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C768 sinister purpose

There was a dark flash on Ji Xiaohan's handsome face. Although he knew it was a white walk, he had no hope, but he didn't want to give up. If he wanted to find clues from Ji Lin, he could only start with him. Anyway, Ji Xiaohan decided to meet this ambitious uncle. "Young master, I don't think he is sincere to pick up the plane. He just wants to see you!" Lu Qing thought of Ji Lin's eyes just now. They were so terrible. He had been looking at the young master, as if he was considering the gap between them. The purpose of this man is so obvious. I don't know if he is crazy or naive.

Ji Xiaohan nodded: "yes, of course, he is not sincere to pick me up. He just wants to know how many years have passed, and how much gap between him and me there is between him and me. Only knowing the root of the enemy can we have a better chance of victory." "Young master, you should be careful of him. We have investigated his situation in prison before. He is very good at selling people. The people in prison are all undead. Here is his snobbish range. You should be very careful, just in case!" Only then did Lu Qing find out that the young master knew that there were tigers in the mountains, and he preferred to go to tiger mountains and had the courage to know people, but it was also worrying.

Season owl cold calm eyes slightly flickered, indeed, afraid uncle unscrupulous, regardless of the cost of trying to fight with him.

"We really need to be careful, so this time, we will try our best to be safe!" Season owl cold also dare not to hang with the light heart, has made all preparation.

At the moment, Ji Lin's face is gloomy, and she returns to the villa. Ji yunning has been anxiously waiting in the living room. Seeing the car coming back, she is full of expectation. She rushes out and sees Ji Lin, who is angry. Her expectation is empty, and her smile is frozen.

He, didn't he come?

Ji yunning was extremely disappointed. Although she knew that Ji Lin was not sincere to pick up the plane, she still expected that Ji Xiaohan would come. Even if she just came to have a cup of tea, she would be very happy.

At present, Ji Xiaohan doesn't even feel like coming to drink tea.

"Daddy" Ji yunning came quickly and asked softly, "what's the matter? He pissed you off again? "

In front of his daughter, Ji Lin made no secret of his inner anger: "hum, this arrogant son of a bitch, he even refused to give me face. In a few years, I'm afraid that he would not even put me in his eyes. It's annoying to think about it."

Ji yunning's face stiffened, then she gently comforted: "Daddy, don't be angry. Ji Xiaohan has been in charge of the company in the last few years, and his vision has long been high. Don't worry about him."

"I don't care?" Ji Lin suddenly glanced at her, then narrowed his eyes and said, "yunning, do you still think of him? If one day he asks you for help, will you help him without saying anything? "

"Daddy, of course I won't help him!" As soon as Ji yunning saw Ji Lin's suspicious eyes, he immediately panicked and shook his head to explain.

"Really? I want you to swear now that you will not help Ji Xiaohan no matter how he pleads for your help! " At the moment, Ji Lin's heart is very narrow and he doesn't believe who he is. At the moment, he naturally hopes that his daughter, who he trusts with all his heart, will not betray him. Ji yunning's heart flashed through a struggle. She didn't know what kind of choice she would make if there were such a day. But at present, her father's doubt made her uneasy. Of course, she had to deal with the difficulties in front of her. So she pointed her hands to the sky and swore: "I, Ji yunning, swear in

that I will never help Ji Xiaohan's plea in the future Promise, if you take this oath, you will not die easily. "

After hearing her vows, Ji Lin let go and clapped Ji ningyunning on the shoulder: "don't blame daddy for his ruthlessness. Daddy just doesn't have a sense of trust in people. Daddy's life in prison is very unhappy these years. You will understand me, right?"

Thinking of daddy coming out of the prison, she lost her hair. Ji yunning was still very distressed. Tears rolled in her eyes and nodded: "Daddy, of course, I understand you. Don't worry. I will help you find the past scenery in the future."

Ji Lin was very relieved to hear this, and then he snorted coldly: "what is the purpose of Ji Xiaohan's coming this time? Do you really come here to deal with business? "

Ji yunning also guessed hard, shook his head and said: "he is very enthusiastic about work, maybe he came here for business."

"No wonder the old man is so dependent on him for his persistent work." Ji Lin sighs, unwilling and helpless.

"Daddy, big brother has also gained the trust and love of the old man in China. I believe that it will not take long for big brother's company to develop in China." Ji yunning immediately said something to make him happy.

"Well, my father is only aware of his shame and debt, and will be very good to him at this time." Ji Lin deserves to be the son of the old man. He guessed the old man's psychological activities directly.

"Ji yunning nodded:" even if it is like this, big brother's return to China this time, is also a harvest

"In the past five years, I have never let him go back to China. The purpose is for today, at least the result I want to see. My parents will definitely treat Shangqing as his grandson. It's impossible to make a big difference." Ji linlenghum, a purposeful analysis.

Ji yunning is full of thoughts and thoughts at the moment. It's all Ji Xiaohan, so she suddenly asked in a low voice, "Daddy, I want to go to talk to Ji Xiaohan!"

"You still love him?" Ji Lin sneers.

"Daddy, I don't love him, but like you, I'm not willing to be abandoned by him." Ji yunning answers against her conscience, but in fact, she still loves Ji Xiaohan very much. That love has made her crazy and even abnormal.

Looking at his daughter's beautiful appearance, Ji Xiaohan suddenly smiles, "OK, go to him. At least you are his first love."

Hearing the word "first love", Ji yunning suddenly blushed, still a little shy.

"If you can continue to use the beauty of his entanglement, it is also the result of daddy's pleasure." Ji Lin smiled, and his eyes flashed with sinister light.

Ji yunning was stunned for a moment, but soon, she laughed at herself and said, "Daddy, I'm afraid I will let you down." "It doesn't matter if I'm disappointed. If I can let that woman named Tang youyou down, it's not bad!" Ji Lin knows that Ji Xiaohan loves this woman named Tang youyou very much. It's just because of the double harvest of love and career that Ji Xiaohan works harder. If his love is not good enough, he will be hit hard by his willpower. At that time, he will be depressed, which is the best opportunity to be hit. "I try!" Ji yunning whispered.