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C1413 no way out

Gao Yue didn't finish the meal at last. She left the restaurant with a low face.

Sitting in the car, Gao Yue pulls the rearview mirror to herself. From the mirror, she sees her beautiful and charming Danfeng eyes. The delicate and perfect eye shadow sets off her blurred eyes, which makes her a little satisfied.

Gao Yue is a very confident woman. Although she only stayed with Ji Xiaohan for more than ten minutes, she still felt the trust and appreciation of men for her.

She is very clear that when a man starts to appreciate a woman seriously, it is not far away from love, because the man seems ruthless, but also sentimental. Ji Xiaohan stands on a high position alone. If his wife is not his confidant and cannot share his work worries, he will definitely find other women outside to relieve him of his worries.

Gao Yue has foreseen that one day, he can step into the gate of the highest level, sit in Ji Xiaohan's office, drink wine with him and chat about life.

Generally speaking, after drinking wine and chatting about life, it's the collision between the bodies. Gao Yue thought of it and blushed. She started the car and drove towards home.

When she parked her car in the underground parking lot of the community, she took the elevator to the floor of her home.

As soon as she got home, Gao Yue found something wrong.

With a stiff look, she hurried towards the door of her house. She found that the door was half open, but it was opened. Her heart shrank with fear, and she started to push the door with shaking hands.

A thief at home?

When Gao Yue thought of it, he immediately opened the door angrily, and saw that the house was not in a mess. Instead, he stood several men in black suits, with their hands on their backs, standing beside a simple woman, who was sitting on the sofa in her living room, soaking a cup of tea on the table and drinking leisurely.

"You Who is it? How can I break into my house? " Gao Yue immediately angrily scolded those who didn't come in, and his face was white.

"Miss Gao, don't be afraid. I'm miss Mei. We're on the phone." The simple woman raised her head, a plain face, but with a smile, people can't see the depth of her city for a moment, but take advantage of her calm and free, Gao Yue can't underestimate her half.

"Sister Mei?" Gao Yue's eyes suddenly widened. Then she suddenly thought of the woman who took over from Zhang Lu. She could not help but walk quickly, but she was still angry and asked, "Mei Jie, what do you mean? Come without invitation? He also pried the door lock of my house and became the master here? "

"If Miss Gao is her own, of course, I'm afraid of being an outsider. Then we really need to sit down and talk." Mei Jie smiles very lightly. She has a kind of ruthlessness.

Gao Yue's heart was startled, so she sat down. A pair of beautiful eyes looked at Mei's body without permission, but she still couldn't calm down: "Mei is doubting my loyalty? It's ridiculous. I promised to work for you at the beginning, because I think it's very challenging. But I'm not in your politics. I have the right to privacy, and I have the right to stop trading. Don't you force me like a robber? "

"Miss Gao may have misunderstood. When you promised to work for Mr. President, I remember that you signed a contract, which clearly stated that all the benefits you asked for would be met one by one, and everything would be defeated..." Sister Mei stops deliberately, and her eyes are full of a poisonous smell.

"I didn't explain the punishment for the failure. I've seen the contract with my own eyes. Don't try to set me up. If I fail, I'll lose. If I fail, I have to give my life to you." Gao Yue immediately snorted angrily. He felt that the seriousness of the matter was not so terrible.

"It's not the same as not writing. Miss Gao should have seen the end of Zhang Lu's failure. This is the best example of failure." Mei's voice was not loud, but Gao Yue was frightened by cold sweat. Her beautiful eyes were round, and she couldn't say a word.

Sister Mei looked at her frightened appearance and sneered: "I came here uninvited today to give you a piece of advice. A door can't stop me, let alone other obstacles. I'm not Zhang Lu. Zhang Lu is greedy for your beauty. He is angry with you for all kinds of friendliness. All tasks are only allowed to succeed, not to fail. Gao Tong Yue, I believe you can carry it clearly, cherish your life and complete the task well. "

"No You can't do this. This is a threat to me. I didn't say that at the beginning. " Gao Yue screamed with fear and uneasiness at the moment, and her face turned pale with fear.

"Who told me what? I don't care. I have our cooperation contract in my hand. Ji Lin is dead, Zhang Lu is dead, and the dead can't explain anything for you. Since it's me who makes the deal with you now, then I've got it all! " Sister Mei's eyes gradually became vicious. The frightening things in her bones, like invisible ropes, tied Gao Yue tightly and could not struggle.

"Sister Mei, sister Mei, please let me go. I I don't want to make this deal. I I don't want any benefits, please, I'm really afraid, you let me live, I promise, I won't reveal a word. " Gao Yue finds that life is more important than everything. Love, fame and wealth are insignificant in front of life. She doesn't want them all.

"Gao Yue, what do you think a deal is? Do you say to give up? If it's so easy, then what's the mess of the world? Don't tell me. Why should I believe you? You've met Ji Xiaohan in private tonight. I don't know what you said to him. I'm a suspicious person who doesn't trust easily. Don't embarrass me. We all work for Mr. President. " Mei is casually drinking tea. After drinking it, she puts it down and looks at Gao Yue, who is still struggling with death, without any pity.

"Sister Mei, I didn't say anything to Ji Xiaohan. He just invited me to have a meal and praised me. I really didn't say anything." Gao Yue tries hard to explain and clear up.

"Did Ji Xiaohan praise you? Tut Tut, it's really rare. Ji Xiao is cold and arrogant. He doesn't take any woman seriously. Unexpectedly, he praised you. It shows that you are competent and the most suitable person for this task. Gao Yue, aren't you half successful? " After hearing her words, sister Mei's eyes brightened instantly. She was very satisfied with her progress and that of Ji Xiaohan.

"No, no, Mei Jie, I'm not suitable. I'm really not suitable. Ji Xiaohan is too deep. I can't see him. I don't know his real idea. I really can't attract him." Gao Yue's words are not up to the point at the moment, and his words are full of nonsense.

"Gao Yue, don't struggle. You don't have a choice. I don't have a choice. You are the line we put out. It's not easy to let the fish hook up. Do you say you don't want to do it? I don't want to take the president seriously. " Meijie didn't want to waste words with this woman. She stood up, cold down, and said, "Gao Yue, listen to me, Ji Xiaohan is your ultimate goal. I don't care what you do, either lure him to join the president's team, or kill him. He is the stumbling block for the president's progress. If he dies, Ling Mo Feng loses his support, It's easier to defeat him. If you can do these two things, you will be a great hero. Do you want to be rich or not? "

"Kill Killing? " Gao Yue's eyes were startled. Looking at Mei, she shook her head mechanically: "no, no, I dare not. It's a crime of law to kill. It's a crime of death. I can't do this."

"If you dare not kill people, make good use of your beautiful appearance to hook up the man. At that time, he may be your man. Don't you want to be Jijia's little grandma?" Mei Jie's mouth turned up, and the last words brightened Gao Yue's dead grey eyes.