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Ji Tingyan follows her back to her home, and her mother is taking a nap. They even talk a little lighter. They are tired of sitting on the balcony sofa on the second floor. Ji Tingyan is wearing earphones, leaning on the man and watching the movie on the iPad. She records the work of the computer through her mobile phone and a pen beside her. Everything is quiet and warm.

From the initial passion, she gradually turned into the most peaceful life. There was no love in big waves. It was more delicate and gentle. Ji liked such a day most. When she saw half of the movie, Ji took off her earphone, set up a picture board beside the balcony, took the paint, moved a chair, crossed her legs, and casually drew the scenery in front of her on the paper 。

Tie Ting's eyes were all focused on her for a while. Seeing that she had impressed him again from the painting of this woman, it was not easy for a person to do something extremely.

Ji Tingyan finished the painting, squinted her head and looked at it. She was not satisfied. She crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it in the garbage can beside her. Then she spread another piece of paper and continued the painting.

Tie Ting: "..."

It's so beautiful. She just threw it away?

Throwing so gently and skillfully?

Ji Tingyan is absorbed in the painting board, but she doesn't find it at all. The man behind her puts his finger on his chin and is quietly appreciating her. When she finishes the second painting, she looks at it with her head tilted. Suddenly, the man comes over and reaches out his hand to take away the painting in her hand.

Ji Tingyan was stunned, looked up at him, and the man appreciated it carefully. Then she returned the painting to her: "it's very good. I want to mount it and hang it in my room."

"I think so. I can draw better." Ji Tingyan is very strict with herself. If she doesn't draw works that satisfy her, she can keep herself at home for three days and three nights.

"Xiaoyan, you are too demanding. In the eyes of those of us who don't know art, this one is very good." Tie Ting gently pinched her face and replied with a smile.

"By the way, when I go back this time, I want to hold a painting exhibition. Would you like to come and have a look?" Ji Tingyan said softly.

"Of course I will." Tie Ting can't be doubted.

Ji Tingyan listened, chuckled and looked down. "What if I didn't invite you? Are you coming too? "

"Why not invite me?" Tie Ting's heart tightened and immediately looked at her nervously: "not even boyfriend? I don't think you want to do a good job in this exhibition. "

Ji Tingyan just teased him. Unexpectedly, he took it seriously. She crouched down angrily and looked at her in the same direction. He felt hurt at the bottom of his eyes.

Ji Tingyan had to kiss the past, but the man turned his face away. She clearly wanted to paste it on his thin lips. At last, she could only kiss his face. She was stunned.

"Don't make such a joke in the future, I will be afraid." Tie Ting saw her stupefied, immediately stood up and put her in her arms. Ji Tingyan's eyes widened in amazement, just joking. How could he be afraid?

"Well." Ji Tingyan immediately nods.

Liu Tian has succeeded in inheriting his brother's property. He only gave a small part to his sister-in-law and niece, and also let them go to live abroad. At this moment, he is enjoying the hard material life, intoxicated with money and singing at night.

Li Jingwen looks at these people in the pile of money coldly, but she is not interested at all.

Liu Tian comes here with a bottle of wine. Just now he ordered several women to come here. Two of them keep throwing themselves at him. Liu Tian suddenly finds out that they have no interest in it. He used to want to be immersed in this kind of place all day long. Don't wake up, but after meeting Li Jingwen, he finds that other women can't seem to get into his eyes.

"I'm thinking of binding thunder again?" Liu Tian's heart is very bad, he has fallen in love with Li Jingwen, so when he saw her staring at the distance, he knew that she must be thinking of binding anger again.

"Don't disturb me." Li Jingwen turns around in a bad mood and her voice is cold.

"How good is tieting? I think he is a boring man. How can you love him so much? " In Liu Tian's influence, tie Ting was a sullen man with a taut face all day. After his father died, someone bullied his brother. He often fought with others. Then he stayed in the Taekwondo Hall. He used to be injured and came to school.

"Tell me about his childhood." Li Jingwen suddenly turns around, grabs Liu Tian's lapel, stares at him sharply, and asks.

Liu Tian is shocked. To be honest, he loves and respects Li Jingwen. This woman has a kind of crazy temperament, but it is also frightening.

"He I don't remember much about his childhood. I only remember what happened after his father died. " Liu Tian said with fear.

"Tell me what you remember. I want to know more about him." Li Jingwen stared at him morbidly. Liu Tian nodded, looked up and took a sip of wine: "he went from being bullied to being bullied. He's a Wuchi. He stayed in Taekwondo Hall all day long. Gradually, no one dared to offend him at school. Then he went to college, like a police school. After graduation, he became a soldier again. Then he lost contact. I haven't contacted him for at least ten years, Only occasionally I see a greeting on the road. "Li Jingwen's eyes were red, and she hated to bite her teeth: "those bastards who bullied him will not have a good end."

Liu Tian's back was cold, and looked at her in surprise: "you don't want to revenge him, do you? This I don't remember this list. Jingwen, don't be crazy. Feting doesn't know you care so much about him. It's useless for you. "

"Sooner or later, he will know how much I care about him. No one cares about him more than I do. Ji Tingyan can't. She just looks at his appearance and financial resources. Has she really understood him? Her love is superficial and snobbish. It won't last long. " Li Jingwen said, staring at Liu Tian with red eyes.

Liu Tian looks at her obsession like this, and her heart is even worse. How lucky is tie ting to be able to make a woman love her so intensely, and look at herself like a cloud of beautiful women around her, but who really loved him and cared about him?

People are more angry than people.

The light in Liu Tianyan's eyes has also changed. Li Jingwen wants to get tie Ting, and he wants to get her. In this triangle relationship, he doesn't want to lose too badly.

"In two days, on my birthday, I'll call Bonnie to come over. Are you sure you want to devote yourself to him? It's not worth it. Even if he gets you, he won't be with you. Don't be silly. " Liu Tian said sadly.

"It's my business, it's none of your business." Li Jingwen's cold opening.