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Although Xiaoyu was not very sensible, she was afraid of admiring the prime minister, so she quickly ran away with Batai.

On the peaceful village road, there are only two people left: Ling Nuan and Mu Weicheng.

Not far away in the pond, the frogs are roaring, as if they have become the most lively voice here.

Ling warms up and breathes quickly. The man comes to her step by step. Soon, he stands in front of her.

He is tall and straight, Ling wennuan is standing in front of him. He is short and hard, only a little bit up his shoulder, plus his thin body, which is even weaker.

The difference between men and women is reflected in an instant. If Mu Weicheng really wants to do something to Ling wennuan, Ling wennuan has absolutely no chance to escape.

Fortunately, Mu Weicheng didn't dare to move his fingers a little more when facing this little thing.

"Cough When did you come? " Ling warm immediately broke the calm, deliberately ask him. "I came here at noon. I had lunch at Batai's house and talked about work until now." Mu answered her in a low voice.

"You didn't come here specially for the bonfire party. Do you have any other important work?" Ling warm heart flashed a worry, afraid that he would leave immediately.

"No, this party is held every year in the village. Our base will arrange people to come over to do security work. In the first two years, there were young people fighting for girls. Several injured people had to prevent outsiders from damaging the party, so this is my work tonight." Mu Weicheng's gentle voice is very pleasant to listen to. He seems to be telling and bewitching. Because his eyes have written out all his feelings, waiting for her to study them carefully.

Ling warm and beautiful eyes can't help but widen a little. Unexpectedly, Mu Weicheng came to work instead of coming to spend this wonderful night with her.

It's really a bit of a shock.

"Warm, the way you dress up today is something I've never seen before. It's beautiful." Mu Wei Cheng's eyes are still wandering on her body. The more he looks, the more he is moved. He can't help but praise her in a low voice.

Ling wennuan was very natural. She was embarrassed to hear his praise. "This is Xiaoyu's mother's dress. I borrowed it to wear." Ling warms up and explains in a low voice. "It looks good. It looks good in any clothes." Mu Weicheng added.

Ling nuanwai gave him a look: "it's the first time to find out that your mouth will make women happy." Mu Weicheng: "..."

What he said is true. There is no cajoling.

"Let's go and have a look first. It sounds very lively." Ling Nuan pointed to the direction of the party. Mu Weicheng nodded, Ling wennuan took a step forward, but the man did not turn around, but stopped at the same place. When she came to him, he immediately reached out and put her in his arms. "Remember, you are not allowed to receive a wreath from someone." Mu Weicheng's thin lips, against her ears, remind her of the overbearing.

Ling wennuan already knows the meaning of sending wreaths. Of course, she doesn't take them, but this man warns her, which kind of vinegar does he eat.

"Don't worry, no one will give me the wreath." Ling Nuan smiled and comforted him.

"I will give it to you." Muwei Cheng's voice, mellow as wine, melted in her ear.

Ling wennuan shivered a little, and she was very shy.

She nodded with a smile: "well, I'll wait for you to deliver it. If you let me know that you've given it to others, Mu Weicheng, I can't finish with you."

"Oh, threatening me?" Men feel that this is her character. It seems lovely and cute, but in her bones, there are bullying and stubborn.

"Don't you also threaten me?" Ling warm is not willing to show weakness.

Muwei Cheng is speechless: "I am not a threat, I just remind you."

"It doesn't make any difference to me." Ling Nuan didn't reason with him at once.

What else can Mu Weicheng say? What she says is what.

"Don't leave without kissing me?" The man still some don't willing to let go of her, so, deliberately embarrassed her.

Ling warm immediately in the position of his neck mercilessly bang a: "this line?"

Mu Weicheng's eyes were dyed with joy, which released his hand.

Ling wennuan saw the lipstick mark on the man's neck by the light, and couldn't help smiling.

"What are you laughing at?" When Mu Weicheng found out that she was laughing, he couldn't help asking.

Ling wennuan shook his head: "nothing, just to see you very happy."

I believe that the lipstick mark on Mu Weicheng's neck will make a lot of girls retreat in spite of the difficulties. Ling Nuan's face is full of black laughter.

The two men headed for the fire.

From the sound of silk music, the young men and women who came from all directions were very shy. After all, it's not a big city. Most of the young people are still conservative. So, they feel shy when they contact with the opposite sex, but they are full of expectation.

"Warm!" Suddenly, there was a voice calling for her.

As soon as Ling wennuan turned around, he saw Lin Bo and several of his classmates coming to join the party.

Ling warm immediately said hello to them, those female students see Mu Wei Cheng, are very embarrassed to lower their heads.

"The mujiao officer is here, too?" Lin Bo couldn't help asking, but a pair of eyes were looking at them.

Mu Weicheng gave a light hum.

Next to her, a girl couldn't help asking Ling wennuan, "how can the teacher Mu come? Did he come here to pick his girlfriend, too? "

Ling wennuan immediately replied with a smile: "no, he's here to maintain public order. I'm afraid that everyone will fight." That girl is a little lost.

Lin Bo's eyes are attracted by Ling wennuan. Ling's skin is naturally white, which is no better than those girls in the village. Therefore, she wears this kind of dark and complicated clothes, which shows her temperament. In addition, her eyebrows and eyes are curved, her lips are red and her teeth are white, and she has an indescribable sense of brilliance.

Mu Weicheng as a man, the dangerous atmosphere, so that his eyes some severe look to the next that follow Ling warm footsteps of the boy.

He can see that this one is Lin Bo. It seems that he likes Ling Nuan very much.

Ling wennuan is a girl who is not very delicate to the sense table. She only thinks Lin Bo is a person who is easy to get along with, but she doesn't see that he has other meanings to himself.

The boys and girls separated and sat in the two directions of the fire. When Ling wennuan walked by, Xiaoyu immediately came and dragged her to the place beside her.

"Warm sister, we'll have a dance in a moment, just as I taught you, you can join us." Xiaoyu immediately invited her warmly.

"I haven't practiced well. I'm afraid I can't jump well." Ling warm immediately waved, afraid to show.

"It doesn't matter. You jump to my rhythm. Anyway, everyone is around the fire. No one finds out who is good or bad." Xiaoyu still hopes that she can participate.

"Well, I'll dance with you." Ling warm nodded, a pair of eyes, toward not far away standing Mu Weicheng to see.

There are many soldiers beside him. He seems to stand there without expression, but it is particularly striking. Because his figure is much bigger than that of ordinary men. A pair of long legs will defeat all the people on the scene.

Not only that, Mu Weicheng's temperament is also very good. He stands tall and straight and feels very safe at first sight.

Ling wennuan promised to dance. In fact, he wanted to dance for mu Weicheng. I hope he didn't make a joke.

Mu Weicheng looks at the scene. It's best to find Ling Nuan in the crowd. She is looking at herself with a smile. Mu Weicheng's mind seems to be discovered by her. His handsome face is a little embarrassed. Fortunately, the lights here are not bright enough. No one finds him shy.

The formal party kicked off. The famous old people in the family spoke a lot in dialect. Ling didn't understand a word. Xiao Yu was translating it to her. It was almost like the words to respect heaven and earth. It was very ceremonial.

After the ceremony, the men and women on both sides surrounded the front of the fire. Ling wennuan also stood in the middle with his small hand in his hand. He blinked at Mu Weicheng. Mu Weicheng's thin lips could not help gently hooking up. This naughty little woman even ran to dance, and did not know how she danced.