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C804 heartache

Bai Yiyan is cold all over. She feels that this is a huge conspiracy. The protagonist of the conspiracy is Ji Yueze's uncle and Ji Nan's brother. It's so terrible. Is it really so terrible that they fight for each other? Not even the most basic human nature?

Bai Zhenzhen saw her pale face. It seemed that she was frightened. So she reached out and patted her on the shoulder. In a soft voice, she said, "Xiaoyan, I really hope you will always be pure and happy. Don't touch the darkness and ugliness of human nature."

"Aunt, go on, I'm fine. I want to hear it!" Bai Yiyan tries to keep calm. She knows that she wants to listen to her fear. Bai Zhenzhen nodded and sighed: "I followed Ji Lin's words, because the money he gave me was given to me in batches. If I want to make more money, I have to be controlled by him. The woman named LAN Yue is really innocent and pitiful. When I said those words of love on the phone, I heard that she was silent all the time and didn't cry, but I know, Her heart must be bleeding. "

Bai Yiyan tightly clenched her fist. She met LAN Yue. Last time, she heard about her aunt. Indeed, she said that she was desperate at that time and even wanted to give birth. All the pain was caused by her aunt. Bai Yiyan was struggling fiercely in her heart. She didn't know what to do. "I'm just a woman. Besides, I'm not good at learning. I can't control men's business. But Ji Nan still talked with me about many things in his company. He also told me that he would open a company for me and hold me as a boss so that I could repay my rights. Of course, I just listen to it. I think if it's really public, Ji Nan would kick me off I hate me. I will never want to see me again in my life. I'm afraid and desperate. But I have to say that I really love him. He's elegant and adores me very much. Such a man is just like the fairy tale world in my dream. There's a prince like man who calls me every day, takes me to eat delicious food and travels the most expensive car. I'm loved by him Like a princess who has no self-care ability Bai Zhenzhen talks here and smiles happily again.

Bai Yiyan listens to her aunt's description. The picture that suddenly comes to her mind is that Ji Yueze is standing in the kitchen, learning to cook breakfast for the first time. Her arms splashed with oil are all small red dots. Her eyes are inexplicably sour, almost bursting with tears.

Is doting also can heredity, season Yue Ze and his eldest brother, also are doting on a woman like this.

"Xiaoyan, don't you like listening? I've said too much!" Bai Zhenzhen sees her stupidity. She thinks she's talking too much, but it's not the point, so she doesn't like listening.

"No, auntie, I like to hear what you said. It's really enviable and yearning. It must be a woman's blessing to meet a man who loves him so much." Bai Yiyan immediately said.

"That's right. I'll be the happiest in my life!" Bai Zhen really agreed and nodded.

"Auntie, then, have you been exposed? Is Ji Nan angry? " Asked Bai Yiyan curiously.

Speaking of this, Bai Zhenzhen suddenly covered his face and shook his head sadly: "he didn't even know who I was, so he left suddenly."

Bai Yiyan's whole body is stiff. Does it mean that Ji Nan had a car accident at that time? Bai Zhenzhen said in pain: "in fact, I once hinted at him. I said that my name was not his first love name. Why didn't he doubt me, but Ji Nan always believed me, saying that I would never cheat him, and that I was the woman he liked. I found that Ji Nan was a very persistent person, but he was also a ruthless person. He was for me, It's getting colder and colder to her wife. I also happened to hear him mention his two sons. He said that when his son grows up, he will divorce and move out from home to live with me. "

When she heard about the two children, Bai Yiyan was so hurt that her heart would be tied. Those two poor and innocent children were Ji Yueze's two brothers. They must have been very small at that time, and suffered a lot.

"Aunt, why do you do this?" Bai Yiyan really can't bear it. She thinks her aunt has done too much.

"Because of money, I need money!" Bai Zhen shook his head in pain: "you don't know what it's like to have no money!"

"But, as long as you have the ability, you can still earn money. You won't starve to death!" Bai Yiyan quietly argued that she was still too attached to money by her aunt.

"It's not fun not to starve to death, but to live happily." Bai Zhenzhen said that he was mocking himself.

Bai Yiyan sighs. There's nothing to argue about. "I don't know what happened later. Ji Lin asked me to ask Ji Nan for dinner. I thought it was just a meal as usual, but I didn't expect that the bottle of red wine that Ji Lin asked me to take had moved my hands and feet. Of course, up to now, Ji Lin didn't admit that he had moved his hands and feet. I also drank it. After drinking it, my whole body would be hot Of course, I don't know what kind of medicine he used. It won't work at that time, but it will take more than ten minutes to work. It will make people feel hot. That's the kind of medicine we call it. " White

it's really biting your lips. It's not easy to think about it.

Bai Yiyan had understood her meaning, but she was afraid to hear what happened next.

Bai Zhenzhen covers her face in pain: "Ji Nan went to drive home after drinking that wine. He said that tonight is his son's birthday. He can't accompany me. He bought a gift and sent it back to his son!"

Hearing this, Bai Yiyan couldn't help asking, "which son's birthday is it? Did he say it?"

"It's like the youngest son's, I don't remember that much!"

Bai Yiyan was shaking all over again. She was so cold that she could not stand stably. "In a word, all this was calculated by Ji Lin. he knew that Ji Nan would definitely drive back, because he would not miss his son's birthday. Then, he deliberately asked me to take the medicine wine. The car accident behind me also scared me. I didn't dare to see him for the last time, so I hurried out of the country. I was scared." When Bai Zhenzhen said that, he felt like a person who had experienced a painful blow. His face was pale and his eyes were dull.

"Auntie, so, is all this controlled by Ji Lin? Can I tell Ji Yueze to guard against his uncle? " Bai Yiyan said anxiously. "Xiaoyan, will you not tell him first? I I'm afraid I'll be caught in jail. Will you wait? " Bai Zhenzhen begged to look at her with fear on her face.