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Ling wennuan was also shocked by what she said. She dared not go to the bar and nightclub in her dream, because the elder brother would definitely break her leg, and her parents would definitely read the Sutra in her ear for a long time.

Ling wennuan is a good child of a serious family. In addition to her efforts to make herself better, she has no heart. I don't know why. At the moment, seeing this man around, she wants to give up herself.

Mu Weicheng's chest heaved a little. The mask covered his beautiful face, but his eyes were spraying with flames. He grasped and loosened them. He wished that he could take the woman away immediately and throw her back to Ling's house. He would not let her come here alone.

Ling wennuan didn't have the courage to go, but when she looked up, she saw the angry eyes of the man. She immediately raised her head and held her chest up, striding towards the door of the hotel.

"Ling warm, have you had enough trouble?" Mu Weicheng didn't expect that she really dared to go in and drink. With a long leg, she reached out and blocked her way.

"Mu Weicheng, move your hand away. You're in the wrong place." Ling warm cold face, deliberately walked forward a step, to see the man out of the arm, just touched her up chest.

The man's eye color suddenly froze, and the next second, the face under the field mask became red.

Ling wennuan took back his hand when he was shocked. He sneered: "you are too broad. I don't need you to worry about where I want to go. You'd better go."

"Don't you think about it for your brother? How bad is it for your eldest brother to let people know that you are going to the bar to eliminate punishment? " Seeing that he could not hold her back, Mu Weicheng immediately beat her down with her eldest brother Ling Mo Feng.

"My big brother dare not care about me like this." Ling wennuan glared at him angrily: "don't worry, I'll just have one drink, I won't get drunk, and I won't make trouble for my big brother."

Ling wennuan is determined to enter the bar. No matter what Mu Weicheng says, she doesn't want to hear it.

Mu Wei Cheng stared at her angrily. It's very good. The harder it is to control and teach her. Are the wings hard?

Ling wennuan is actually suffocating. If Mu Weicheng turns around and leaves at the moment, she may turn around and go home at once, but this man is standing beside her, which forces her not to admit defeat.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes narrowed and stared at her to push the door. He bit his thin lips angrily. How dare he leave her now? Had to walk long legs, strode to follow her into.

Although it's daytime now, the bar is open all day. There are several young men drinking and playing cards in the bar. The smoke is very heavy. There are also several young girls slowly shaking their bodies on the dance floor. They wear sexy clothes and their eyes are like silk. It seems that the purpose is to attract the attention of those men.

As soon as Ling wennuan came in, there were some circles. She had never been to such a place before. Some of them were only seen in movies and TV plays, but her own experience was another feeling.

Seeing such a beautiful and lovely girl come in, several men stare at her involuntarily, and some of them also show a look. Obviously, the young girl who came in has aroused their interest.

Lingnuan wants to turn around and leave for a second, but the next second, she feels that she can't advise. Since she wants to come here for a drink, she can't leave now. What if Mu Weicheng is still waiting outside the door to see her joke?

Ling wennuan went directly to the front of the bar, and a young bartender came to greet her immediately, with a tone of interest: "little sister, alone, in a bad mood? What would you like to drink? This is our signature cocktail. It's a new product. It tastes good and juicy. "

Ling wennuan looks at the dazzled wine list he sent. Her brain is blank.

"It won't be hard to drink." Ling wennuan asked, pointing to the new product he recommended.

"No, it's good to drink. It suits you." The bartender said, making a loud finger, and the bartender immediately made a cocktail for Ling wennuan.

When Ling wennuan was waiting for the wine to be served, he took a look at the end of his eyes and found that Mu Weicheng had pushed the door in.

Her heart strings a button, some accidents, but some surprises.

It's like a bet, and she's the winner.

Ling wennuan was a little nervous and scared, but when Mu Weicheng came in, he gave her the courage to sit here alone and not be afraid.

"What would you like to drink, sir?" Immediately a charming looking woman went to the adoring Prime Minister sitting in the seat.

Although he is wearing a mask now, he has clear eyes and eyebrows. He is tall and slender. He doesn't look at his face. He also knows that he is a rare outstanding man. Women here have practiced a pair of hot eyes. They are the most accurate people to look at men. They are definitely attractive people.

"Beer." Mu only spoke lightly.

But the woman, as if she didn't know her feet, immediately bent down and lay down with her hands folded in front of the Mu Weicheng, and asked with bewildered eyes, "is it just beer? Do we have a lot of wine here? Don't choose more. "

That woman is intentional, because if she leans down like this, she can show her proud figure.

She believes that men will like it.

Unfortunately, Mu Weicheng didn't look at her directly, just a pair of gloomy eyes staring at the girl sitting at the bar.

Ling Nuan's eyes are also staring at this side at the moment. When she saw that the woman was deliberately seducing the premier, she really wanted to run over and drive her away.

But she can't do it again. She can't continue to show her mind, which will only make her face more embarrassed.

"Your cocktail, miss." The bartender put the wine in front of her with a smile, turned around and continued to wipe the glass in his hand.

Ling warms the wine and smells it. It's really fruity. She can't help but stretch out her little tongue to make up for it. It's dry and sweet. It's good to drink.

Mu Weicheng's eyes never moved away from Ling Nuan's body. He stared at her like this. He saw every little action of her. When he saw her stretching out her little tongue like a dog to lick the wine, he was shocked. He swallowed his saliva unconsciously, and his Adam's apple rolled out the picture of character.

Lying in front of his desk, the woman sensitively found that the man's eyes had been glued to the girl at the bar, so she got up and left.

She knows very well what kind of man can be flirted with. If she can't, she can only give up.

Mu Weicheng's beer was sent to his desk. He took the bottle directly, took off his mask, drank two mouthfuls of cold liquor into his throat, which watered out the scalding of his body.

Ling warms up to the mellow taste of the wine, and immediately drinks it slowly, dazed while drinking it.

Although Mu Weicheng is very close to her at the moment, she feels more and more distant from him, which makes her sad.

"Another drink." Ling warms up by accident and drinks up. She wants to drink again.

The beer in Mu's hand is almost gone. At this time, one of the men who played cards got up and walked towards Ling Nuan.

As soon as he came, he took out his VIP card and said to the bartender, "this lady's account is mine."

Ling wennuan immediately turned to look at the young man, who should be the rich owner of the family.

"I don't need you to pay for me. I have money." Ling wennuan immediately opened his small backpack, took out the cash from it and slapped it on the table: "I don't brush his card."

Seeing that Ling Nuan was so polite, the man immediately laughed: "little sister, make a friend. I'm the shareholder of this bar. I'll give you a free discount when you come for the first time. I'll give you a free discount for how much you drink today."

"No need." Ling wennuan curled her mouth and said that, she reached out to drink the cocktail directly. After that, she jumped off the high chair immediately. Then she thought of something. She took out another cash: "I gave the wine money of that handsome guy."

The man who came up to haunt saw that she even paid for a strange man, and immediately stared at Mu Weicheng.

But mu Weicheng got up and came over to him. "I'll pay for it myself."

Ling wennuan sneers and ridicules: "when I invite you to drink, anyway, our relationship is over."

Ling wennuan said, and went to the bar.

However, when she first came to the door, her foot was a little unstable. She immediately reached out and pressed her head, wondering why she was dizzy.