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Was she spoiled?

When Tang You You heard this, his ears pricked up immediately. He leaned over and asked in a gossipy tone, "What are you guys talking about?"

"You Zou, you are a new person, do you know who the Quarterly is? When you see him later, don't lose your soul. "

She lowered her head to draw.

The moment Ji Xiao Han walked in, everyone in the office stopped breathing and did not dare to look at this man. It was as if if if even a single glance at him would suck away their soul.

Ji Xiao Han's aloof and unfathomable eyes unwittingly caught sight of the little woman who was holding a brush and drawing randomly.

When the whole office was nervous about his arrival, only she... Still not taking him seriously.

Ji Xiao Han himself didn't know what kind of demon he was under, but when his car passed this building, he was so distracted that he wanted to come up and take a look at her office environment.

At this moment, he saw that she was sitting in a cubicle near the window. She was still wearing the same set of black professional suit.

Ji Xiao Han acted as though he was taking a few steps forward, and a few higher ups immediately answered some of his questions. Liu Xi was also trembling with fear, and did not dare to neglect for even a moment as he answered all of his questions.

In Tang You You's eyes, Ji Xiao Han was a bastard who wanted to steal her child, but in the eyes of everyone here, Ji Xiao Han was their god.

Ji Xiao Han leisurely walked to the front of Tang You You's desk.

It was unknown which of the scriptures was wrong, but his finger lightly tapped on the surface of her desk.

Liu Xi immediately called out to Tang You You. "Tang You You, this is Quarterly.

Hearing that, Tang You You stood up immediately and shouted politely, "Hello, Quarterly!"

"En!" Ji Xiao Han intentionally ignored her, with a cold face, he led the group of people and arrogantly left.

Looking at the man's cold figure leaving, Tang You You felt goosebumps all over his body.

Was this Ji Xiao Han taking the wrong medicine? He had been sitting in his office in the middle of the day, but now he had suddenly come to her office to inspect. Moreover, he had knocked on her desk, whether intentionally or unintentionally. You're dreaming again?

Tang You You's beautiful little face was filled with disdain.

At the same time, all of the surrounding women stared enviously at her.

It had to be known, that Ji Xiao Han had only come to the Prometheus Patrol Unit a few times, and there were practically no one who was able to receive his special care.

Earlier, when his finger lightly knocked on Tang You You's desk, everyone felt that he was intentionally trying to attract Tang You You's attention.

Although his expression was still as cold as ice when Tang You You stood up to greet him, this was already considered an exceptional favor.

"Wandering, do you know the Quarterly?" Some of the girls beside him immediately started gossiping.

Tang You You was shocked, it can't be, these people's eyes were really poisonous, just from the way Ji Xiao Han knocked on her desk, they could tell that she and Ji Xiao Han knew each other.

"I don't know them. Why would you ask me that?" Tang You You answered seriously, acting the part flawlessly.

The girls became even more interested.

"You and Quarterly don't know each other, why did the Quarterly only knock on your desk? It's like he's reminding you that he's here."

"Could it be that the Quarterly has taken a fancy to you? You are so beautiful, you know. This possibility exists."

"I feel it too, Quarterly seems to be paying special attention to you. You You are really lucky, if you really get involved with Quarterly in the future, don't forget about me …"

Tang You You did not know whether to laugh or cry, this group of people were getting more and more courteous, no matter what relationship she had with Ji Xiao Han, it would never happen.

Liu Xi followed Ji Xiao Han and left. Whenhe returned, she saw Tang You You being surrounded and asked by a few girls, her face darkened and he pretended to be strict: "What are you guys doing? Stop working? "

The group of girls panicked and immediately ran back to their seats.

Liu Xi walked in front of Tang You You and said: "Wandering, come with me for a moment!"

Tang You You immediately stood up and followed her mother into the office.

Closing the office door, Liu Xi immediately turned around and asked Tang You You anxiously: "You Long, do you have any more grudges with Quarterly?"

Tang You You was stunned and blinked her eyes. "Mother, why do you ask?"

"I was worried about you. You saw that earlier, the Quarterly seemed to treat you differently, the intention was for him to knock your desk … It's always scary. " Liu Xi really treated Tang You You as his goddaughter, and thus, he finally got back to work.

Even though this job wasn't really a good high-paying job that would make people jealous, as long as one had enough patience to work for a few years, one would definitely have a future. To Tang You You, who had no background, this was basically an opportunity.

Tang You You looked at Liu Xi gratefully, and said softly: "Mother, you might be worrying too much, although I have offended him before, but since he allowed me to come back here to work, I believe that the past grudges have already been resolved, and he will not do anything to me."

Did he not dare to do anything to her? Tang You You added in his heart.

Liu Xi looked at her young and fearless look, and still couldn't stop worrying, he patted her shoulders and sighed: "Wandering, it's not that I'm making a fuss about it, I'm really afraid that you'll lose your job, I've already read the script that you gave me previously, you're really talented in design. Honestly speaking, you helped his previously, and when his inspiration was withering, you selflessly helped his out with your script.