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Ji Xiao Han's family of four had originally been arranged to spend a warm and harmonious night, but who would have thought that Mu Shi Ye, who had interrupted them, would bring his daughter who loved to cry.

No one knew what happened, no matter who coaxed her, it was useless. She just wanted to cry, and when she cried, she didn't even need to breathe. Her loud and clear voice almost made everyone's ears ring.

Mu Shi Ye was stunned, as expected, he knew that this tyrannical man who did not allow half a grain of sand in his eyes, would not allow other men to call his woman so intimately.

This fellow, who allowed him to shout so intimately?

You think too much of yourself.

What made Ji Xiao Han even more frustrated, was why did Mu Shi Ye call her that.

When he called out her name, it was as if she had been pricked by needles. She erected all her vigilance and thorns, wishing that she could withdraw into a shell to protect herself.

There was only one, and that woman hated him from the bottom of her heart.

When he thought about how he was actually hated by her, the aloof and cold Quarterly, his face darkened.

Tang Xiao Rui and Tang Xiao Nai, the two little fellows, had already covered their ears with pitiful expressions.

"Look and see if there's a pacifier inside, hurry up and give it to the little guy." Tang You You suddenly thought of a plan and quickly went to look for her.

Mu Shi Ye lowered his head and rummaged through his bag that was filled with items. He really managed to find one.

Tang You You quickly placed the pacifier next to the little guy's mouth, and the little guy immediately stopped crying. Her small mouth habitually sucked the milk, as if pushing down the milk addiction.

Mu Shi Ye's heart was about to burst from her tears. At this moment, he only wanted to hug his daughter tightly.

Ji Xiao Han turned his head to look at the few people in the back seat, and for some reason, he felt a little unhappy. If it wasn't for the fact that Ji Xiao Han was hugging his daughter, he wouldn't have sat down respectfully in the front seat.

"Daddy, are you jealous?" After the alarm was lifted, Tang Xiao Rui took down the small hand that was covering his ears and started laughing maniacally.

He shrewdly noticed that his father seemed to have turned his head and looked at Mummy several times already, with a hint of resentment in his eyes. That was why he had such a conjecture.

After Mu Shi Ye finally relaxed his nerves, he heard Tang Xiao Rui's words and froze.

"Xiao Han, you aren't actually jealous of me are you? I swear to god, I don't even dare to have a single thought about my sister-in-law." Mu Shi Ye had just called Tang You You his little sister, but now she was calling him sister-in-law, indicating that he was absolutely serious.

Ji Xiao Han was amused by his words: "Do you think I love to be jealous? I just felt that your daughter was really too noisy. "

When Tang You You heard him actually say something like that, she immediately retorted mockingly: "You might not know this yet, but when your daughter was her age, she was even more noisy, and just did not disturb you."

Tang Xiao Nai innocently blinked her large black eyes. She didn't say anything, how did she get involved?

Tang Xiao Rui immediately agreed with both of his hands: "What Mummy said is true, I can be the witness. At that time, stupid Xiao Nai would only know how to cry all day."

"I'm not crying, brother hates it!" Tang Xiao Nai shouted in dissatisfaction.

Tang You You stroked his son's little head: "You might have forgotten, but you're crying louder than your sister."

Mu Shi Ye watched this interesting family from the side and said with an indifferent smile, "If you really want him to experience the crying of a child, why don't you two have another one? Oh, no, two more … I guarantee that no matter how patient he is, he will collapse. "

After Tang You You heard this, he was stunned, and then, he rolled his eyes at Mu Shi Ye.

Tang Xiao Rui and Tang Xiao Nai, the two little fellows, were completely stupefied. After that, Tang Xiao Nai went over to his brother's ear and whispered, "How did father and Mummy give birth to younger brothers and sisters? Brother, do you know? "

"Didn't the TV say that they are going to sleep together!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately answered with a serious face.

"Just by sleeping, you have a little brother and a little sister?" Tang Xiao Nai already stopped conversing with her brother. She pointed at her little head and tried to think about it.

Tang You You's small face instantly flushed red, causing her to feel slightly embarrassed. Of course, the most embarrassed was still Mu Shi Ye.

He couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. Had he brought up something that he shouldn't have?

"Uncle Ye, do you know what you need to do to have your little brother and little sister when your father is sleeping?" Tang Xiao Nai was really a curious baby. She had yet to understand anything, so she had to get to the bottom of things.

"Ugh …" Well... "Actually, I'm not too sure either. You should ask your dad, he knows it better than me." Mu Shi Ye darkly threw this difficult problem at Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han secretly cursed in his heart. This guy must have scolded him on purpose.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately intended to ask her father, but her small mouth was covered by Tang You You: "Xiao Nai, has your school assigned any homework?"

Tang Xiao Nai's little head couldn't turn around in time. Being interrupted like this by Mummy, she immediately blinked and thought for a while before saying, "Yes, there's paper cutting. Teacher told us to paste the butterflies we cut out onto the books."

"Alright, when Mummy returns later, I will accompany you to do your homework." Tang You You immediately said with a smile.

"Yes, I want my father to accompany Mummy to do my homework." The little guy immediately became happy.

The man's soft voice came from the front passenger seat, "Okay, Daddy will go with you."