanxi slaps LAN Xianxian in the face and says, "shut up!"

Blue fibril covered his face. He couldn't believe it. Where did LAN Yanxi dare to beat her?

"You're crazy. I won't tear your face!" Blue fibril was originally angry, and now she was beaten. Where she was willing, she immediately rushed to blue Yanxi regardless of everything.

Lanyanxi didn't expect that lanxianxian didn't reflect on her morality. She dared to come and grab her face and pull her hair. She would never be a bully. When lanxianxian came, she had already waved her fist and hit her nose directly.

Blue fibril wanted to strike first, but she didn't expect blue Yanxi to move faster than her. She hit her face. She only felt that her nose was hot. The next second, she wiped the nosebleed on the back of her hand.

"Lan Yanxi, I will kill you!" What a proud man LAN Xianxian is! Now her nose is bleeding. It's even more painful than killing her. She immediately pours at LAN Yanxi word by word.

The woman started to fight fiercely, which was really terrible. Although lanyanxi was ready to fight, she was still half weak in strength. At first, lanxianxian pushed her hard, and her back hit the cold wall. Next second, she felt that lanxianxian was pulling her hair and grabbing her face to death.

"Go to hell, LAN Yanxi, you are disgusting!" Blue fibril scolds and kills blue Yanxi like crazy.

LAN Yanxi was in despair. He was worried that blue fibril was really ruthless and hurt himself. He saw several colleagues running over, but they directly pulled blue fibril away.

LAN Yanxi saved a life, but his face and hair had been scattered and hurt several places.