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When Ji Xiao Han came down again, he was dressed very casually, and did not have his usual strict and orthodox look.

Even his short hair that he liked to comb back, was very casual today. It made him look like a Big Star, casually absorbing a person's soul.

Seeing him come down, Tang You You immediately started to feed the porridge in Xiao Cheng Cheng's arms, pretending as if he did not see him.

Tang You You looked at her daughter speechlessly. "Don't be in such a hurry, just let your little sister eat her fill. Otherwise, on the plane in a while, she'll cry again when she's hungry."

Seeing that the breakfast in front of Tang You You was still untouched, Mu Shi Ye was very embarrassed and quickly brought his daughter over. "You long, hurry up and eat, I'll feed her!"

Tang You You did not insist, and anxiously took the bread to bite on.

"Eat slower, no rush!" Seeing her wolfing down her food, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but express his concern.

Only now did Tang You You realize that her eating appearance wasn't very graceful, and her chewing movements had also slowed down. Her beautiful eyes swept across the man, and her snow-white face flushed again.

"Mummy, there's cream at the corner of your mouth!" As Tang Xiao Rui watched his father and Mummy's interactions grow more and more loving, he kindly reminded Mummy.

When Tang You You heard that her lips were smeared with cream, she felt extremely humiliated. Just as she was about to go and find a tissue, she passed a big hand over.

Tang You You was about to be defeated by this man's gentleness. She took the tissue in his hand hesitantly and wiped it on the corner of her mouth.

After the group had breakfast, they took a taxi to the tarmac behind the mountainside.

At this moment, a gigantic gray private plane was parked inside the airport. Lu Qing was leading the group of people in charge of the cabin as he stood beside the plane and respectfully welcomed the owner and his family.

"Wow, this plane is so big, so great. Daddy, is this plane really yours?" Tang Xiao Rui was a little boy, he liked these huge beasts the most.

Mu Shi Ye cast a sidelong glance at the little fellow who seemed to have gone mad: "Xiao Rui, don't be agitated, this plane will also be yours in the future."

"Daddy want to give it to me?" Tang Xiao Rui screamed in surprise.

Ji Xiao Han hugged his daughter in his arms as he grabbed onto his son's small hands and said, "Of course, everything that father knows is yours."

Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian, who was in her arms, was unhappy. She pouted and said angrily, "All of Daddy's things are mine, not Big Brother's!"

Seeing that his daughter had gotten a little emotional, Ji Xiao Han hurriedly kissed her little cheek: "Don't worry, Daddy's things are yours, Daddy is definitely not selfish."

"Then what if Mummy gives birth to a little sister, do we still have to split father's possessions equally with them?" Tang Xiao Rui asked innocently.

Tang You You originally did not want to interrupt, but if she were to chat with this little fellow, it would cause him to choke to death.

However, when she heard her daughter mention the matter of her younger brother and sister, her face burned slightly. She immediately turned around and said, "Xiao Nai, don't worry, you won't have another younger brother and sister.

Mu Shi Ye whistled from the side and looked at Ji Xiao Han as if he was suffering from a disaster.

If he remembered correctly, he seemed to have let go of earlier and said that he wanted to give birth to ten pairs of dragons and phoenixes.

Yet, this slap on his face …

Ji Xiao Han ignored Mu Shi Ye's complacent expression, but, it was not good to bring up the matter of having a child in front of Tang You You.

It wasn't easy for them to get back on good terms with each other. If they were to go stiff over the matter of giving birth to a child, it would be a loss on the part of the both of them.

"Young Master, Miss Tang, Young Master Mu …" Lu Qing brought the two captain and hurried forward a few steps, smiling and greeting them.

Ji Xiao Han nodded towards them, and said politely: "Thank you for your hard work, let's go now."

Ji Xiao Han's plane was equipped with four air stewardesses.

The four air stewardesses were all extremely beautiful and elegant!

Tang You You was dressed casually, with a clean face. Compared to their current attire and occupation, her makeup was exquisite, and naturally couldn't be compared to them.

The four air stewardesses had discussed about Tang You You in private before.

Only, they never thought that Tang You You would actually look as tall and beautiful as them. Immediately, they revealed a little bit of jealousy toward her.

"Sister, carry me up!" When Tang Xiao Rui was with an outsider, he would sweetly call Big Sister Tang You You. Perhaps this had already become a habit of the little fellow.

When Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting reached big brother, she started to call Big Sister Mummy. She was also instantly overjoyed as she shouted non-stop, "Big Sister, Big Sister …"

Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she saw this pair of little treasures. However, since the two little fellows were so sensible, pretending to be tender in front of outsiders, she naturally couldn't help but be happy.

Lu Qing was also standing at the side in a daze, but, looking at Young Master and Young Master Mu's calm and collected expressions, it seemed like there was nothing to be surprised about.

Ji Xiao Han did not reveal anything about the two children. Now that the little guy was calling Big Sister Tang You You, this was definitely the safest arrangement.

"Uncle Ji, look. This aunt is so beautiful!" Tang Xiao Rui suddenly turned his head, blinked his eyes at his father, and pointed to one of the flight attendant who was staring at his father with an infatuated look, and laughed sinisterly.

Ji Xiao Han started to feel speechless towards his son, this little guy. Was it possible that this little fellow was his love rival in the Mummy for a beautiful woman?

There was no one left to protect his mother.

The air stewardess who was called out by Tang Xiao Rui was stunned because he was called auntie, but right after, he blushed deeply.

Ji Xiao Han's gaze did not leave the four air stewardesses as he walked past them. As expected, he noticed his son's pair of large eyes staring at him with squinted eyes.

This little guy, cheap!