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C1733 a false alarm

Ling Mo Feng wanted to scold her for a few words, and those words were all turned in his mind for several circles. But when she woke up, Ling Mo Feng found that she could not remember a word of those words.

"Don't cry. I'll do anything for you."

The voice line of the man suddenly became gentle, and his fingers gently wiped at the corner of her eyes: "if your father is really framed, I will investigate this matter for you, no matter how long the time span is, as long as someone has done it, there will always be traces to check."

LAN Yanxi nodded, and with a cry, all of them fell down. She was really sad and very sad. She always thought that it was an accident that her father died. He had drunk and drove into a car accident. But now it seems that her father died unjustly for so many years. As a daughter, she didn't even know the truth.

Ling Mo Feng sighed and said that he would not cry. This cry is not over.

LAN Yanxi cried for a long time. Suddenly, she felt something strange flowing down her body. Her whole body was stiff, and her eyes widened immediately. She looked at Ling Mo Feng anxiously.

Ling Mo Feng was going to wipe her tears with a paper towel. Seeing that she suddenly stared at herself, his eyes were in a panic. His face froze and he asked in a low voice, "what's the matter?"

LAN Yanxi immediately opened the quilt in spite of shame, and then looked down Ling Mo Feng couldn't care about it at the moment. He took a look.

It's bleeding.


Lanyanxi uttered a cry of astonishment, which sounded full of despair and uneasiness.

Ling Mo Feng's handsome face was also stiff. Then, he turned around and ran out.

In a short time, a doctor rushed over.

"Is it something wrong with the child?"

Ling Mo Feng stood by and asked urgently.

Lanyanxi is lying on the bed at the moment, and she dare not move about, because she finds herself moving a little, as if the blood is flowing more, and her face is white with fear.

"Is Yanxi OK?"

Ling Mo Feng asked with a frown.

A doctor took the instrument and checked lanyanxi on the spot. The result was a relief.

"The baby is OK, and there is a heartbeat, but the wife may have an unstable baby. She needs to have a baby."

The doctor wiped his forehead with cold sweat and replied to Ling Mo Feng.

In Ling Mo Feng's majestic eyes, if there is something wrong with the child, the responsibility will be great.

Fortunately, a false alarm.

LAN Yanxi's taut string was finally put down, but she was still afraid to move around, so she lay on the bed, blinking her eyes, looking at Ling Mo Feng.

Ling Mo Feng's heart was able to beat normally. The doctor went out and prescribed the medicine for the birth control. LAN Yanxi swallowed it without saying anything. Now she dare not be willful. She really dare not.

The man sat by and looked at her, but also had a feeling that he was still shocked. He put out his big hand and touched the blue words' Cool forehead, which was full of sweat.

"It's OK. The doctor said that after taking the medicine, you'll be ok if you take good care of yourself."

Ling Mo Feng comforts her tenderly.

"I'm sorry."

LAN Yanxi is like a child who has made a mistake. At the moment, he admits his mistake with sincerity.

Ling Mo Feng shook his head and clasped her five fingers together: "I'm sorry to say something to me. I should say that. If I can come to accompany you in time, you won't have this kind of thing."

"I'm still good at making suggestions. You always told me not to go out, but I didn't listen to you this time."

LAN Yanxi is really afraid of Lingmo Feng's anger and regrets going out without permission.

"You are not a puppet. I never asked you not to step outside. You are going to take your grandfather's relics. This is a significant thing for you. Yan Xi, I really don't blame you."

Ling Mo Feng comforted her in a low voice.

"My third uncle was instructed by my second uncle. My second uncle also wanted to take the opportunity to get my third uncle into prison. It was really chilling that they fought like this. Fortunately, my third uncle was a timid man. I thought he was not a very bad man. He was just easily led by others."

LAN Yanxi sighed. Fortunately, the end result of this incident is that the bad guys are punished.

"I've had them tried. Your uncle confessed everything. Your uncle is very strict. Up to now, he hasn't asked for anything useful. But the evidence provided by your uncle is enough. Only those people need to be found for verification, and the evidence will be there. Even if your uncle doesn't say a word, he has to stay in prison."

Ling Mo Feng thought of these two men, but also very headache. Before the blue old man was born, he begged for love in front of him. If something happened one day, he needed his help to deal with it.

But now it seems that it's not that he got away with it, it's that there's no way anyone can get away with it.

"I will never forgive him in my life."

LAN Yan was so angry that he clenched his fist.

"Yan Xi, don't think about it now. I promise I'll give you an explanation. Let go."

When the man saw that she was holding her fist, he was shocked. He quickly took her hand lightly and did not let her continue to get excited.

LAN Yanxi obediently released his hand and closed his eyes wearily: "I'm so tired and want to sleep."

"Well, I've asked your mother to come here. After a while, you can talk to her, but you promise me that for the sake of your safety and your child's safety, you must not be excited any more. Everything has me."

The man is really afraid of her, so he must tell clearly.

LAN Yanxi nodded and said, "don't worry, I won't move again."

Ling Mo Feng looked at her deeply and saw that she closed her eyes, as if she was asleep. He couldn't help but attach himself to her and kiss her on the forehead.

LAN Yanxi did not sleep peacefully, but she could feel the man kissing her, but her eyes were heavy for a while.

Once again, LAN Yanxi saw her mother. Her eyes were red and swollen, like she had just cried.

"Mom! You're here. "

Lanyanxi reached out and shook her hand: "don't cry, I'm ok."

Blue mother voice also some choking: "Mo Feng told me that your uncle killed that day, he really should be punished, he hurt your father, hurt our home, he should go to hell."

Lanyanxi knew that her mother must be very sad, because when her father was still alive, her mother had a good relationship with her father. If it wasn't for her father to leave first, there would be three of them in the family. I don't know how happy they would be.

"Mom, don't be sad. I won't let dad die. I will let the wicked get their revenge."

LAN Yanxi comforts her.

"I know. Mo Feng also assured me that you will not let the murderer go beyond Xiaoyao's law."

Blue mother's mood is calmer at last.

LAN's mother talked with LAN Yanxi for more than an hour. At the moment, it was dark. After Ling took care of his affairs, he came to the hospital again. This time, he didn't come empty handed, but proposed LAN Yanxi's dinner.

Blue mother saw Ling Mo Feng coming, and immediately gave up her position: "Mo Feng is coming, I'll go first, and my mother will bring you something to eat tomorrow morning."

"Well, Ma, be careful on your way."

LAN Yanxi told her.

Ling Mo Feng immediately said, "Mom, I'll let Chu lie take you back."

"No, I'll take a car. Don't bother."

Blue mother is a person who doesn't like to trouble others. Even if her son-in-law is so excellent, she will never be vain and will not want to show off anything by his power. She only hopes that he and his daughter can live a better life.

"Mom, don't be polite to me, just by the way..." "Really not."

Blue mother quickly waved, turned around and left.

Ling Mo Feng wants to perform well in front of his mother-in-law, but now it seems that he has no chance to perform.

"My mother is such a person, you don't mind."

LAN Yan hopes to see Ling Mo Feng stay in place. She is at a loss for a moment. She chuckles and comforts him.

Ling Mo Feng chuckled and went to the hospital bed with the incubator. "I asked someone to make some porridge for you. You need some."

LAN Yanxi nodded and wanted to sit up. Seeing this, the man quickly reached out and held her gently.

"Will it bleed again?"

When the man asked, Jun's face was a little red, obviously shy.

LAN Yanxi was even more shy. He bit his lips and shook his head. "It's not flowing, but I always feel some pain in my lower abdomen. The doctor said that I should not move around. I will observe later."

Ling Mo Feng heard her saying that it hurt, and immediately frowned: "if the pain is severe, you have to say it, don't bear it."

"I will."

LAN Yanxi's mouth is light. Suddenly she feels that she has a husband who cares so much. She must have saved the galaxy in her last life.