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C709 the best man

Lohnin's "starve to death and don't eat" finally made Mulin happy. She looked at her brother with a little pride and picked her eyebrow: "how about that? The skin itched, didn't it? How dare you break your sister's love. "

Mu shiye was stared at by her sister's resentful eyes and shivered all over. She shook her hand immediately: "sister, you misunderstood me. I just made a metaphor. What's your truth? Lohnin dares to mess with other women. I'm the first one who won't let him go."

Lohnin found that everyone was focused on himself, thinking, who did he provoke? Sitting quietly beside as the audience, he even ignited the fire and was innocent.

"You can rest assured that if something goes wrong between Mu Lin and me, it must not be my side." Lohnen immediately committed to his true feelings, and never let his friends have a trace of doubt about him.

When Mu shiye heard it, he immediately laughed: "well, I love to hear you. You have to pay close attention to my sister. There are many men around her!"

Murin was betrayed by her younger brother, and then her eyes opened angrily: "you can say two sentences less, and let others see the joke."

Sitting next to them, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youYou are looking at their interesting chats with a smile. They think that they are really like a family. Although they are funny and scolding, they are warm.

When Mu night this just settle down, Luo hening is the handsome face after bulging a piece of red, silently bow to eat.

"Xiaohan, when will you get married? Have you thought about it? " After a few minutes of quiet eating, lohnin suddenly thought of another topic and asked casually.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at each other and smile. At last, Ji Xiaohan answers, "when we deal with the trouble of our company, we will get married. By then, you must come on time."

"Of course, if you get married before us, we will be your best man!" When the night immediately feel happy for them, there are lovers, it is going to bloom and bear fruit, oh, no, it has already.

Ji Xiaohan reached out and patted his brother on the shoulder: "don't worry, you two are my best men. You are indispensable! Unless any of you get married earlier than us. "

Lohnin heard the two words of marriage, the deep eyes, with a slightly sad look at the body side of the charming woman.

Then, a sigh came down: "I do want to!"

After hearing this, murin was slightly stunned, obviously speaking to her.

"I don't want to!" Murin's words, once again interrupted someone's delusion, lohnin had to continue to eat in silence.

Alas, it's not easy to fall in love with a woman who is better and wilder than yourself and try to tame her.

Lohnin has decided to fight a long war.

Mu shiye looks at lohnin with great sympathy, and then he sighs with a sigh: "I may not be so fast. Although Anxin lives with me now, she just lives with her. Her heart is not completely on me. It's also my fault that hurt her too much."

"Anxin is short of Pan security now. Don't force her. Take your time." She was afraid that her younger brother was pressing her too hard, and frightened others away, so she had to persuade him.

Mu shiye laughed at himself: "where dare I force her to marry now? If two people can live together, I will be satisfied. Isn't that the difference between them? I don't care. "

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at each other again. After all, their situation is almost the same. They are short of a book. They enjoy everything else in advance. Even the children have come down.

A lunch, everyone eat very relaxed, also very happy, chat, no longer boring work, but family fun, we are interested in getting up, all kinds of branches, once again returned to the busy work.

After Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou left the restaurant, they drove out and sat in the back seat. Tang youyou lolled on the side of the man, with long hair, dumped it on the man's chest and closed his eyes to rest.

The man's big palm, however, if it seems that he is gently touching her palm, seeing her with eyes closed, he doesn't quarrel with her. Maybe her body hasn't recovered yet, and it's normal to feel tired from time to time.

"Ji Xiaohan, I want to go to my aunt's house. I haven't visited her for a long time!" Tang youyou suddenly opened his eyes and said softly. "Well, in a moment, I'll ask the driver to take you there. Before you go, buy something!" Ji Xiaohan also has a good impression on Tang youyou's aunt. She is a warm-hearted and kind-hearted middle-aged woman. Even if she knows the relationship between Tang youyou and him, it seems that she has never bothered him to help her.

Tang youyou nodded and looked at him gratefully.

"Buy more!" Ji Xiaohan pinches her palm and adds another sentence.

Tang youyou laughed directly this time: "I'll go to the mall later. I want to buy a suit for my aunt."

"OK, I'll let the bodyguard follow you!"


Arriving at the gate of the imperial international building, Ji Xiaohan got off the bus and ordered the driver and bodyguard to follow Tang youyou to go shopping.

Tang youyou has the card that Ji Xiaohan gave her before in her bag, so she doesn't need to take any more money.

After a walk around the shopping mall, Tang youyou bought two sets of clothes and many nutritious products for her aunt, and then went directly to Cheng Wanlian's home.

Cheng Wanlian opened the door and saw that it was her. She was also very happy and surprised.

When Tang youyou brought something in, Cheng Wanlian immediately stared at her: "Youyou, how many times have you told me not to move to my house in big bags and small bags every time you come? I'm very happy if you can come to see me."

"Auntie, I'm filial to you. Don't refuse these things." Tang youyou has a childish spirit in front of her aunt.

Cheng Wanlian knows that Tang youyou has been a thoughtful and good child since she was a child. She is very relieved. "Aunt, I'm here to tell you something. I told you before that my parents are not alive. In fact, they are not. I found my father and he is still alive." As soon as Tang youyou sat down, he mentioned his own affairs to her, because she had been concerned about these

things, and she didn't want to hide them from her.

Cheng Wanlian's face was surprised: "really? That's great, yo, how did you find your father. " "It's a jade plate left by my mother." Tang youyou suddenly hesitated for a moment, or don't tell aunt, the relationship between Xia family and Ji family, lest she worry again.