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C1776 surprise her

Near the end of the year, a lot of things can come to an end. Ling warm school also has a winter holiday. At the moment when he walked out of the school, Ling warm heart is like opening the lock, and he will start to let himself go.

There is a lot of traffic outside the school gate. Many parents of the school drive to pick up their children and go home. Ling wennuan is also looking for her driver brother in the sea of cars. However, when she looks around, she suddenly stops because she sees a familiar figure.

Mu Weicheng is languidly leaning on the door of his black SUV. I don't know if he came very early and grabbed a good position, just at the second position when the school gate came out.

Ling wennuan opened her eyes incredulously and wanted to wipe the corners of her eyes. When the man raised his hand to greet her, she found that she had no eyes. She was really an admirer.

When did he come back?

Why didn't she be informed in advance?

Ling warms Du's mouth and walks towards him with a quick, stuffy step.

"Warm, are you free at night?" The handsome face of Mu Weicheng is full of gentle smile.

"No time." Ling warms up, so she wants to warm him up. Later, she says angrily, "I asked my friend to have dinner."

The smile on the man's face suddenly solidified. He didn't expect Ling wennuan to have an appointment. It seems that it's not the right time for him to come today.

"What friend? Do I know you? " Mu Weicheng feels as if she is angry, but he doesn't know who she is angry with.

"You don't know." Ling wennuan saw some loss in the bottom of his eyes, and he couldn't help feeling proud.

"Well, where are you going? I'll take you. " Men look at her eyes some tension, voice line is still gentle.

Ling wennuan saw the expression of grievance and injury on his face. She was finally soft hearted. She turned around and rushed into his arms. Mu Weicheng didn't expect her to come. His back hit the door solidly. When he saw the woman in his arms smiling like a little devil, he was stunned.

"How does it feel to be jealous? Is it easy? " Ling warm sparkling eyes blinked, looking at him asked.

"You You mean to piss me off? " When Mu Weicheng saw her smiling eyes, her tight heart strings suddenly relaxed. But next second, he grinded his teeth. This girl can really torture people.

"Who told you to come back without a word? I called you last night, and you didn't even say it. You didn't mean it? " Ling wennuan immediately picked up his mistake.

"I want to give you a surprise, but you give me a scare. It's not fair." A manly smile.

Ling wennuan finally couldn't help laughing, like a child who did something bad and succeeded.

"I'll teach you a lesson later. Get on the bus. Many of your classmates are looking at you." Mu Weicheng's helpless expression, when he looked up and saw many people looking at this side, he whispered to remind the girl in his arms.

As soon as Ling wennuan turned around, she found that several classmates were watching a play there. She quickly withdrew from the man's arms, opened his door and sat in.

Mu Weicheng also sat in the driver's seat and looked at Ling warmly in her side eyes. Her face was a little red and shy.

"Are you sure you don't have another appointment at night?" Mu asked in a low voice.

"No, I'd like to eat at your house tonight. I want to eat what you make." Ling wennuan asks with a smile.

Mu Weicheng's handsome eyes are slightly surprised: "don't you want to eat out? Find a better environment and a more romantic one. "

"No, I just want to go to your house. I'm not comfortable outside. If someone looks at me, there must be no outsiders in the world." Ling warm smile some bad intentions.

Mu Weicheng's heart trembled, and his inexplicable handsome face was a little hot. He quickly started the car. To tell the truth, his feeling of Ling warm sometimes gave him a hint, and his heart would be like a huge wave, which would take a long time to recover.

"Well, if you don't like eating out, let's go home and cook for ourselves." Of course, Mu Weicheng also likes the real two alone.

On their way home, they went to the supermarket, and finally, like real lovers, they could no longer pay attention to other people's eyes. After half a year's silence, there was no more heresy. Time could erase many things, including those ambitions that could not be seen.

Ling wennuan is wearing a white Nizi top, a grey knitted skirt, a pair of delicate boots and a pure dress. In addition, she has a long black hair. She only has a delicate hairpin on one side. She has a youthful face, red lips and white teeth. It looks like a beautiful scenery.

Mu Weicheng hasn't seen her for more than half a year. Although he sometimes has video calls, he is still far away from her. When he finally meets her, his eyes are always attached to her. Until she finds out, he is embarrassed to move away.

Ling warm heart sweet, because, she found Mu Wei Cheng seems to like peeking at her.

That kind of like, even if the mouth does not say it, the eyes will also show very obvious.

Bought vegetables, bought many snacks and fruits, the two men drove towards the Mu Weicheng's home.

Ling warm mood is actually very excited, but, two people, two hearts, are crazy jump.

When I came back home, I didn't know who was the first one to take the initiative, and they hugged each other regardless.

What kind of resentment, all first put aside, just want to rely on the thoughts of the heart, to love the person around.

Ling warms up and breathes in a hurry. Her pretty face is red. She leans against the wall in dismay. Her beautiful eyes are like water, with bright ripples and full of shame.

Mu Weicheng is standing on her side with one hand. She can't breathe calmly for a while. They look at each other, and suddenly feel embarrassed.

"I went to cook." Mu Weicheng controls his emotions and knows how to stop.

"Well!" Ling wennuan also understood that although she was going to lose her mind for a moment, she was pushed away by the man, and she could only pick up the virtue by force.

Mu Weicheng enters the kitchen, hands propped up in front of the glass platform, remembering what happened just now, and the smile rises subconsciously under his thin lips, as if he hurried back in a hurry, just for the hot embrace of that moment, he must be crazy, and the one who loves her will be crazy.

Ling wennuan opens the window and blows the cold wind. It's a little better. Then he comes to the kitchen door with his hands on his back and looks inside. He smiles and asks, "what can I do for you?"

"No, I'll do it." Mu Weicheng is not willing to let her go into the water. It's winter now.

Ling warm mouth a Yang, walked to the kitchen wall against: "I watched you cook."

The man nodded, "OK!"