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C1910 he's not willing

Seeing her parents, Xia Xinnian was successful, and her inner gap disappeared. She thought she was going to face a great show of gratitude and resentment. But in fact, happy families are similar. Family and everything is prosperous. The success of Ji family is worth studying.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Xia Xinnian and Ji Mucheng left with their son. Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou wanted to keep their grandson, but the little guy met them for the first time and forced them to stay. They were afraid that they would frighten the children, so they decided to cultivate their feelings slowly, and then take the children back. I believe that by then, the children will be close to them.

On the way back, xiaoyuchen sleeps in his father's arms. He sleeps with great peace of mind.

Xia Xinnian is also staring out of the window, dazed. She hasn't had such a relaxing meal with others for a long time. Today at Jijia, she feels really good and has a sense of belonging.

"What are you thinking?"

Jimucheng reaches out to block her sight.

"I was thinking Can we really get married? "

Xia Xinnian has some doubts.

"Why not?

You want to marry someone else besides me? "

Jimucheng just listened to this question, and he was already upset. His brow was slightly twisted.

"Of course not. I just didn't expect to marry you. You are the father of the child. You still like me. I have a feeling for you. If this is God's arrangement, it's perfect. It's like an unreal dream."

Xia Xinnian chuckled.

"It's just the beginning. Next, I want you to live in your dreams every day."

Man's heart felt that she must have suffered enough before, and only when she met with beautiful things would she have doubts. How did those people hurt her?

Xia Xinnian shivered a little, and meimou looked at him with surprise: "if you are here, this dream will not be broken. If you are not here, I will fall back to reality."

"What did the Xia family do to you?

Should you tell me? "

Jimucheng reached out and gently straightened her long hair raised by the wind. Her beautiful face was outlined by her messy hair. There was a kind of unspeakable silence.

Xia Xinnian's eyes were dim and shook his head: "I don't want to mention it again."

"Did he Jiaxuan come back to haunt you?"

Ji Mucheng knows that he once had an engagement with Xia Xinnian, but he left before he got engaged and married her cousin, and she left the country in frustration.

Xia Xinnian laughed: "he will dare to come to me next time. I will not be polite to him."

"So, he still came to you. Last time, you suspected that I sent the flowers, but in fact, he also sent them. Now he is not happy in marriage, and suddenly he wants to go back."

There was a chill at the bottom of jimucheng's eyes. This man is really shameless. He will never give him another chance to hurt her.

"He's not happy. It's none of my business. I've made room for them."

Summer thought sad way.

"We used to sleep together. I'm afraid we had something to do with him, right?

Can you tell me more about it? "

Jimucheng frowned and wanted to know the whole thing, so that he could know how to fight back.

Xia Xinnian's eyes flashed with sadness: "in those days, I had a engagement with him. Unfortunately, my father left early, and Xia's company fell into my uncle's hands. He may feel that marrying me has lost its commercial value, so he secretly hooked up with my cousin. Before I got engaged, I met my friends, but they didn't expect to design drugs to let me pass you by One night, the next morning, I was blocked at the door of the hotel by them. You left me a sum of money. I was in my bag. They caught me in front of my grandfather. My grandfather was talking with his elders. They thought I had lost face and drove me out of the country. I could not go back to China for five years. "

"So, you're really obedient. You haven't been back in five years?"

Jimucheng's eyebrows are tight, and she has already suffered a lot.

"How dare I come back? My grandfather said he didn't want to see me again. Even before he died, I didn't see him again."

Xia Xinnian's eyes were filled with tears, and he couldn't help falling down.

"You have suffered such a great grievance, so forget it?

Why don't you take revenge on those who hurt you? "

Jimucheng pinches her hand tightly, and feels unworthy for her.


I never thought about it. "

Xia Xinnian wiped away the tears with the back of his hand.

"Why not?

Your bottom line and dignity, just being trampled on by them, can you live in peace? "

Ji Mucheng is shocked. Does this woman want to be so kind? Don't you know that people are good at being bullied?

"My grandfather refused to see me before he died, so I really became a joke of the Xia family. Besides, I came back home because of my work and Yu Chen around me. The Xia family and which family have developed so well that I can only find revenge on them?

Am I tired of living?

In order to Yu Chen, I can only bear this evil spirit. It's enough to raise him well. "

Xia Xinnian laughs at herself. She is no longer that impulsive girl. She is a mother now, and her first consideration is the safety of her son.

"Now that you have me, I can get justice for you."

Jimucheng understood the reason why she didn't take revenge. Everything was for her son's sake. As expected, she was a silly woman, but she was silly and lovely.

"I don't want to expose the past as long as they don't bother me."

Xia Xinnian shakes his head.

"What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid that others will laugh at you for being pregnant before you marry? "

Jimucheng frowns.

"Of course, I'm also afraid of this. Yu Chen is innocent, but his words are terrible. I hope he doesn't know how I gave birth to him."

Xia Xinnian is still cowardly. This is the most humble gesture as a mother.

"I can't bear it. I'm Yu Chen's father. I want to make a decision for you."

'it's obvious that I've decided to help her.

"Jimucheng, I know you want to help me, but now it's over, and I've cut off the relationship with Xia family. In the future, we will live our own life, as long as we don't contact Xia family, I really don't want to turn it over, my grandfather I'm pissed off. "

Xia Xinnian said that, extremely self reproach, how much grandpa doted on her.

Looking at the tears in her eyes, jimucheng knew that she was carrying such heavy pressure. He put her around, put his thin lips on her forehead, and murmured: "well, if you don't want me to intervene, then I can not mention it. If you are bullied later, don't be a fool, and don't be silent. You have to tell me, no matter how big or small."

Xia Xinnian leaned tightly on his shoulder, nodded his head gently like a obedient child: "OK, I'll tell you."

Jimucheng still can't swallow that evil spirit. Xia Xinnian won't let him retaliate, but that doesn't mean that he can't carry her to retaliate.