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Lanyanxi's next work was obviously calm, but she still remembered the situation of Ling Mo Feng. She wanted to send him a message or make a phone call until she got off work. However, she didn't dare to think that he was dealing with the national affairs. Alas,

, falling in love with a man of high position and weight has a lot of troubles.

Before work, LAN Yanxi was called to the office by Zhou he again, and her colleague Yang he was also there. Zhou he arranged LAN Yanxi to study with Yang He. Now, I'm afraid that I've made a mistake, which also involves Yang He. "

Yang He, how do you teach new people? I have offended the vice president. Do you know how serious this matter is? Fortunately, the vice president didn't investigate. If one day he offended the foreign guests, wouldn't he lose the face of our country? You have to take half the responsibility for this matter. This month's bonus has been deducted! " In front of LAN Yanxi, Zhou he directly criticized Yang He and punished him.

LAN Yanxi's face was white with fright, and he quickly admitted his mistake: "section chief Zhou, it's none of Yang He's business. It's my fault. I deserve to be punished!" "

No, the division of responsibility is very clear. If there is a mistake, you should be punished. Keep a long memory!" Zhou Hetian's face was pale, not emotional. Yang

he also took a look at LAN Yanxi with some resentment. She knew that this woman was not a person who could do things at first sight. Now it's too good. She really got involved in herself. It's too bad. Blue

Yan Xi received her angry eyes, but also a face of self blame and sorry. Look at

now that she's off duty for a while, she has to apologize to Yang He. The bonus she deducted has to be supplied by her fans from other aspects. Otherwise, it's not a good start to offend people when she comes to work.

"You are still in the probation period, and there is no bonus. However, if you do not perform well next, I'm afraid you can't even pass the probation period!" Zhou he said to LAN Yanxi.

"Yes, I know. I won't be rash next time. Please give me a chance to change!" Maybe it's because she doesn't have a deep obsession with the job, so Zhou he criticizes education and LAN Yanxi accepts it modestly. Although she doesn't care about the interests, she cares about the opportunity to work with Ling Mo Feng, so she secretly decides to be more serious in the future. Two

when an individual walked out of the office, LAN Yanxi followed up two steps and walked with Yang He side by side. LAN Yanxi apologized with his head lowered: "Yang He, I'm so sorry that I've got you involved."

"Lan Yanxi, you know, do you know how hard I worked to get in? I'm not as good as your family. I don't care about this job at all. But please be smart in the future. Don't make such a low-level mistake again! " Yang He's eyes are red with anger. It can be seen that she really cares about this innocent incident.

"I'm sorry!" LAN Yanxi looked at her back in a hurry, and could only apologize again. After Yang

he left quickly, lanyanxi also plans to leave. She is now at work, and can't continue to take Ling Mo Feng's car, so she drove a car by herself. This car is the cheapest one of all her cars, but it's also worth nearly a million. Lanyanxi originally wanted to borrow the housekeeper's vegetable buying car to use. Please think carefully, Why should people suffer this injustice when they live this life? It's clear that these cars are hers. Why should she give up what she has if she cares about other people's eyes? Blue

Yanxi drives her little sports car forward at full speed. Far away, she sees a person. She slows down, sees Yang He running to the side of the road in a hurry, takes the car key and rides one of her women's bicycles away. Blue

Yan Xi thought of Yang He's just red eyes, and she blamed herself again.

Maybe Yang he really values this job and this salary. She is no more than she was born in a big family. She has no idea about money since she was born. Alas, she is really involved in others.

In fact, this time it wasn't LAN Yanxi's fault. Ling Mo Feng was also anxious to go to conference room 5. Just now he was passing through a corridor and heard that Zhou he asked LAN Yanxi to work in conference room 5. He thought that he could just go to have a look at her. Who knew that she would rush out so anxiously? Before he could reflect, the coffee in her hand would spray on him Yes.

LAN Yanxi drove a small sports car to a big shopping mall. She knew Ling Mo Feng hadn't got off work so soon. She decided to buy him a suit. After all, she soiled someone's suit, so she had to pay for one.

LAN yanxika is rich, of course, she bought it at will. She chose a suit of men's suit which is expensive. It's dark black. Because Ling Mo Feng wears this suit every day when he goes to work, and he doesn't have many casual clothes, so in order to cooperate with him to work, she chose the color he likes to wear.

As soon as the bank card was swiped, LAN Yanxi left with the packing bag. After buying

clothes, she went to the supermarket again, bought a large bag of things and picked up the car.

"Home!" LAN Yanxi clapped her hands. She had just mentioned the package, which made her palm red, hot and painful.

When LAN Yanxi got home, it was dark. In the early winter, it was dark and the cold wind was blowing.

LAN Yanxi drives into the gate and finds that the light in the living room is bright. Her beautiful eyes are stunned, and Ling Mo Feng is back? Blue

Yanxi speeds up the speed, and the sports car stops just like the wind outside the hall. She gets out of the car quickly, and sees that the man is only wearing a white long sleeved shirt, standing in front of the steps, and looks down at her. "

are you back?" Blue Yan Xi asked him with a smile, blinking his big black and white eyes. "

Where have you been? Why did you come back so late? " Ling Mo Feng raised his watch and looked at the time. It was almost eight o'clock. Did the woman go out after work?

"I'm going shopping. Wait!" LAN Yan Xigen didn't recognize the reproach in his tone. As soon as he turned around, he took out the suit she bought for him, ran two steps briskly, went up the steps, stood opposite him, and stretched out the packing bag in front of him: "here you are!" "

what is this?" Ling Mo Feng asked in a low voice with a blank eyes.

"I paid for your suit. It's not soiled today!" LAN Yanxi made two embarrassed dry laughs.

"Who asked you to buy it?" Ling Mo Feng frowned, apparently not expecting the little woman to buy herself a new set. "

I decided to buy it myself! See if you like it! " LAN Yanxi said in all directions.

Ling Mo Feng's palm is stiff. He takes it and looks down at it. "How much is it? I'll give it back to you!"

"Hello, Ling Mo Feng, what do you mean? Do we still share each other? You're so polite. You want to treat me as an outsider? " When he heard that he wanted to give money, LAN Yanxi put his hand into his waist and stared at him angrily.

"Don't buy it next time. If it's just soiled, it'll be clean after washing. Why spend the money?" Ling Mo Feng whispered. "

yo, Mr. vice president is still a person for the inspection? It's such a good character that I admire it! " LAN Yanxi teases him with a smile. "

today's matter is that I am not good. I left in a hurry and made you make mistakes!" Ling is still responsible for his actions and apologizes to her. "

really? You walk so fast just to see me. What's wrong? I'm still very happy. But next time you want to see me, just give me a call and let me know! " LAN Yanxi lowered his head shamefully and said happy words like a little daughter-in-law.

Ling Mo Feng: "..."

He dared not say anything, but she snatched him out. Where should his male self-esteem go?

"I don't miss you, I just want to see your situation..." Ling Mo Feng coughs softly, still want to explain for oneself.

Blue words and beautiful eyes raised, staring at him: "Oh, I know it's like this, forget it, I've been scolded anyway, I admit my mistake, and I'll be careful later!"

Ling Mo Feng saw the deep sense of loss in her eyes. He was in a hurry and took off what he wanted to say, but he didn't dare to say it, so he had to be silent.

"Take the food off the car. It's too heavy. I can't carry it!" LAN Yanxi began to be spoiled again. After all, she had to show weakness in front of men.

"Good!" Ling Mo Feng replied in a low voice.