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C636 father's love

LAN Yue meets the two children upstairs. Tang youyou is talking to his father outside the hall downstairs.

Tang youyou looks back at the bright living room and wants to invite her father in. However, she is not the hostess of Ji's family after all, which is not suitable.

The old lady and Ji Xiaohan have great opinions on their father. At last, Tang youyou points to the pavilion not far away and says, "Dad, let's sit down there and talk. I'll bring you a cup of tea. Go and sit first!"

Xia Weiwen can understand her embarrassment. After all, it's the territory of Ji's family. Xia Weiwen always feels ashamed of Ji's family. It's better that he doesn't step on the door.

Tang youyou found a servant aunt and asked her to help pour two cups of tea.

Tang youyou came to his father's side and sat down. Although the two were their own father and daughter, they were separated from each other since childhood and never cultivated the feelings between them. Therefore, when they sat down, the atmosphere was still a little dull.

"Dad, how do you know about my accident?" Tang youyou asked curiously that she deliberately asked Ji Xiaohan to put her own affairs under pressure and not let the outside world report. Unexpectedly, she shocked her father abroad.

Tang youyou is ashamed to let them come back from a long distance. "It was Tang Youkang who called me. On the phone, she was disappointed in you. She cursed you. Yo Yo, dad is sorry for you. You must not live very well in the Tang family. Why didn't you tell me the truth before?" Xia Weiwen looked at his daughter painfully, and the more he realized that he owed her too much. Tang youyou smiled and said bitterly: "I always thought I was Tang Youkang's daughter, but later I knew it was not. I was relieved if he was good to me. After all, it was not my own life. Then I began to think about it. I felt that my own parents didn't want me. Maybe it was because I was a daughter, but since I found you, I have come from you Knowing the truth of some things, I realized that I shouldn't hate you. If you didn't send me away, I might die and survive. "

When it comes to the old story, Javier's face is still sad.

"You are my only daughter. In order to make up for your hurt, I will give you all my graduation property. I hope you don't refuse."

"Dad..." Tang youyou looked at him incredulously and said softly, "I don't want your money. I have a job now. Besides, Ji Xiaohan will give me money. I have enough to spend."

"Yo Yo, your money is your money. What I give you is my heart to my daughter as a father. If you don't accept it, I will be very sad." Xia Weiwen said mildly, in the tone, there is an expectation.

"You can leave it to Ji Xiaohan's mother, who is your wife after all." Tang youyou thought about it and said earnestly. "I gave her half, the other half, I left it to you. My father has 13 companies with more than 10 billion assets. Long time ago, my father didn't know what his goal was. But since I found you, my father has been less afraid of the future." Xia Weiwen's tone of

is full of comfort: "I'm very happy to leave it to you and my two little grandsons."

Tang youyou's eyes turn red when he hears his father's words. If she can find his father earlier, she must be the little princess in his palm.

Fate is too teasing.

"Dad, why didn't you have a baby with aunt LAN? You've been married for so many years. " Tang youyou asked curiously. It can be seen that their feelings are very good. If they love each other so much, they will want to have their own children. "Lan Yue once proposed this, but I refused. I don't think we are suitable for having children any more. It's because when I lose you and your brother, I have no courage to have children again. I can't bear the pain of losing flesh and bone again." Xia Weiwen's eyes are also a little wet. Every time he thinks of his dead son, his heart is cut like a knife.

Tang youyou's tears are rolling. Now she has two lovely children, so she can feel the despair and pain of her parents' loss of their children.

"Dad, don't be sad. Am I still alive? We are at least reunited. " Tang youyou really wants to reach out to hug his father. He must be no less sad and stressed than himself.

"You are the best gift from heaven. During this time, lanyue and I have figured it out. We have made a final farewell. We have divorced peacefully. From now on, we will not stop you from falling in love with jixiaohan."

"Dad, what are you doing?" Tang youyou was completely shocked. The tears in his eyes finally fell down.

She couldn't help sobbing twice, choking and speechless.

"Silly girl, don't cry. If you can't be happy, dad will be more sad." Chaveen reached out and patted her on the shoulder, comforting her with a smile.

"Dad..." Tang youYou can't hold back his sadness any longer, and he pours into his father's arms and starts to cry.

Xia Weiwen's eyes were also wet. He hugged his daughter, and his heart was filled with sorrow and joy.

"Well, yo, don't cry, you still have injuries on your head, you can't be too excited!" Xia Weiwen just remembered that she was still wearing gauze on her head. At this time, she must not be too sad.

Tang youyou sobbed, tears still could not stop falling, self reproach: "Dad, you complete us, we conscience uneasy." "Actually, LAN Yue and I shouldn't have been together. All these years, our happiness and happiness seem to be stolen, and we've been uneasy, you know? Ji Xiaohan's father and I used to be good friends. LAN Yue and I knew each other earlier than his father. At that time, due to family factors, although we were attracted to each other, we couldn't be together for various reasons. Later, his father died, and I was alone. We two were together regardless of everyone's opposition, but we were very ashamed I'm sorry that you and Ji Xiaohan love each other, which gives us a reason to separate. At least, she and I are in a calmer mood now. " Xia Weiwen was afraid that his daughter would not be relieved, so he said his heart out seriously.

Tang youyou listened with great concern. She had heard from Ji Xiaohan before. Now, hearing from her father, she felt the feelings of the previous generation. In fact, she did not win as expected. It seems that she always had a little bit of regret.

"Dad, thank you and aunt LAN. I didn't expect this to happen." Besides being grateful, Tang youyou doesn't know what to say. Xia Weiwen smiled softly: "you are my daughter, as long as you can make you happy, dad is willing to do anything for you."