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The man approached suddenly, letting Lan Yanxi's breath stagnate, and quickly took a step backward. The man was wearing a dark blue nightgown, which wrapped his tall and sturdy body, full of male aggression, even if he was anything Don't do it, just standing in front of it like that, the strong sense of oppression is also extremely dangerous.

Lan Yanximei blinked panic twice, stuttering, "What else is in my business?"

Ling Mofeng originally looked at her like a little cat, and couldn't help but want to tease her. It must be very fun, but when she really saw her full of defense eyes, the playful mood in the man's heart suddenly disappeared. He couldn't scare her away. "

Nothing, since you ca n’t do it, do n’t do it, I can give you a noodle! "Ling Mofeng glanced at the black whistle again. He thought in his heart that he would not eat if he killed him."

Am I very useless? Such a simple fried rice can't be done well, and I say frankly that I want to take care of you. ‘Lan Yanxi ’s expression of frustration took a lot of blows.

"You have this kind of heart, it's enough." Ling Mofeng suddenly reached out and took care of her long hair that slipped accidentally: "Go and wash your face, I'll make noodles for you." Ling Mofeng hadn't He had too much hope for her, so he didn't feel disappointed at the moment. "

it is good! Lan Yanxi went out with her head lowered, and when she stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, she saw her face and nose stained with black wrinkles, and she was ashamed to death.

She gritted her teeth in annoyance, and she must learn to make good food instead of being as embarrassing as she is today.

Lan Yanxi washed her face, went downstairs, and heard the noise coming from the kitchen. She couldn't help being attracted, and stood at the door, seeing that the man was agitating the noodles in the pot, and the sauce was here. After the ingredients are adjusted, wait until the noodles are cooked. I have never seen Lan Yanxi, a man who cooks at the moment. At this moment, he has a surprised expression and feels that this picture has no sense of disobedience. It is full of longing, as if he saw a blame husband preparing for his wife Breakfast, warm and romantic. Ling

Mo Feng had long known that she was standing at the door, and he stirred the noodles again with chopsticks, and then turned his head to look at her.

Lan Yanxi inadvertently looked at his eyes, his heart trembled a little, and quickly lowered his head. "

Would you like to come in and study? "Ling Mofeng asked with a funny smile.

Lan Yan was stunned, and really came in obediently, and looked at the hot noodles in the pan: "Is your noodle delicious?"

"Generally, you'll know after a while." Ling Mofeng is also not confident in his cooking skills, but he is better than Lan Yan. At least he won't burn things into black charcoal, which is difficult to swallow. blue

Yan Xi suddenly laughed in a low voice, Ling Mofeng was inexplicably laughed by her, her eyes narrowed: "What are you laughing at?"

Nothing, feel your image suddenly become very tall, no longer the Vice President I imagined. "Lan Yanxi was suddenly in a good mood. Of course, she was very happy when she thought that breakfast would not make her hungry."

Oh? "The man's tone rose, expressing curiosity.

"I didn't expect that you still have the potential of a family cook. Just now you saw that the noodles are agitated, and I think you should have done it many times." Lan Yanxi laughed and asked him. "

Do you feel like I'm feeling right now? Ling Mofeng also laughed, but smiled very evil, making people panic.

Lan Yanxi didn't expect him to make such a joke, and immediately murmured: "I don't know what the feeling of heartbeat is, but the feeling in front of me is still good." "

Does it feel like living with me? Ling Mofeng asked her again. Lan Yanxi froze, then nodded with a smile: "That's right, right. "The man Meiyu raised a look of displeased expression. What did this woman think of him? Not everyone can live with him. Face

The strips are ready, and there are some meat slices, green onions, and lightly stirred. The aroma is striking and makes people appetite.

"Wow, it smells good, Ling Mofeng, you must learn this skill!" Lan Yanxi started talking again.

"Let's eat, I have to get up and clean up!" Ling Mofeng was anxious just now, and she hadn't washed yet. Now, seeing her contentedly sucking noodles, his mood was inexplicably better. "

OK, then you have to hurry up, otherwise, the noodles wo n’t taste good! "Lan Yanxi buried his head and ate, reminding him by the way."

Ok! The man only responded and turned to go downstairs. After more than ten minutes, he went downstairs again. He was already wearing a black suit with a silk white shirt inside. He had a distinguished image and excellent temperament. The family image of the night robe cooking noodles in the kitchen seems to restore the noble and abstinent side of him in front of others.

"Come and eat!" Lan Yanxi, who was almost full, raised his eyes and saw his handsome and stunning appearance. He couldn't help but be shocked. This man really has two sides, but two sides They are full of male charm.

"I'm not eating. The office has urgent items to deal with. I have to go first!" He just received an urgent call when he was changing clothes upstairs, so he doesn't have time to eat breakfast anymore. The door is outside. The team he's at has already arrived. "

If you do n’t eat, wo n’t you be hungry? Lan Yanxi immediately stood up and asked with concern.

"I'll eat at the office again. You eat slowly. I'll go first!" Ling Mofeng said quickly, and walked quickly outside the door, leaving a lanky Lan Yanxi. Lan Yanxi drank most of the soup, and then leaned lazily on the back of the chair and felt his full belly. In the Lan family, she could n’t eat so much. How could she go to Ling Mofeng? She was like a she-wolf who had been hungry for 800 years, and she ate so much. blue

After Yanxi had enough food and drink, she decided to take a good look at the house. I used to come in the evening, and she didn't have time to look at it well. Now, she has a lot of time to visit Ling Mofeng's antique home, so naturally she has to take a look. door

There are two ancient pines in the front, with intricate roots and luxuriant leaves. They are planted on both sides of the avenue. The branches are stretched. The bottom is very good for cooling.

The landscape of the front yard was completely occupied by these two quaint big trees, and she was carrying her hands, like a picky little rich man, leisurely strolling to the backyard. This backyard has a lot of space, and sure enough Planted a lot of flowers and trees, but these flowers and plants did not seem to be well taken care of, and even some weeds and wild flowers bloomed with integrity, and it was necessary to cover the light of those flowers and plants.

"No, Ling Mofeng didn't ask the gardener to take care of the garden." Lan Yanxi looked surprised, and said that Ling Mofeng must not be short of money, so why not take care of it?

Or, has this garden always been taken care of by himself? It didn't look like it was taken care of, but there were too few traces of manual care. "

Alas, it seems that my hostess has to do it. Lan Yanxi immediately decided that he won't go out today. Be sure to take care of the garden.

Lan Yanxi went upstairs to change a set of sportswear, and went to the utility room to find tools. Although she was the young lady of the Lan family, she didn't really do nothing. She was forced to move away from the blue family. At that time, Lan Yanxi followed in the past and helped her mother with housework when she was free.

Lan Yanxi wore a sun hat and was sweating in the sun.

At more than two in the afternoon, she finally cleaned up the garden. Some weeds were cleaned up. The major and minor members of the garden just came out and looked more pleasing to the eye.

Lan Yanxi squatted in the garden and took a few photos narcissistically. At last, she thought about it and sent her hand to Ling Mofeng. After all, this is his home. Whatever she does, she must fight with him. Say hello. According to

As soon as the film was over, Ling Mofeng called and the man's low voice came: "What's wrong with your garden?"

Can I help you get rid of weeds? Lan Yanxi answered quickly.

"Who asked you to do it?" Ling Mofeng said a little dissatisfied.

"I know what to do, why don't you tell me, you don't want me to clean up your garden?" Lan Yanxi was a little wronged. Ling

Mo Feng sighed, "Trouble you!"