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C696 well, love is like a sea

At the celebration banquet, everyone in jixiaohan's town ate and drank according to the rules. They didn't dare to talk about the company's affairs easily. Most of the chatting was gossip. Some brave and curious people immediately asked jixiaohan with a smile: "Mr. Ji, you and Miss Tang's previous news should be fake, you I've always been so loving, never been separated. "

Tang youyou hears the other party's inquiry like this, she holds the hand of chopsticks, slightly shakes, the beautiful eyes slightly Yang, the eyes fall on the handsome face of the man. After drinking the wine, Ji Xiaohan has a jade like face and a little red. There is also a little bit of intoxication in his eyes. However, he is still calm and sober. When he heard the other person's question, he slightly hooked his thin lips and looked at the woman on his side. He looked at her slightly fascinated eyes

. He said with a smile: "of course, we haven't been separated. What is it Personal fabrication? Let me catch him and make him look good. "

Ji Xiaohan's words seemed to threaten people. In fact, they sounded like joking. Some people laughed again.

Tang youyou heard that his humor had relieved her inner uneasiness, and she chuckled.

"Mr. Ji, you and Miss Tang's wedding should also be fixed." Another person asked curiously.

Season owl cold nodded: "wait for the company to be busy this period of time, we will get married, at that time, certainly invite you to come to eat and drink again."

"Then we are waiting for the season's general wedding reception."

"Here, first of all, we wish the two harmonies and love forever."

"Mr. Ji, congratulations. I'd like to do it first."

"Mr. Ji, I wish you a happy wedding!"

Next, what Tang youyou heard most was that these people rushed over to toast. She was really worried that Ji Xiaohan would get drunk. Her beautiful eyes were full of happiness, and she was also full of concern looking at the man on her side. Fortunately, he only took a SIP to show his gratitude. All the people in the room were his subordinates. No one dared to force him to drink. Therefore, Ji Xiaohan was not drunk until the end of the party, but it can be seen that his mood today is very happy. The deep eyes are always smiling.

After the banquet, Ji Xiaohan arranged other programs for his subordinates. However, he no longer participated in the program. He went back to Ji's manor directly by car with Tang youyou.

In the car, Tang youyou felt that the man seemed to be more emotional than usual. He kept holding her small hand with his big palm, and circled her palm. From time to time, he turned his head and kissed her with his thin lips on her face and corners of his mouth.

Tang youyou looks at him like this. He only feels funny and funny. Ji Xiaohan is so happy today that he looks like a child.

But she felt that he was more charming and liked than usual.

"Yo, let's get married!" All of a sudden, the man clasped her hand and raised it, as if he were swearing to each other.

Tang youyou smiled more, but her eyes were moved by some moisture. She immediately leaned into his arms and whispered, "OK, let's get married!"

"Sorry to have kept you waiting so long!" Season owl cold palm in her back gently rub, voice is full of shame and wind guilt, as if owed her a very heavy love.

Tang youyou shook his head, but his voice was still very light: "no, we don't know each other for a long time. At least you didn't let me wait for three or five years. I think it's very good now!"

"If you had to wait for three or five years, would you still wait for me?" Ji Xiaohan heard her voice with the no trace of the resentment, he was in a good mood, can't help but make fun of the her.

"It depends on whether I have met a man who has more money than you, who is more handsome than you and who is better to me than you. If I do, I may not be able to wait for you." Ming knew he was joking, so Tang youyou also joked with him.

Sure enough, a man's eyes just can't hold a grain of sand. Hearing that she may look for another man, the breath is immediately dangerous. Under her unprepared condition, the thin lip bit her neck. Although it was very gentle, it was a punishment to her.

Tang youyou didn't take precautions, so he bit him lightly. After making a sound, he immediately reached for his chest and punched: "you bite me!"

"Yes, I bite you!" The man admits very simply, tone is full of dissatisfaction however: "who let you want to annoy me!"

Tang youyou didn't expect this man to be so fussy. He immediately complained, "who told you to play a joke first? Do you only allow state officials to set fire to the fire and not allow the people to light the lights?"

"There are so many excuses!" Ji Xiaohan was angry and smiled by her, and her thin lips fell again, but fell on her small mouth. Since this small mouth can say so, he would not let her make a sound again.

Tang youyou's brain is buzzing for a while. He feels that the man's lips are stained with mellow wine, which hinders her breathing.

Originally, I wanted to stop at a low price. However, Ji Xiaohan found that he was greedy.

"Well..." It was not until the little woman in her arms made an incredible low voice that Ji Xiaohan found out that the environment at this moment was not allowed.

This is the inside of the car. Although there is a baffle, the driver in front can't see anything behind. But, presumably, the voice is penetrating. He still tries not to embarrass the little woman.

Tang youyou is also very upset. She has an impulse to bite off her tongue. She blushes and is deeply buried in the arms of men.

The man held her tightly, as if he wanted her to integrate into his body and become a part of him.

Strong feelings, like the flame being ignited, are burning in each other's hearts at this moment.

Finally, outside the gate of Jijia, the lights inside are dark now. Everyone should have a rest.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou get out of the car. The driver is red faced. He drives the car away, followed by several bodyguards.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou walk into the living room. At this moment, the servants are also resting. The living room is quiet, without any sound, except for the sound of breathing each other.

At the time of going up the stairs, it seems that Ji Xiaohan can't bear it at last. He gently pushes the woman to the wall of the second stairs, and the thin lips fall down quickly.

Don youyou didn't expect that he would be here

The whole person is a little covered up. However, her brain is also empty, just in the car, she felt as if she was drunk. At the moment, the gentleness of the man is waiting for her, which makes her open up and just want to sink once.