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C669 love baby's reflection

The clear fragrance of the man was mixed with strong male hormone breath, which shrouded Tang youyou from top to bottom. She breathed heavily, and her little face was swollen and red. The pink lips could only be sledged by the man bit by bit.

The mind has been confused for a long time, just like drunk, dizzy and unable to think.

Strong feelings, spread into her chest, make Tang youyou incomparably emotional, like and deeply love this emotion, she thought, this life, maybe really can't fall in love with others, her soul, has been shaking for this man.

Season owl cold restraint again restraint, his eyes color dark do not see a ray of light, strong arms forced up the body, eyes tightly locked breathing fast and disordered little woman.

Her pale cheek, now a touch of peach blossom like pink, coquettish and moving, bright eyes and teeth, in the soft color of the wall lamp, but also filled with a kind of exciting beauty.

"I turned off the light!" Ji Xiaohan has endured for too long. He really wants to love her once.

Of course, Tang youyou knows that his body has been fine for a long time, but there is still a wound on his head, but it doesn't seem to affect anything.

"Well!" Tang youyou opens his cheek unnaturally, and his beautiful eyes flash. It's uncomfortable to discuss with him like this.

Seeing that she was shy again, Ji Xiaohan stretched out her long fingers and gently held her small white chin, forcing her eyes to look straight at herself.

"Why?" Tang youyou was shy and wanted to hide the quilt, but unexpectedly, the man still treated her like this.

"Your eyes are beautiful!" Season owl cold dark dumb light praise, as if the flow of water, long eyelashes between the light tremor, as if to say still rest in love.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes are stunned, and his face is even more blushing. He can only say that this man is really too flirtatious.

Season owl cold finally don't want to endure, arms again, thin lips again.


At six o'clock, Ji Xiao will wake up on time. Last night, he forgot to close the floor to floor window. Now, the slight light has shone in. He saw the little woman curled up gently on his side, a milk like face, dizzy with the red glow that hasn't gone back. It's very bright.

Thinking of last night's passion, Ji Xiao's cold thin lips raised a smile.

Ji Xiaohan wants to kiss her very much, but he is afraid that it will make her sleep, so he has to restrain himself and gently turn over and sit up.

After getting out of bed, I closed the floor to floor windows silently for the first time. Last night, she was also tired. Ji Xiaohan wanted her to sleep more.

After Ji Xiaohan finished washing, he went downstairs to exercise. In the garden, he saw Ji Shangqing, who was also running. Unexpectedly, he had the habit of getting up early and forging in the morning.

"Good morning, big brother!" Ji Shangqing is still greeting with a smile.

"Early!" Season owl cold low light responded a sentence, ran toward his usual exercise direction.

Ji Shangqing dare not run with him, for fear that Ji Xiaohan will ask some questions he does not want to answer.

He stopped and stared at the back of Ji Xiaohan's disappearance. A ray of light shone on him, which made Ji Xiaohan's figure stained with a few golden spots. Ji Shangqing bit his teeth.

After the exercise, Ji Xiaohan went upstairs on time to wake up the two kids.

The little things that have grown up are more obedient than before. Because of Tang xiaonai, he has not got up. Unlike before, he still wants to play tricks and sleep a little longer. Even when he wears clothes, he is still sleeping.

At the moment, she sat at the bedside with her eyes closed, letting daddy wear it for her, letting her stretch her little hands, let her stretch her calves, just like a good girl.

Ji Xiaohan has no choice but to help his daughter with a simple ponytail hairstyle. His father has made a model.

Tang Xiaorui doesn't need the help of Ji Xiaohan at all. He puts on his clothes and stealthily wipes a handsome hairstyle like Daddy's.

"Daddy, shall I go and give mommy a good morning kiss?" Tang xiaonai's tender voice rang.

"No, your mommy is recovering. She needs more rest. If you go in, you will wake her up!" Ji Xiaohan said to his daughter gently.

"Well then!" Little guy is a little lost.

Although I still want to say hello to Mommy before I go to school, since Mommy needs to rest, I can only give up.

Ji Shangqing is sitting on the dining room table, chatting with the ER Lao. He sees Ji Xiaohan coming with his two children. His eyes are gloomy again, and then he keeps them.

"Good morning, great grandfather, great grandmother!" Two little guys say hello to ER Lao sweetly and make her smile.

The old lady immediately pointed to Ji Shangqing: "say hello to my uncle!"

"Good morning, uncle!" The two little guys said something very polite.

Ji Shangqing is smiling all the time. He reaches out to touch Tang xiaonai's head. Tang xiaonai hides subconsciously.

Ji Shangqing's expression is slightly startled.

When Ji Xiaohan saw this, he immediately explained lightly: "these two little guys are more afraid of strangers. If they are familiar with each other, they won't be!"

Ji Shangqing put his hand back in embarrassment and said gently, "it's natural for children to be afraid of life. It seems that they need to get along with more to become friends!"

The two little guys blinked and didn't speak. They all remember clearly what Mommy told them. They should stay away from this uncle.

Ji Xiaohan is very satisfied with the reaction of the two children. Indeed, he doesn't want them to communicate with Ji Shangqing at all.

"Big brother, what's the third brother doing recently? I'm looking forward to his new play. I haven't seen any action from him. " Ji Shangqing asks Ji Yueze with a smile.

When the old lady heard this, she had a good time. "Your brother is in love recently. He may not have time to make any more movies. If you are bored at noon, you can go to play with him!"

The old lady didn't know about the undercurrent among the young people, and she took them as if they were chasing and fighting together as children.

"In fact, I'm going to find a house in the center of the city. I'd like to set up a home in China so that I can often live in my hometown later. Brother, do you have anything to recommend?" Ji Shangqing immediately asked Ji Xiaohan with a smile.

Season owl cold elegant drink water, listened to his words, light way: "if you want a house, I can ask someone to arrange for you!" "I've learned your kindness. I know you have a large real estate company, but I prefer to choose by myself. However, I'm not familiar with the city. I heard that Miss Tang is at home for leisure, can I..."