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Lan Wei said these words, stood up and opened the door, leaving Lu Qing with a face of consternation, unbelievable. He called Ji Xiaohan to report the situation. Xiao Han's tone was also a little surprised: "do you mean that Lan Wei didn't admit Ji Shangqing's abuse of her?"

"Yes, but I don't think it's easy. When I mentioned Ji Shangqing's name just now, Lanwei was deeply touched. I thought that Lanwei should hate Ji Shangqing. But now, we don't know the inside story!" Lu Qing is helpless. It seems that this trip is a vain one. "

continue to check. Maybe Ji Shangqing is one step ahead of us. He bribed blue Weiwei. Blue Weiwei took his advantage, and naturally refused to tell the truth." Ji Xiaohan's tone was a little upset. He managed to catch Ji Shangqing's weakness, but he couldn't use it. He was really upset. "

OK, I will continue to check!" Lu Qing answers. Blue

after a little fast step out, she took a small road and walked forward quickly. She immediately called Ji Shangqing.

"A man with gold glasses? I'll send you a picture and you'll make sure it's him! " Ji Shangqing was not surprised, but there was still a cold sweat behind him. Fortunately, he found blue Weiwei first, and had already closed her heart. Otherwise, if Ji Xiaohan caught her, he would be very sad.

"Yes, he is. Who is he?" Blue Pico immediately recognized Lu Qing in the picture, and was surprised.

"Ji Xiaohan's close aide, Lu Qing, seems that they are so powerful that you can find them. It can be seen how many thoughts they have used on me. It's tiny. You didn't say anything to them." Ji Shangqing can't help but ask her anxiously.

"I didn't say, are they your enemies?" Blue Wei is at the bottom of the society, so she won't know the complicated position of the upper class. She won't know who Ji Xiaohan is. She only tries to solve the problem of food and clothing every day. If she didn't know Ji Shangqing, she won't even take the time to understand the mysterious family. She only knows that Ji family is a very rich family, which makes people yearn for. "

Yes, they are all thinking to find my weakness and get rid of me!" Ji Shangqing sneers and tells the truth.

"You just said that Ji Xiaohan is the same surname as you. What's your relationship?" Blue can't help being curious.

"He is my cousin, now in charge of the management power of Jijia enterprise. He is afraid that I will seize his power, so he has been looking for opportunities to kill me. Weiwei, you will not sell me, will you?" Ji Shangqing asked her seriously. Blue

listening to his words slightly, I feel that two people are not in the same world, not in the same parallel line, the gratitude and resentment in the rich family, the right connection, which she has never been able to contact in her life, but now, she is suddenly pulled in, she really has some circles. "

I don't know!" Blue slightly cleverly answered four words, she didn't trust who she was actually. She only felt that she was reliable, but Ji Shangqing was really good to her. She didn't want to betray him at present, let alone see him eliminated by his enemies.

Ji Shangqing's heart sank. Suddenly, blue felt that he was still in a bad mood for him. He didn't trust him wholeheartedly. He felt sad for some reason.

"Well, I'll talk about it when I come back." Ji shangqingyuan lost a bit in his speech, and then he hung up. Blue

hold the mobile phone tightly and lean against the side wall, feeling confused. At this time, a man burst in and grabbed her hand: "dead girl, I don't even answer my phone, you don't have my father in your eyes, do you?"

Blue slightly trembled, cold and sorrow rose from her heart, she looked at the angry middle-aged man in front of her, and there were no tears in her eyes. "

I have already paid you. How can you come to me?" Blue tiny voice is very calm, she doesn't want to be angry.

"Then you have to answer my phone. I thought something happened to you. It's going to die outside. See who will collect the body for you." Blue father angrily shouted at her.

A student passed by and saw that the father and daughter were quarreling here again. One by one, they were just like jokes. They left at a glance, but it was enough for them to discuss for a long time.

Blue tiny eye socket is still some acerbity, she bites the lower lip, self mocks a way: "at ease, my life is not so short, I won't die easily!" "

you girl, dad is worried about you. I'm not here to ask you for money this time. I'm here to ask you for dinner!" Blue father this just calmed the voice, a sincere concern expression.

"Oh, you still have money to invite me to dinner?" Blue slightly cannot help laughing. "

What are you saying? Can't dad treat you to dinner? Let's go! " Blue father came to pull her arm again, but blue slightly broke away. "

I don't have time in the evening. I've got a job as a servant. I'm going to cook for someone in the evening. You can eat it yourself." Blue said with a cold face.

"How can I still find such a job? What other people do you make for dinner? This time, dad is going to introduce you to a good job. You can go and have a look with me. " Blue father still wants to take her away. "

I don't want to see it. I like my job now." Blue Wei really doesn't trust her father. Last time, she said she wanted to find a job for her, but she didn't expect to let her go to drink and eat with a rich man. She would be furious.

"To be a servant is a mean job. Do you want to live at the bottom all your life? Our blue family is going to rise again. I'm your daughter. You have to help your father find good resources! " Blue father immediately angrily cried out, look some crazy. "

I don't want to daydream with you. It's impossible to rise again. I just beg not to starve to death on the street. Hurry up, I really want to pass!" Blue slightly said, quickly left, blue father gas stamp feet in place: "don't understand stinky girl, father is for you."

Blue slightly ran faster, she was really afraid of this kind of good. However, she just walked out of nowhere, and two men who were smoking next to the wall suddenly came to block her way. "

Miss LAN, don't go. Your father has found a good marriage for you. Come with us!" The two men laughed with great evil. "

who are you? Get out of the way Blue is a little annoyed. I didn't expect anyone to stand in the way.

"Our boss wants to invite you over to dinner and give you a face!" When the two men finished speaking, they directly reached out and pulled blue Weiwei. Although blue Weiwei had been on guard for a long time, it was a pity that the other side was also quick. She was taken directly to a nearby business car.