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The closed door cut off everything that happened in the room. The girl cried for more than half an hour. When the man around her fell asleep, the girl hated him so much that she grabbed several red marks on his back, grabbed his arm and bit him.

"Well..." Ji Shangqing groaned in his sleep, but he was too tired to wake up.

The girl cried and dressed and ran out. She knew that this kind of extra fast was not easy to earn. At the beginning, her friend reminded her not to worry about her own safety for money, but she really needed money so much that she would not listen to her friend's advice and run to work part-time.

Ji Lin came out of the banquet hall and decided to go upstairs to see his son's situation. He was in a bit of a hurry just now. He was afraid that his son would feel sick if he was drunk. So he took a break and came up to see his situation.

When he was going to push the door, he suddenly found that the door was half open.

He was shocked, and immediately went in, and found that his son, who had just been lying on the sofa, was already in bed. The sound of "

clang" made Ji Lin kick over a bucket. The water in the bucket poured out and spread over the carpet.

"How can there be a bucket here?" Ji Lin's heart jumped again. After

he saw his son lying on the bed naked. As soon as he lifted the quilt, he saw that his son was sleeping in a coma, and his body was There's not even a pair of underpants.

The bedspread was also disordered, and Ji Lin was shocked. What happened in more than half an hour?

"You long..." Ji Shangqing in his sleep is still thinking about something and muttering a name. "

bastard!" Ji Leng was shaking. He turned to the bathroom and poured a glass of water. In front of his son, he poured it down.

"Ah Cold! " Ji Shangqing slept just in time. Suddenly, he was covered with cold water. He sat up directly from the bed and looked around in a daze. "

Dad What are you doing? " Seeing Ji Lin staring at him angrily, Ji Shangqing asked him angrily. Ji was so angry that he couldn't speak. He just pointed at him and said, "what did you do just now?"

"What can I do? I'm drunk and want to sleep Wait, why didn't I get dressed? " Ji Shangqing's whole body was shocked. He opened the quilt directly in fear. He didn't wear clothes or pants, and There seems to be something wrong with the body. "

look at what you've done!" Ji Lin already knew what had happened. He was so angry in the room that he shivered. After walking back and forth for several rounds, he said angrily, "do you know who that woman is?"

"I I just slept with a woman? No, isn't it a dream? " Ji Shangqing's eyes widened after he knew it. Obviously, he regarded his behavior as a dream.

"I think you are really ill, and you are not cured!" Ji Lin's brain was in a mess, shaking his fingers and pointing at his son. "

dad, which woman did I sleep with? I don't know. I always thought I was following Tang youyou in my dream... " Ji Shangqing is also remorseful at the moment. He has an impulse to beat himself. Ji

Lin calmed down immediately and said angrily, "there is a bucket here. You may be the waiter here. Did you come to open the door when I left just now?" "

I don't remember!" When Ji Shangqing heard that he was the waiter here, he was stunned. Was he just in bed with an old woman No, no, no, it's too scary. He dare not imagine deeply.

"Drink some wine, don't remember anything. You can give me less in the future!" Ji Lin is angry and wants to curse. "

dad, what can I do? I really don't remember, but I must have slept with a woman. Look How can there be blood here? " Ji Shangqing opened the bed sheet and looked stupid.

"It may be the first time for the other party. Now, dress me up and find the woman. Remember, this matter can't be known to Ji Xiaohan, or you will wait for the consequences." After Ji Lin finished, he immediately started to deal with the matter. "

dad, did I commit a crime?" Ji Shangqing's brain is covered.

"If you find that woman and make her your girlfriend, it's not a crime, understand?" Ji Lin clenched his teeth to remind him.

"Who is that woman? Where is she? " Ji Shangqing was a little calm when he heard his father's words. "

I'll go to the personnel department of this hotel and ask. You'd better get dressed and go down with me." Of course, Ji Lin should deal with this matter for his son as soon as possible. Otherwise, if Ji Xiaohan knows it, he is afraid that his son's life will be destroyed.

Ji Shangqing's wine woke up completely. He put on his clothes and looked at the blood on the bedspread. The whole person was still creepy. He dared not look at it more and left with his father. In the elevator, Ji Shangqing is embarrassed. He looks down and has no face to see others.

"Cheer me up. It's just a woman. What are you flustered about? Haven't you slept with a woman before?" Ji Lin immediately laughed at him.

Ji Shangqing shook his hands nervously, then his expression was a little confused: "no!" "

what? Are you really not? What have you done in the five years I've been in prison? " Ji Lin is about to be laughed at. His son is so useless. He hasn't even touched a woman. It's no wonder that any woman can drive him crazy just now. Has it been held for too long? "

of course, I'm trying to find a way to save you. During that time, I was in no mood to find a woman!" Ji Shangqing is not convinced and stares back. "

OK, let's deal with it now." Ji Lin is speechless. When he arrived at the front desk, Ji Lin was still a bit aggressive. After making a few phone calls, he found out the management of the hotel. Soon, he got a personnel list.

"It's her!" Ji Lin glanced a few times and handed the entry form to his son: "I'm an intern, still in college. I just heard that she can't leave. You'll go to see her tomorrow. Remember, you must get her. It's up to you whether you can get rid of your guilt." "

dad, this side of the hotel..." "

don't worry, I'll deal with it for you. This woman is a hidden danger. You have to deal with her yourself!" After Ji Lin finished, he stood up and said, "you go home quickly. Remember, if you can't deal with this matter well, you say that this woman seduced you on her own initiative, understand?" "

got it!" Ji Shangqing is also clear about his father's means. He always attaches great importance to his own interests. He used to despise these means. However, now, he feels that his father helped him and has a person to help him. It's still very good.