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CHAPTER 36 - Lost your way in his house

Hmph, to agree to meet with a man so easily, I really doubt her character.

"If you're anxious, go find him yourself!" Ji Xiao Han did not know where he got bored, his hands spread out, as though he was doing nothing.

Since he had already escaped, Tang You You would definitely not go back and beg for him.

She could only grit her teeth in anger. As she ran forward, she yelled out the name of her son and daughter.

However, no matter how much she ran and shouted, she couldn't hear the children's response. She couldn't help but panic.

It's over, I'm afraid she couldn't even find the children and got lost.

Tang You You was determined to not give up and walked a few more rounds. Her throat was already hoarse and her legs were sore, but she still did not find the child.

She leaned against a white jade pillar in frustration and slowly squatted down.

With both hands on his face, he looked like he had suffered a setback. The sight of it was enough to make people feel sorry for him.

"Xiao Rui, Xiao Nai, where are you? Hurry and come to Mummy's place, Mummy misses you. "

She sobbed softly, like a child.

Ji Xiao Han stood alone on the second floor's balcony, inside the pouch of his western pants as he peeked at his own garden from above.

In the distance, he saw the woman who was curled up into a ball under the pillar. Her shoulders were heaving and she was visibly crying again.

Sigh, are all women's lacrimal ducts so developed? Crying all the time, what a bunch of creatures!

Originally, he didn't want to bother with her.

However, he thought of what the children had said. He had promised them that he wouldn't bully her.

If she cried until her eyes were swollen, then no matter how small the child was, she would be able to see that there was something fishy about it.

Thinking about it, Ji Xiao Han walked in front of Tang You You with a serious face.

As if he was looking at a pitiful puppy, he used his foot to lightly kick her leg and said, "Stand up, I'll bring you to them."

"Really?" She had been like a pitiful bug just a moment ago, but now that she heard the man's words, she immediately jumped up from the ground.

It was obvious that he was desperate. When she suddenly heard that he was willing to help her, that feeling of joy rushed into her brain, causing her to immediately forget how despicable and shameless a man he was.

Ji Xiao Han's brows became even more furrowed, he truly did not understand what the woman was thinking in her heart.

It was just that she was going to take her to the children, but she actually showed such a happy expression on her face.

Of course, it was only for a second, but Tang You You's face tensed up again.

She felt foolish about herself. Why should she be grateful to him? He was the one who took the children away.

"Follow me!" Ji Xiao Han strode forward, quickly heading towards a corridor.

Although Tang You You's legs were tired, she still quickly followed behind him.

Her heart was set on meeting the children, and she felt happy.

It was unknown if the man was doing it on purpose, but he suddenly stopped when he was walking.

Tang You You was wholeheartedly thinking of children, so naturally, she didn't have the time to stop and directly crashed into Yun Che's back.

His nose began to hurt from the impact.

Was this man's body made of iron? Why was it so hard?