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C2020 this is her insistence

Ji Siyi's words make the atmosphere of the whole living room freeze. Ji Xiaohan looks serious and stares at his eldest daughter.

Tang youyou also slowed down the action of eating porridge, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at the little daughter: "Siyi, is there any scandal uploaded on the mobile phone, show it to me."

Ji Siyi's mouth tooted, but she hurriedly sat beside her sister and gave her her her cell phone: "sister, you see, I didn't say anything."

Ji Tingyan immediately took her mobile phone and read the contents at a glance. Then she said with a smile: "who is full and has nothing to do, and even talks nonsense."

Tang youyou reaches out to his daughter and says, "show me."

Ji Tingyan quickly hid her mobile phone behind her: "Mom, don't look at it. Even if you look at it, don't believe it. It's a fake. I just met with feting last night."

"Who is tie Ting?" Ji Siyi holds the key information.

"Your future brother-in-law." Ji Tingyan said in a low voice.

"Ah? I have a brother-in-law? When did it happen, elder sister, you even found a boyfriend secretly and didn't tell me. Hum. " Ji Siyi suddenly toots her mouth and pretends to be angry.

Ji Xilin, who was sitting next to him, said slowly, "if you haven't found a boyfriend yet, I'm worried. Let me see. It's the right time for this scandal to force future brother-in-law to come and propose with the dowry."

"Don't talk." Ji Xiaohan takes a stern look at his son.

Jixilin shrugged his shoulders: "I'm telling you the truth. It's time for my sister to find a good man to marry him. However, if someone dares to apologize to my sister, I will repair him in the future."

Ji Tingyan listened to his brother's words, and chuckled. Although his brother had a cynical attitude in his daily life, he was not ambiguous at all in serious matters. She really didn't hurt him in vain from childhood to adulthood.

"You fix him? You don't look at the strength of your opponent. Feting is a global bodyguard company. He is also the president and coach. It's said that his skill is very good. It's not difficult to defeat one hundred enemies. Are you sure you want to have two moves with him? " Ji Xiaohan put down his newspaper and hit his son seriously.

"Ah? Elder sister, how can you find a brother-in-law who can beat me so well? In the future How can I fix him? "

Tang youyou smiled angrily and scolded: "Xilin, you don't have to be big or small. People want to be your brother-in-law. You have to respect them."

Ji Tingyan's eyes are wide, and she looks at her father incredulously: "Dad, how do you know his identity?"

"I asked your eldest brother. He told me all about it." Ji Xiaohan is very concerned about his daughter's marriage. As for the future son-in-law candidates, he naturally needs to know that he can't let his daughter marry in the past.

"You're not going to investigate him, are you?" Ji Tingyan asked anxiously.

"Of course, I'll let you live with him if you know his roots." Season owl cold nod.

"No, Dad, don't investigate. In this way, there's no mystery between me and him. I don't want to know him well. I want to find out his advantages and disadvantages little by little." Ji immediately retorted.

"Tingyan, my father is also for you..."

"If you are really good for me, promise me not to investigate him. I believe that I am right about his vision. He is a person worth trusting for life." Ji Tingyan said absolutely.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at each other. Who does her daughter look like? So stubborn!

"Yo Yo, your father is sure to look at people. Let him help you see each other's behavior. It's no harm." Said Tang youyou in a low voice.

"No, just no, Dad, I don't want you to investigate him." Ji Tingyan is the first time to say such firm words to her father, but she's really in a hurry. She really doesn't want to tie everything of Ting. It's transparent in her father's eyes. Everyone has privacy. Her father has the ability to know a lot of things, but that doesn't mean she wants to know.

"Elder sister, don't be excited, Dad. Listen to elder sister. Don't investigate her husband." Ji Siyi helps to finish the game.

Jixilin also agreed: "yes, my sister has no other skills, but she certainly has a good eye for people. Otherwise, she won't be able to see none of them for so many years."

Ji Tingyan's speechless stare at her younger brother, who is also talking. How can his words not be heard?

Jixilin had to close her mouth silently, but she was happy for her sister. She finally found a good man, and she waited so many years.

"Well, dad doesn't investigate him, but you can't marry him right away. Dad allows you to socialize with him for another three months, and he doesn't object to you living together to test whether your three outlook character is suitable." Ji Xiaohan finally gave in. In his life, it seems that he only gave in easily on the events of his children.

"Really?" Ji Tingyan is finally happy.

"It's true. If you have time, take him to the house. If he's not ready to meet his parents, please wait a little longer." Season owl cold gentle say.

"I see. I'm out." Ji Tingyan nods. She believes her parents are enlightened.

Ji Tingyan drives to the hotel where feting is. At this time, feting has just ordered breakfast to eat in his room. At breakfast time, he looks at his mobile phone for a while and suddenly sees Wang Cheng forwarding a message to him.

Tie Ting opened the news and was shocked.

He can see at a glance that he and Ji Tingyan were secretly photographed last night. He can't believe it. Why do some people take photos of him and Ji Tingyan in boredom and send them to the Internet for copying? He thinks he is a very low-key person. His identity and work are always down-to-earth. He has never used this kind of frivolous thing to hype himself 。

Finally, feting seems to find out the reason. As the eldest miss of Ji's family, there must be many people watching her every move. It's not easy to catch her having an affair with a man. Naturally, she wants to take the opportunity to make a stir.

"It's boring." Tie Ting could not help frowning, but next second, his handsome face was a little stiff.

If the news is seen by Ji's family, what will you think of him? Do you think he is a hypocrite who is greedy for beauty?

Thinking of this, bondeng hit the table with an angry fist. If it really brought such a negative impact to himself, he would certainly not let go of the bad media.

Just when Bonnie was secretly angry, the door of the hotel was knocked. He walked quickly to open the door and saw Ji Tingyan standing outside. Today, she is bright and elegant, with long hair tied high, which makes her look dignified and intimidating.

"So early?" Tie Ting Mou color a happy, gentle ask her.

Ji Tingyan pours in, hugs him directly, and tie Ting is caught unprepared by her initiative. Within a second, she holds her tightly in her arms: "have you seen the news on the Internet?"

"Well, I see." The woman in her arms nodded lazily.

"What do you think?" Tie Ting asked nervously.

"I don't have any idea. Thaksin will hype if he wants to. Anyway, we are not innocent now." Ji Tingyan chuckles, charming and moving.

"No, I won't take our love to hype and earn popularity." Tie Ting's teeth are angry.

"Well, then we'll find out the villain behind the scenes and beat him around." Ji Tingyan is not easy to mess with.