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Being glared at by Tang You You, Lu Qing felt his back turn cold. He was finished, this Miss Tang was also angry at him.

"Young Master, what did you say to Miss Tang? I think she's very angry."

Ji Xiao Han suddenly turned his head, the light in his eyes slightly narrowing. "Why can't I confess? Do you really think I want to be a monk for life? "

From the looks of it, before she came, this man had already mentally prepared himself to break her mental defenses bit by bit.

First, she had been sentimental, then she had been reasonable, and finally, she had threatened and seduced her favorite child. This was truly too much.

Tang You You felt that she absolutely could not agree to his request. Otherwise, wouldn't she lose too much face?

Why was he so prepared to subdue her after a fierce strike when she was completely unprepared?

Therefore, Tang You You decided to not give him a response.

If he really did like her, as he said he would, then let him like her, and it would be no loss to her.

All she wanted was for him to stop acting crazy in the future.

By the time she returned to the company, it was already past four in the afternoon. After doing it for a while, it was already dark.

Tang You You sat alone in her office, the staff around him were all gone.

Liu Xi also left first. She came over to greet Tang You You, and told him to get off work early. After all, he had children.

However, Tang You You didn't want to return, because when she did, she would have to face Ji Xiao Han.

Moreover, his words today had disrupted her heart. Even now, she still hadn't come up with a solution.

After thinking about it, she decided to just throw away the pen. There was no point in thinking about it any further. It was better to just continue living her life.

She couldn't avoid him on purpose just because of that man's words. Even if she could avoid him, she wouldn't be able to avoid the two little guys.

After not seeing them for a day, she really missed them dearly. She had to hurry back.

Tang You You drove back to her home, in the living room with the lights shining, two little fellows were happily playing together.

Tang Xiao Nai always liked to be the tail behind Tang Xiao Rui. Wherever he went, her tail would follow him, staring at him with its clear and big eyes. It was purposely trying to make her brother helpless against her.

"Your eyeballs are falling out. Hurry up and pick them up." Tang Xiao Rui suddenly said to her.

Tang Xiao Nai's eyes widened, and instinctively lowered her head to look, and then, she reached out and touched her own eyes: "Are my eyes still in my eyes? I didn't fall, big brother lied. "

Tang Xiao Rui liked her foolish look. He was too gullible, he laughed out loud: "You idiot, you're really stupid. Your eyeballs are falling out, can you still see me?"

"Big brother is so bad, he actually lied, I want to tell Mummy!" Suddenly, Tang Xiao Nai was moved. He turned around and saw Mummy standing at the door with a smile on his face. He immediately ran over excitedly: "Mummy, you're back.

Tang You You threw her bag on the sofa and bent down to hug the little guy tightly. She rubbed her little head: "Really? Mummy also misses you. "

"You missed me. You didn't miss your brother, right?" Tang Xiao Nai immediately looked at Tang Xiao Rui with a complacent expression, as if he was more important than him.

"I miss you two!" Tang You You immediately laughed.

Only then did Tang Xiao Rui glare at Tang Xiao Nai with an even more complacent expression, and make a cute face at him.

Tang Xiao Nai angrily pouted her small mouth, and looked at Mummy with a wronged and sorrowful expression: "Mummy, when you're not here, brother likes to bully me the whole time, and even lied to me, quickly teach him a lesson."

Tang You You knew that her daughter was not smart enough, she would just be tricked by her son. She immediately pouted, and said seriously while staring at her son: "Tell me honestly, did you really bully your sister?"

Tang Xiao Rui shrugged his shoulders, and answered with the tone of a little adult: "I didn't bully her, she herself was too stupid, easily trusting others, sigh, this is the comparison between a genius and a fool."

When Tang You You heard his son's narcissistic look, he laughed in anger.

"Mummy, listen, he called me an idiot again. I'm not stupid, brother is so bad, I won't care about him." Tang Xiao Nai hugged Mummy's neck, and buried her face in her shoulders, as if she was really ignoring him.

Tang Xiao Rui was speechless, but as his brother, he naturally had to maintain his composure. Hence, he walked over and handed over the electric car that he had been researching: "Here, you want to see this, right? Now that I've shown it to you, don't be angry at your big brother. "

When Tang Xiao Nai saw that his brother had finally taken the initiative to play with his little cart, she immediately extended his hand and received it. "This is my real good brother, just now when I let you take a look, if you didn't give it to me, I would have been angry at you."

"If I give it to you now, won't you stop being angry?" Tang Xiao Rui asked with a serious expression.

Tang Xiao Nai held onto the small car, and looked around, her small mouth revealing a smile: "Don't be angry, big brother is still very nice to me."

"Fool!" Seeing her sister finally smile, Tang Xiao Rui couldn't help but scold her.

Tang Xiao Nai got the car she liked and let her brother scold her. She was in a good mood now anyway.

Tang You You stood at the side and watched the two little fellows get back together from anger. In just a few short minutes, she couldn't help but shake her head and laugh.

But what about him?