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You actually want to rely on him?

Tang You You saw the bath towel on the side, and immediately pulled it down, wrapping himself inside, he decided to go out like this.

I wish Ji Xiao Han was in the living room!

"This seems to be... My room! " Ji Xiao Han raised his eyebrows slightly. Not only did he not go out, he even shook the red wine cup in his hand, walked in front of her, and lazily sat down on the bed.

Tang You You was extremely shameless to this man, she had already experienced it before, so she had no choice but to lower her head, rummage through the box to find her clothes, then carried her to the bathroom.

Seeing her fleeing, the corner of Ji Xiao Han's mouth raised a little.

This woman was timid, and … It's easy to be shy.

After Tang You You changed into a new set of pajamas inside the room, he came out again and found Ji Xiao Han already sitting on the sofa in the living room.

"Don't worry, I didn't see anything!" Ji Xiao Han instantly turned into a gentleman and shrugged his shoulders.

Hearing him say that, Tang You You blushed even more. "It doesn't matter if you see it, I won't lose a piece of meat anyway."

Ji Xiao Han didn't expect her to answer him in such a manner, and thought that she would be very angry.

"Is that so? "Then why don't you let me take a few more glances next time? You haven't lost anything after all." Ji Xiao Han said in an evil manner.

Tang You You smirked, "Don't push your luck!"

"I can also show you!"

"Ji Xiao Han, can you be a little more serious? Be careful not to let the child hear it! "

Ji Xiao Han disagreed: "They're still young, even if they heard, they wouldn't understand what we're talking about."

"Maybe the daughter doesn't understand, but the son might not!" Tang You You felt that his son sometimes truly knew more than she did.

When Ji Xiao Han thought about his son's small appearance as a ghost, he immediately patted his head. "Have you ever specially groomed your son before? Or was he born this smart? "

"How would I have the time to train him?" Tang You You laughed at herself.

"It looks like this kid's intelligence is inherited, it must have been inherited from me!" I was smart when I was a kid. " Ji Xiao Han said proudly.

Tang You You disapprovingly snorted lightly: "I hope that what he inherited is all your good points!"

"I have no flaws!" Someone was full of ego.

"Your biggest weakness is that you don't know how to respect people, and you still have to be conceited!" Tang You You gritted her teeth in anger.

Ji Xiao Han immediately stood up and approached her step by step: "You Long, you have to be responsible for saying these words, since when have I disrespected you?"

"When we first met …"

"At that time, I was very angry because I don't know how you secretly gave birth to my child. I was also very angry, so you should understand me." Ji Xiao Han's face was innocent.

"Didn't you say you were smart? You don't have to think about it. Can I have your child alone? " When Tang You You saw that he was getting closer to her, she subconsciously took a step back. Did this man really have to speak so closely?

What kind of evil habit was this?

"There's only one person I've slept with before. I always thought that person was Tang Xue Rou …"

"What makes you think it's Tang Xue Rou?" When Tang You You heard this name, he immediately became angry.

Ji Xiao Han knew that she was angry, so his tone became even more gentle: "That morning, I sent someone to look for you. In order to ensure that I wasn't mistaken, I even left a alloy watch and a suit jacket. When Lu Qing brought people over, there was only Tang Xue Rou in the room.

When Tang You You heard this, he was so angry that his entire body started to tremble: "Tang Xue Rou and her daughter are too hateful. When they knocked me out that day, they wanted to find a man to destroy me.

As she said till here, Tang You You's eyes turned completely red. Recalling her past experiences of humiliation, she really wanted to fiercely slap Tang Xue Rou and her daughter a few times.

"Since Tang Xue Rou hurt you so much, why did you come to beg me to let her go? Do you have any grievances? " When Ji Xiao Han saw that she was so angry that she was about to cry, he couldn't help but feel his heart ache.

Tang You You bit her lips, she did not want to say it!

"Tell me, is it that Tang Xue Rou is threatening you again?!" When Ji Xiao Han saw her biting her lips, his heart inexplicably ached.

Tang You You shook his head: "No, she didn't threaten me. I volunteered to plead on her behalf!"

"This is unreasonable. You hate her, you shouldn't plead on her behalf."

"It was my father who came looking for me!" Tang You You mocked himself.

Ji Xiao Han slightly narrowed his eyes: "According to what I know, your relationship with your father is also very light! If he asks you to help him, you'll help him? You are such a filial daughter. "

Tang You You looked up and met his eyes with hers. "Don't ask, okay?"

Ji Xiao Han realized that her eyes were filled with tears.

His heart skipped a beat. He didn't understand why she had such an expression.

"Fine, if you don't want to say it, then I won't ask!" Ji Xiao Han was sure that there was definitely some kind of suffering that she was unwilling to talk about.

"Take a seat first, I'm going to take a bath!" Ji Xiao Han gently caressed her head with his fingers, as if he was caressing his daughter.

Tang You You was stunned!

The man was already walking towards the bathroom.

Tang You You turned his head, and stared at the man's tall back. Somehow, he had the urge to immediately tell him all of his bitter loyalty.

Why? Why did she have such an impulse?

This man broke her mental defenses bit by bit. She originally thought that she would hate this man for her entire life, but in the end, it turned into someone she could rely on. Could it be that her illness wasn't light?