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Right now, he wanted to share some of Pei An Xin's work, which was why he volunteered to give the little guy a bath.

Mu Shi Ye was not sure about the temperature of the water, so he could only walk out of the bathroom to ask.

"Come in and help me check the temperature of the water!" Mu Shi Ye's low voice was still like a magnet in this tranquil night, as if it could glue onto a person's heart and soul.

Pei An Xin frowned, then said indifferently: "Let me help her wash it, you can learn once by the side, next time, I won't help you!"

Seeing that her voice had become gentle, Mu Shi Ye smiled with his eyes, and replied happily: "Alright!"

After Pei An Xin finished adjusting the temperature of the water for the little fellow, he carried her in.

The little fellow looked around randomly with its two big black eyes, looking at Mu Shi Ye and then looking at Pei An Xin, as if it was a little confused.

"Daddy, wash!" After the little guy learned a new noun, he started to write all sorts of novels. She felt that she had already fallen in love with this gentle looking father in front of her, as if she would definitely have meat to eat if she followed him.

Mu Shi Ye did not expect his daughter to suddenly become so attached to him, and immediately frowned at Pei An Xin: "Seems like, my daughter seems to like me a lot, you cannot separate us anymore."

The little guy's entire body was chubby. When heated by the water, it revealed a layer of faint pink color. It was cute and delicate, ridiculously beautiful.

The little guy held the few toys she loved to play in her bath and played with them without stopping.

Mu Shi Ye tested the temperature of the water, and immediately frowned: "Shouldn't we wake her up? Would it catch a cold? "

"Pick her up, I'll hold her, she'll cry!" Pei An Xin already knew what kind of person his daughter was, and he wished he could take a bath for the whole night.

Mu Shi Ye tried to fish the little guy out of the water, and the little guy immediately waved the little toy in his hand around, "Don't … "Don't get up, I need to wash …"

Mu Shi Ye quickly took a bath towel and wrapped it around her whole body, revealing only her cute little head.

"Daddy, I still need to wash …" "I want to play!" The little guy looked at him pitifully, acting cute.

Time slowly passed day by day, and Xiao Cheng Cheng's mental growth speed was extremely fast. Thus, she knew that she had to fawn on a person in order to achieve her own goals.

"Darling be good, after taking a bath, daddy will take you to your bed to play, okay?" Mu Shi Ye hurriedly and gently coaxed the little fellow.

Mu Shi Ye's eyes turned darker in an instant, and he could not help but look at Pei An Xin who was tidying up the little guy's clothes.

Pei An Xin was also startled a moment ago, but in the next second, she pretended not to have heard his daughter's words.

"Give her to me, I'll dress her first." Pei An Xin held the little fellow in his arms and quickly put it on her little pajamas.

Mu Shi Ye realized that no matter what his daughter was wearing, it made his heart feel like it was being nurtured.

Perhaps it was because of their blood relationship, but he could not see enough of this little fellow.

Pei An Xin took his pajamas and decided to take a bath first. He stood outside the bedroom door and heard his daughter's laughter that did not stop, and the corners of her mouth unconsciously raised upwards.

He had to admit that his daughter really relied on her father. He believed that all the little girls in this world would somehow get closer to their father.

Wasn't it said that they were the little lovers of his father in his previous life?

After Pei An Xin finished showering, he pushed open the door to his bedroom. Seeing the little fellow who was giggling non-stop just a moment ago, he actually felt drowsy as he laid in Mu Shi Ye's arms.

When Pei An Xin walked in, he immediately raised his finger at her to make her move slightly.

Pei An Xin frowned, why was she talking to this man?

Although he did not like Yun Che taking him as his master in his own home, for his daughter, Pei An Xin was still very careful.

When the little fellow was about to sleep, its thick and long eyelashes fluttered up, making it seem even more beautiful. Mu Shi Ye felt that it was a pleasure to admire the little fellow sleeping.

"Daddy …" She still wanted to play with her father, but it was a pity that she was too sleepy. She tried her best to open her eyes, but in the end, she sweetly hugged one of her father's fingers and fell asleep.

Pei An Xin stood by the side of the bed with his arms crossed, looking at the man's reluctant expression, he coldly said: "Alright, your daughter is asleep, this is none of your business, you should hurry up and leave."

"I still want to see my daughter again …"

"Mu Shi Ye, can you not play rascal? I allowed you to come here and see your daughter. Pei An Xin saw the man's slender and muscular body lying on the bed. In fact, she had already been working hard to protect herself, so the more passionate her heart became, the colder the expression on her face became. This was the reaction of a person's instinct to protect themselves.

Mu Shi Ye slowly got down from the bed. At an altitude that was one head higher than Pei An Xin, he suddenly appeared in front of her and condescendingly sized up this petite girl.

In high school, she had always been so petite and enchanting. Never would he have thought that after so many years, she didn't seem to have grown much. However, he liked her delicate appearance. No matter what, it was to his liking.

"An Xin, I've been dreaming about you these past few nights. Tell me, what happened to me?" Mu Shi Ye slightly lowered his head, his thin lips next to her ear releasing hot air.

Pei An Xin did not expect him to suddenly say such words, his beautiful face instantly flushed red, but she continued to speak with a cold voice: "How should I know what happened to you, maybe you are guilty, you hurt me!"