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Seeing the light in Wan Qianqian's eyes, the old president smiled and nodded, "he is really charming. As a junior, he is one of the few top talents I recognize. If any woman is lucky enough to be his wife, she will surely be happy for life if she sings with him in this life." Wan

Qianqian suddenly blushed. She was young and thin. In her mind, she couldn't help but construct a beautiful picture. In the early morning breeze, she raised the curtain, pushed the door open, and saw the man open his hands to him. As an artist, her imagination is always rich. As long as she feels good things, she can generally form more perfect works in her mind.

"Miss Wan, I'm not joking. I know that you are a very hard-working and talented girl. But you should know your mission this time. You are to repay my kindness for your grandfather, to find your happiness in life, and more importantly for the stability and peace of this country. In short, this matter is very urgent. I hope you must pay attention to it, Ling Mo Feng's heterosexuality is relatively cold. You have to think about how to attract his attention! " With that, the old president turned and left. He thought Wan Qianqian was smart enough to understand what he meant.

Of course, Wan Qianqian is smart. Besides, she has rich emotions. How to attract men? Naturally, she has a set.

She poured another glass of red wine for herself, gently shaking the liquor in the glass. When she smiled at the corner of her mouth, a pair of lovely little pear nests loomed, which made her beautiful and filled with a few more playfulness.

This time, she is an internationally famous oil painter attracted by the state. Next, she has an important job to contact. There are several new reception rooms in the general office building. On the wall of the reception room, she needs to use the form of oil painting to move several famous domestic scenic spots onto the wall. She also officially takes this job. She expects that in the next three months, They will all stay in the general office. Will there be less chance to get close to Ling Mo Feng? And

besides, her painting exhibition represents a glory in China, and Ling Mo Feng will surely come here to visit. At that time, she only needs to make a few small plans, and the most important part is to attract the attention of this man first.

The plan is arranged step by step, carefully and covertly. Except for several important ministers around the old president, almost no one knows the plan this time.

And WAN Qianqian and Gao Yue, two excellent women, are coming for their goals and dreams. They are also very smart and know how to use this opportunity to find a better future for themselves.

It's night!

Winter snow has been floating for a day. The north wind outside the window is blowing loudly. The cold rolled up makes people sweat. "

the window has been blown open. I'll go. What kind of wind is it, demon wind!" Lanyanxi took a bath and felt that the corridor in the house was not cold. She closed her broad male robe and ran to the end of the corridor. She saw a window opened by the wind, swaying in the wind and making a sound. LAN

Yan Xi found that she was familiar with every corner of the house, which was really depressing. She knew it well before it belonged to her home. I can't help complaining about the man and the thief. That's all. Blue

Yan Xi stretched out his hand and pulled the window back in the cold wind. The cold wind was filled with the cool air of snow. She could only pull it hard. Clang

clang! The shoulder can't bear her violence. It's broken! "

No, it's really an old house. You can only accept gentle treatment!" LAN Yanxi looked down at the broken glass pieces, which had fallen down.

"Forget it, ignore it!" LAN Yanxi hugged his cold arm, like a kitten preparing for the winter, and the cat ran to the room. When

she ran to the stairs, all of a sudden, when she heard the footsteps, her brain was buzzing with fear.

So late, how can there be footsteps from the bottom of the stairs? Blue

Yan Xi instinctively reached out to turn on all the lights at the stairs, and saw the revolving stairs, standing with a tall figure, a thick black long windbreaker, making the man's body more upright. He put his hands in his pockets and was looking up at her with a smile. "

Ling Mo Feng?" LAN Yanxi can't believe his eyes. It's almost 12 o'clock now. How can this man come here? "

why don't you go to bed when it's so late?" Ling Mo Feng was surprised to see her.

"I I'm going to sleep. Your window is broken. You need someone to repair it tomorrow. I'm so cold because of the wind! " LAN Yanxi subconsciously tightened his collar and complained like a little daughter-in-law.

Ling Mo Feng continued to pick up the steps and walked up. Soon, he was standing in front of her. Even if the man stepped on the last step, his height was still much higher than her. However, the sight of the two people could still be at the same level. "

you Why are you here? " Blue words and beautiful eyes looked at his face. Suddenly, they were shocked by his burning eyes. They lowered their heads, dodged his eyes and asked softly. "

I came to get something!" The man also spoke in a low voice.

This sentence seems to be more cool than the cold wind in the window. LAN Yanxi looks up at him with some resentment. Then he makes a faint sound and turns around to go back to her room to sleep for beauty.

He didn't come here for her. Why should she waste time with him?

In fact, Ling Mo Feng deliberately said this kind of words to annoy her. As expected, her angry appearance is so lovely.

Seeing her turn around and go away, the man's handsome eyes flashed a flash of urgency, and immediately reached out to gently pull her wrist over. LAN Yanxi was thin, so gently pulled by the man, she stepped back two steps, directly stuck in the warm and solid arms of the man. "

you..." Blue Yan Xi in the heart is muffled a breath, suddenly again by his gentle hug, for a moment startled stare big eyes. The man bent slightly and put his thin lips on her shoulder, murmured: "things are secondary, you are the key point for me to come here!" "

do you think that you will make me happy? In your eyes, I can never compare with your work. " LAN Yan and Xi Mingming are happy, but a little mouth is stubborn, and they don't want to make him feel comfortable.

"Yan Xi, do you miss me?" Ling didn't give up such precious time to fight with her. Every minute, he just wanted to feel her tenderness and reality. "

Why do I want to think about you? There are so many things I need to think about that I have no time to think about..." Before LAN Yanxi finished speaking, she was pulled by the man's hands. Her beautiful eyes and a pair of deep eyes met unexpectedly. The man's eyes were deep like the ocean, mysterious and unpredictable. She was so lost that she forgot what she was going to say, so she could only stare at him. "

can't you spare some time to think about me? It seems that I have no place in your heart. " The man's voice is low, with a slight depression.

LAN Yanxi's inexplicable cheek was burning, and her heart beat accelerated. She bit her lower lip nervously, continued to hide his eyes, and murmured: "even if I miss you, you can't come over, what can I do? I can't stare out of the window like a fool Male

people listen to her complaining voice, can't help but laugh, fingers gently manage her long hair: "well, I'll try my best to take time to see you, no matter how late, as long as I feel I can come, I'll come."

"Really?" Blue words and beautiful eyes brighten up in an instant. I don't know why. She believes every word that a man says. She is curious. When did she change to trust this man so much?

"Really!" The man replied firmly.

"Well, are you going to leave later?" LAN Yanxi asked softly.

"Well, but I can stay here a little longer. Come here and follow me to my study!" Ling Mo Feng really came back to get the documents and a seal he needed to use when he was working. When he found that such an important thing was left at home, he was secretly happy for a long time, as if he finally found a reasonable excuse to come back to see her.