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C618 feelings that cannot be acquired after all

No matter how clever Tang Xuerou is, there will still be mistakes. Besides, what she thinks is smart is just a few small smart tricks.

In the eyes of the powerful Ji Xiaohan, it's not enough.

Since Tang Xuerou thought that the police were the solid backing to prove her innocence, did she still feel that she was innocent after leaving the police station?

The car quickly drove away from the police station. Tang Xuerou's heart suddenly fell from the air. She seemed to hear the voice of death chant.

"Where are you taking me? Let me down. I'm innocent. You can't take me away! " It was not until the car drove out of the police station that Tang Xuerou began to make a fuss.

She and Ji Xiaohan didn't sit in the same car. Ji Xiaohan didn't care to sit with her. He was really disgusted by such a vicious woman.

Beside Tang Xuerou, sitting is Lu Qing.

Lu Qing is absolutely a ruthless man. When he saw Tang youyou lying on the sickbed, he had no mercy on Tang Xuerou. "Lu Qing, you are kidnapping illegally, you know? Stop the car, let me down. I've already confessed to the police station. Why are you still holding on to me? Do you really think that I ordered that man to bump Tang youyou? I don't, I really don't, I

I didn't expect that man to hurt Tang youyou to please me. " Tang Xuerou can only shout at Lu Qing.

Lu Qing's expressionless stare at the front did not take her seriously at all. Her long face made Tang Xuerou more angry.

Seeing that Lu Qing saw himself as transparent, she immediately took another way to get rid of Jiao!

Men can't stand her charming tone.

So Tang Xuerou immediately reached out to pull Lu Qing's hand. Lu Qing was so disgusted that she pulled it away and swept it to her with a cold expression: "don't touch me. What do you want to say, in front of my young master, it's useless to say more to me!" "Lu Qing We have known each other for a long time. You know what kind of person I am. Yes, I am a little smart, but I really don't have the courage to hurt Tang youyou. You must believe me. This matter has nothing to do with me. " Tang Xuerou didn't expect Lu Qing to be such a upright man. When other men saw her, they were all eager to rub her into their bodies. But Lu Qing and Ji Xiaohan had a virtue. Even if she pretended to be so pitiful, the other side didn't look at her more.

Is it true that he who is near is black? This temper and character are the same.

Lu Qingleng hums and sneers: "Tang Xuerou, it's because I know what kind of person you are, so I just feel that what you just said is a lie."

Tang Xuerou's beautiful eyes widened abruptly, with a defiled expression, and hurriedly retorted: "I didn't lie, what I said is the truth. If you think I really instructed that man to hurt Tang Youyou, you can show the evidence, you can't slander me like this." Lu Qing continued to sneer, with a more sarcastic tone: "in order to attract my young master's attention, what have you done in private? Don't think I don't know. My young master is very feminine. However, as long as those women whom my young master has looked at differently, one by one have been killed by you,

isn't it? Even if my young master just gave each other a chance to eat, every few days, the woman disappeared completely from my young master. Tang Xuerou, do you dare to say how kind you are? "

Tang Xuerou's face turned pale. Unexpectedly, Lu Qing would move out of her old story to stop her.

She opened her mouth, but suddenly she didn't know how to answer. Lu Qing saw that she had become mute, and snorted coldly: "what kind of person are you? You know what kind of person you are. You don't have to call it injustice here. The real innocent person is Miss Tang. She is your sister, but you cruelly give her to other men to play with. If she didn't meet the young master, she would only be afraid that her life would be miserable. Besides you, you cheated the young master For five years, you have enjoyed all the splendor and wealth that the young master has given you. Is there no sense of guilt in your heart? "

Tang Xuerou continued to open her mouth, but she could not make a sound, as if someone had blocked her mouth with something.

"Lu Qing, have you said enough? OK, I admit, I'm not a good person, but I'm not bad enough to hurt Tang youyou! "

"Is it? If you dare not hurt her or have no chance to hurt her, you should not excuse yourself here. " Lu Qing sneers, and feels that Tang xueroukong has a beautiful face, but her personality is really not flattering.

Tang Xuerou was taken to a strange place. She has lived in the city for more than 20 years, and there are places she doesn't know.

However, it's like a huge factory with a lot of space.

Tang Xuerou was dragged in by Lu Qing again.

When she stumbled to be pushed, she only felt her legs were paralyzed again. She sat on the ground, and when she looked up, she saw the man with the back of her hand facing her.

Tang Xuerou loved the man for many years. Whenever she saw him, there would be strong ripples in her heart.

Even if he only used his back to face her, Tang Xuerou's inner pure feeling seemed to be easily hooked out by him.

In fact, five years ago, she was also a girl with pure feelings.

Only, in five years, she tried her best to get the love of this man, but she came back disappointed again and again.

His heart, tightly closed, no one to knock, can not open that door.

Tang Xuerou thought that no woman in the world could be loved by him.

But I didn't expect that Tang youyou could easily get his special favor.

Tang Xuerou is so proud and conceited, but she has to see that she is not as long as Tang youyou. She is loved by this man. That feeling is like someone cutting her heart with a knife. She is so miserable that she loses her sense.

"Season owl cold..." Tang Xuerou shuddered and called out his name.

Ji Xiaohan turns around coldly and looks at Tang Xuerou angrily.

"You are not entitled to call me by my name!" The man ruthlessly deprived her of her power.

Tang Xuerou felt nothing but emptiness in her heart, as if all the expectations left were shattered by this man. She laughed at herself, lowered her head, said sadly and despairingly, "what do you want? Do you want to kill me for her? "