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C1746 wedding

The combination of Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou makes the two children around exquisite and beautiful.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou saw reporters in front of the door and didn't stop much. They walked quickly to the hall.

But the pictures they walked together were captured by the reporters at the door. If this scene was put on the Internet, they would not envy the dead.

Just when Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are about to enter the elevator, suddenly, a little girl behind them shakes her short legs and runs towards them. Behind the little girl, an old lady comes with her in a hurry and shouts: "read, read, be careful, walk slowly."


Before the old lady's voice stopped, she heard a little girl lying on the floor with her legs and hands beating the floor and crying.

Ji Xiaorui looks back, stretches his face all the way, and finally shows a smile.

It turned out to be the little fool on the side car just now. It's round, like a ball of leather. Even if it falls on the ground, it certainly doesn't hurt.

"Xiao Rui, don't laugh. It's impolite."

Tang youyou finds that his son even laughs loudly, so he scolds him in a low voice.

Ji Xiaorui just accepted the expression, looked back at the little girl, she had already been lying in her grandmother's arms crying.

Ji Xiaohan picked up his daughter, because someone came in the elevator, he was afraid that someone would squeeze the little guy.

Ji xiaonai has a pair of big new eyes. She looks left and right. Last time, she saw such a scene at her parents' wedding. Now she can see it again. I'm so happy.

When they arrived at the main venue, Lochner and Mushi night had already come first, and they were helping to greet the guests. Luo Fu and Luo Mu were not free for a moment. Most of the guests were social, so they were also busy greeting.

"Xiao Han, you're late. In a moment, you can't miss three glasses of free wine."

Mu shiye pointed to him, with a look of dissatisfaction with his late arrival.

Season owl cold helplessly shrugs a shoulder: "I also want to come early, who knows the door will be blocked."

"That's fine, too."

Mu shiye is a funny man.

"Yes, I will."

Season owl cold immediately nods.

"My sister-in-law, the two little guys are so tall. Sure enough, the children of other families are growing fast. They don't look like our little orange. They haven't grown up yet."

Mu shiye starts a new round of envy again. Looking at Ji Xiaorui's two brothers and sisters, he really hopes he can have a pair of twins, which is really perfect.

Lohnin said with a smile: "if you envy other people's children, you should go back and have two more with Anxin."

When Mu shiye heard this, he immediately raised his lips and laughed: "well, I won't hide it from you. Ann Xin and I are about to usher in the second child era, just tested out."


I really want to congratulate you. "

After hearing this, Tang youyou is also happy for them. After careful calculation, almost all the friends around him are pregnant with children at the same time. Then, a group of little guys can play with them.

Lohnin immediately slapped Mu shiye on the shoulder: "it's so fast. I really envy people's Owl cold."

"You and my sister hurry up. I hope you will have a second child soon."

At once, Mu shiye looked at lohnin in a bad way and ran him.

Lohnin looked surprised and immediately grabbed his arm and pulled him over: "you can tell me about this, but you can't urge your sister, otherwise, I'm afraid she will be angry."

Ji Xiaohan looks at the nervous expression of the two friends. He suddenly wants to pretend that he doesn't know them. How old are they? It's a bit too much to play with such witty words.

"Stop standing here, get in the way, let's go sit down and talk."

Lohnin found that there were still many guests coming in. He quickly invited the Ji Xiaohan family to their seats.

When Tang youyou walked to a table beside the gift table, he found Pei Anxin and his daughter sitting beside him. He was three years old. He was not as fat as he used to be. He had a lot of small bodies. He wore a sheep's horn braid and a pair of shiny big eyes. When she saw Ji xiaonai, she ran to her happily and called out: "sister xiaonai, brother Xiaorui 。”

It's very polite and cute. Everyone loves it. Flowers bloom when they see flowers.

Ji xiaonai is already a big sister. Seeing her younger sister, she instinctively wants to take care of her. So she reaches out to take out a small toy from a small bag on her side and hands it to her: "give it to you."

Small orange immediately happy eyes are bent up, stretch out two small hands to hold.

Pei Anxin and Tang youYou are standing by and watching. The interaction of the little guy is really cute and interesting.

Ji Xiaohan and Mu Shi sit on the chair beside and chat at night. Obviously, they can't be together with women and children in such a place.

With children, the eyes of adults are on them.

In a room upstairs, Luo Jinyu sits on the sofa. The stylist beside him has done everything for him.

Luohenning was sent by Tang Qi to see his situation. He pushed the door in and saw that the eldest brother was a little depressed. He couldn't help but come forward and ask, "brother, your best man group is ready. Mom asked me to ask you to go down first."

Luo Jinyu nodded: "sure enough, there are still some losses in the final marriage."

Lohnen heard the big brother's murmur. He was shocked for a moment. Then he laughed again and asked, "brother, where did you lose?"

"My best man team is all temporarily captured and beaten. Unlike your marriage, I run to be the best man. When it's my turn, you are all married and have children."

The loss of Luo Jin Yujue is here.

At the first hearing, lohnin raised his head and laughed. He almost didn't laugh.

"Brother, you should go down and talk to them. They must want to laugh too."

Lohnin has never felt that big brother has a sense of humor. Now he finds that big brother is humorous and can make people laugh until they have stomachache.

"Today is my wedding. Why are you so happy?"

Luo Jin takes a look at his younger brother. Are these guys here to steal the limelight?

Lohnin still couldn't stop laughing: "brother, who let you get married so late?

You're blaming it. "

Luo Jinyu, of course, just said it casually. Isn't he really good at accounting?

"Let's go. It's time for me to go down, too."

Luo Jinyu finally turns around and manages his clothes in front of the mirror.

Lohnin clapped him on the shoulder: "don't worry, you are the leading actor today. You must be the most handsome one."

"Don't flatter me here. Everyone who is here today can take the lead."

Luo Jinyu is not so narcissistic.

"By the way, did you really invite Mr. President Ling Mo Feng?

I just saw him on the list. "

Lohnen asked him in surprise.

"Yes, he invited me when he was engaged."

Luo Jin said lightly.

"Elder brother, you have invited all the big people here. Today's scene must be lively."

Lohnin still adores big brother in his eyes. In his eyes, brother Jue seems to be omnipotent and has always been his most trusted existence.

"It's just a feast. It's scattered. Isn't that the way of communication?"

Luo Jin Yu didn't pay much attention to it, but it was just a passing event, just a human relationship.

Lohnin was shocked, thought carefully, and felt that the elder brother was right. Sometimes, he didn't really need to pay much attention to these occasions.

Yang ChuChu's side is almost ready. Her long black hair is spread over her shoulders and made into a wavy style. The headdress is pinned between the hair. It's soft and saggy. It's integrated with the white wedding dress. It's fairy and dreamy.

This wedding dress is custom-made, the position of the abdomen, leaving space, so Yang ChuChu did not feel uncomfortable, just looking at himself in the mirror, some speechless.

If it wasn't for the slight bulge of the belly, the wedding dress would be very beautiful, but now it's a special period, and it's impossible to get married in a beautiful way.

Almost all the guests were present, and there was still a seat available beside Ji Xiaohan.

At this time, the black motorcade stopped outside the hotel door. After the door opened, Ling Mo Feng led LAN Yanxi to walk down.

"It's Mr. President who is here with his wife. Wow, what a harvest today."

The reporter in front of the door will be boiling. Unexpectedly, Mr. President will be there to bless. That wedding is more significant.

Ling Mo Feng takes LAN Yanxi directly into the elevator. LAN Yanxi takes a look at the time and whispers, "will we be late?"

"If you're late, apologize for the fine."

Ling Mo Feng said with a smile.

"Punish you!"

Blue word Xi Du Du mouth corner.

"Of course, I am willing to be punished."

The man whispered in her ear.

The man's breath is very hot. LAN Yanxi can't stand it. She quickly reaches out to cover her ears: "don't do this, it's itchy."

Ling Mo Feng looks at his wife's face, blushing. He doesn't tease her anymore. The elevator door opens and they walk out quickly.

At the gate, Luo Jinyu has come down to greet the guests in person. Seeing Lingmo Feng and his wife present, he immediately comes to say hello.

"Congratulations, Congratulations, happy new marriage."

Ling Mo Feng apologized for his late arrival and immediately came forward to bless him.

"Mr. President is very kind. It's my pleasure for you to be here."

Unlike Ji Xiaohan, Luo Jin Yu has a classmate friendship with Ling Mo Feng, which makes his speech polite, but it is precisely because of politeness that they show more respect for each other.

"Mr. Luo, this is a wedding present I gave you and you. I hope you can accept it."

Lanyanxi quickly took out a delicate box from his handbag and handed it to him.

Luo Jinyu took over and thanked: "thank you for Miss Lan's blessing. Please sit down first."

Lingmo Feng and Lanyan Xi, with their heads in their hands, walked into the meeting hall with a smile. When they saw Lingmo Feng and his wife present, the guests were surprised.

Ling Mo Feng went directly to the table of Ji Xiao Han.