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The dinner of Ji's family is over. Ji Yueze leaves first with his wife and daughter. The bustle of the villa is over, and the peace is back.

The old lady likes to go to bed early. LAN Yue has been helping Ji Yueze take care of her children for some time ago. Now she is back. She is also used to taking care of her two little grandchildren. Tang youyou is pregnant now. She has a big reaction and is easily tired. LAN Yue loves her like her own daughter. Naturally, she wants to take care of everything for her, so she won't be half tired.

Tang youyou didn't have a chance to help, so he had to go back to the bedroom and lie down. Ji Xiaohan pushed the door in and saw her lying uneasily. He was brushing an iPad in his hand, watching as if it was an idol play. He heard that the male leader was swearing to the female leader in all kinds of domineering ways, and Ji Xiaohan's face flashed speechless.

"Yo, when did you fall in love with this kind of TV series?" Seeing that he had come in, Ji Xiaohan didn't get a straight eye from her. He immediately leaned over and lay beside her, watching with her.

"I'm not handsome yet. Your saliva is about to drip out." Season owl cold see, very depressed.

Tang youyou chuckled, reached out and pinched on the handsome man's face: "you are so boring. You can eat all kinds of vinegar. You are not afraid to sour your big teeth."

"You are not allowed to stare at other men, even in TV series." The man immediately put out his hand to cover her big beautiful eyes.

"I'll peek. You can't control me." Don youyou is not a easy woman to deal with.

"My daughter is so much like you. She's very strange." Season owl cold punitive side of the head, in Tang youyou's face kiss, but also feel dissatisfied, his hands up, thin lips kiss her lips.

"Yeah, mom and dad." When the two enjoyed a rare moment of their world, there was a joyful voice from their daughter Ji xiaonai at the door.

The two men are scared by their daughter's scream. Tang youyou looks at Ji Xiaohan angrily. Ji Xiaohan quickly turns over and gets out of bed. He sees a small figure coming in from the door and rushing into his arms.

Ji xiaonai, who has just taken a bath, has long hair and just dried it. She is thin and soft, and has a delicate and beautiful face. She is just like a fairy falling into the world.

Ji Xiaohan can't help kissing his daughter's little face and asks with a smile, "you came here to peep at daddy and Mommy's kiss?"

"Hmmm-hmm. just now daddy kissed Mommy. There is another baby in Mommy's stomach. Yeah, there are two babies now." Ji xiaonai cried with a happy face.

Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan are all in the same mood, they are speechless to their daughter.

"Xiaonai, I'll take mummy to the hospital tomorrow, and then I'll tell you how many babies there are in mummy's stomach, OK?" Ji Xiaohan didn't expect that his daughter would be so happy, and he was smiling in his eyes.

"May I go with you? I promise, I'll be good. " Ji xiaonai immediately shows a pleading expression and looks at her parents.

Ji Xiaohan is in a bit of a dilemma. Tang youyou immediately says, "no, you have to have class tomorrow. You can't ask for leave for no reason."

"Daddy..." Ji xiaonai immediately blinks black eyes and pleads with Ji Xiaohan. She knows that Ji Xiaohan will not let her down.

Facing his daughter's simple big eyes, Ji Xiaohan didn't know what to say for a moment.

"Xiaonai, haven't you found out yet? In this family, if your father says it doesn't count, I'm the one who decides. " Tang youyou has known about his daughter's urination for a long time. She absolutely does not allow Ji Xiaohan to spoil her. In this family, she must be afraid of one person. Ji Xiaohan must be cruel to her daughter. She is the only villain.

"Xiaonai, I have to listen to your mommy, so You'd better go to school tomorrow. " The season owl cold dark relieved a breath, immediately follows the words to say.

The little guy tooted his little mouth, with an unhappy expression: "mean mommy."

After Ji xiaonai finished, he broke away from Ji Xiaohan's arms and turned to go out.

Ji Xiaohan looks back at Tang youyou with a helpless face.

"My daughter is becoming more and more personalized." Season owl cold spread out his hands and said with a smile.

"Pamper her, she will have more personality." Tang youyou doesn't think so.

Ji Xiaohan immediately went to her side and sat down: "I lack her and Xiaorui too much, of course, I want to love more."

"You are biased. I didn't see you so pampering Xiaorui." Tang youyou couldn't help laughing at him.

"Xiaorui is a boy. Of course, she can't be spoiled. Her daughter is different. She will marry in the future." Season owls are justified.

"Well, all parents are in the same mood. They want to spoil but are afraid of spoiling. If they don't spoil and are afraid that their children will grow up as soon as they turn around, I can understand your mood." Tang youYou can't help but lean into his arms. Now they teach their children together, only to find that education is a headache.

The next morning.

Tang youyou becomes drowsy. She feels the stab on her cheek. She reaches for it and pushes it. She touches the man's handsome face. He stabs her with the scum of his chin.

"What time is it?" Tang youyou asked him vaguely.

"It's almost nine o'clock." From the soft voice of the man.

"So late?" Tang youyou opened his eyes at once, then pushed away the man: "then I have to wash quickly."

"Don't worry. Take your time. I'll wait for you downstairs." Season owl cold chuckles to admonish her.

Tang youyou changes a loose skirt and goes to have breakfast.

Ji Xiaohan is wearing sunglasses and sitting in the sun on the garden bench. The handsome and wild appearance makes Tang youyou stunned.

I always feel that this man is different. It turns out that he is wearing different clothes than before. Today, he is wearing a gray T-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of casual shoes. The temperament of the whole man is totally different.

Tang youyou has a palpitation in his heart. No matter when, this man always feels exciting.

"Are you full?" The man got up and walked towards her.

Tang youyou nodded: "I'm full. I can go."

Ji Xiaohan opens the door for her, and then sits in.

Tang youyou's eyes are still turning on him. The man reaches out his hand and holds her directly to his arms. He wonders, "Why are you staring at me?"

"You don't seem to wear jeans very much. They're a little fresh." Tang youyou immediately said with a smile.

"Does that look good?" Season owl cold picks eyebrow to smile to ask.

"Well, it looks good. Your legs are long and everything you wear looks good." Tang youyou praised.

Season owl cold thin lips kissed in her ear: "like to see more, anyway I am now your exclusive product."

Bai Qingyue immediately gave him a look. This man's narcissism is really born.

In the hospital, people came and went, but Ji Xiaohan made an appointment with the expert number, so they took the elevator directly to the designated room for inspection.

A chief doctor and a female expert doctor received the couple.

"Mr. Ji, please wait outside the door for a moment and ask Dr. Wang to finish the bolt test for your wife and see the result." The chief doctor said politely.

"Thank you!" Season owls are also polite.

Tang youyou follows Dr. Wang in, the instrument moves in her abdomen, her nerves are tense.

"Mrs. Ji, I heard the baby's heartbeat." The doctor reminded her with a smile.

Of course, Tang youyou heard it. It was very powerful, and it jumped very fast.

"Wait a minute Mrs. Ji, you are pregnant with twins. " The instrument in the doctor's hand moved a few more times, and suddenly a very surprising thing happened.

"Ah?" Tang youyou didn't expect to be twins. Her brain was blank for two seconds: "really?"

"It's true. Congratulations. Both babies are very healthy now," said Dr. Wang with a smile

"That's good." At the moment, Tang youyou's tense nerves are released, and another kind of joy quietly climbs to the top of her heart. She can't help but want to snigger. How could this happen? It's a twin again, isn't it a dragon and Phoenix again?

Does this legacy gene need to be so powerful? Is she a twin every time she gets pregnant?

After the examination, Tang youyou comes out of the examination room. Ji Xiaohan and the chief doctor sit on the sofa next to him to have tea and chat. Ji Xiaohan is no longer indifferent. He happens to meet the doctor. He also asked for some advice about women's precautions after pregnancy. The expert's words must be more authoritative.

"How is it? What did the doctor say? " Ji Xiaohan gets up and comes to Tang youyou. Jun is a little nervous.