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C1021 half a year

Yang ChuChu's words let Luo Mu stop and look back at her. Yang

clearly put the big bag on the tea table and go to pour water for her.

Lom looked into the bedroom. It seemed that her son was asleep in bed. She didn't bother to go in, so she went to the sofa and sat down. Yang ran to the kitchen to wash the cups. Luo

the mother looked into her shopping bag for two times. Then, her eyes were fixed on a specially packed bag beside her. She took it out and looked at it. Her expression changed instantly. Yang carefully washed his hands and came out of the cup. He was about to pour water for her. Suddenly he saw that Luo Mu was holding the medicine she had just bought by hand. The whole person was stiff again. "

do you take this medicine every day?" Luo Mu's tone was sarcastic, and she threw the medicine on the table: "I'm young, but I understand this kind of thing." Yang

there was an instant blank in her clear mind. She forced a smile, but she went to pour Luo Mu a glass of water, came over, put it in front of her, and then quickly put the medicine into her bag.

"Aunt, I didn't expect you to have such a big opinion of me." Yang ChuChu bowed his head to mock himself.

"I grew up with your mother. I have no opinion about your mother and daughter, but you really shouldn't pester my son, Yang ChuChu. Seriously, I'm so surprised. I didn't think you would be together." Luo Mu took up the water cup, drank a mouthful of water, the expression had several dissatisfaction.

Yang ChuChu is holding his finger nervously. Maybe he is too young. Facing the elders, he will be afraid unconsciously. "Aunt, I really like him. Can you give me a chance..."

"I'm sorry, I really hope my son will get married and have a baby as soon as possible, but I really can't accept a person who is not even old enough to get married by law. Are you going to let my son wait for you for a few more years? But now that you live together, I don't know how your mother feels, but I really can't accept it. " The determination in Luo Mu's tone made Yang ChuChu's pretty face pale. She bit her lower lip and tried to suppress the sadness.

"Luo Jinyu is asleep, let me go first!" Yang ChuChu suddenly said in a low voice. Then she picked up the bag and left. Luo's mother didn't hold her back either, so she was allowed to get up and leave. Yang

leaned against the elevator wall, confused. Luo Mu's words were like a slap on her face, which made her ashamed. Yes,

ah, she is not old enough to get married, but she has already lived with a man. Clearly, there is no swearing words, but why is it so hard to hear them?

Is she really wrong? Yang < br >

her eyes are sore. She tries to hold back her tears. She just can't help loving a man. What's wrong?

Luo Jinyu woke up at 11 o'clock in the evening.

The hangover made him dizzy and dizzy. Instinctively, he called out, "delicate, give me a glass of water!"

Just when he was dizzy, a glass of water came to him, and he reached for it and drank it.

"Drunk, still have the strength to toss!" The voice of Luo Mu came from the top of his head. Luo Jinyu woke up with fright. He held the cup tightly, his eyes were intoxicated, and he opened them quickly. "

mom?" I can't believe that the person who poured water for himself would be his mother. Next second, he quickly handed over the slide quilt to Bo again and pulled it to the chest.

"Luo Mu sneered:" I am your mother, what cover

Luo Jin's face was so embarrassed that he blushed and asked, "Mom, why are you here? How delicate is it? "

"Oh, she's gone!" Luo Mu replied lightly. Luo

Jin Yu's face is stiff, and his voice is dry: "Ma You won't say anything to her, will you? " "

just love her? I didn't say anything about her! " Luo Mu thought about it. She said nothing too much. She said it in a normal tone, not fierce or noisy. "

mom, I'll put on my clothes, you go out first!" Luo Jinyu is really awake at the moment. His handsome face flashes a tired color.

Lom turned and went out. She closed the door for him. Luo

Jin Yu just turned over and got out of bed, put on a robe casually and went into the bathroom to take a bath. Double

hands on the glass platform, staring at his boring face in the mirror, the man can not help but low curse.

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a problem for thousands of years, and even his own son is hard to settle. Luo

Jin Yu takes a bath and changes into a casual dress. Luo Mu has taken the ingredients Yang ChuChu bought just now and cooked for Luo Jin Yu in the kitchen. "

I'm hungry. Come and have a meal!" Luomu is good at cooking. She stewed pork ribs soup and cooked three dishes. Luo

Jin Yu was really hungry, but he was worried again at the thought of Yang ChuChu's departure.

"Mom, don't show her face when you see her later." Luo Jinyu took the chopsticks and began to eat. After two bites, he felt that he had to communicate with his mother.

"You have no conscience, you are not filial, you will only care about your woman, not your mother, right?" Luo Mu saw that he always spoke for Yang ChuChu, and she was angry again.

"No, of course I care about you!" Luo Jinyu quickly explained. "

she has at least three or four years to reach the legal age of marriage. Don't tell me, you really have to wait." Lom turned pale and questioned him. "

why can't you wait? I'm not old! " Luo Jinyu whispered. "

is it old? You'll be 29 in a minute. You'll wait another three years. You're 32 years old. In case she doesn't want to marry you then? What do you do? " Luo Mu is really concerned about the chaos, the younger sons are married, will soon give birth to children, the older son even went to wait for a woman three years old do not disturb marriage?

Luo Jinyu knew that his mother was really in a hurry for him, so he had to bow his head and eat quickly instead of answering her words. "

I'll give you three months to break up peacefully with her. I'll introduce you some better women to be selected. They will not be worse in talent and appearance!" Luo Mu finally gave him a period of time, which is the deadline she can tolerate.

Luojin Yujun's face was tense all of a sudden, and his eyes seemed to be frozen.

"Mom, three months is too short. Three years can be considered!" Of course, Luo Jinyu could not accept such a short time.

"If you don't agree, I have a way to let her leave you!" Luo Mu snorted angrily.

Luo Jinyu already knows what her mother is going to do. As long as she goes to find Cheng Ying, Cheng Ying will ask them to break up for her daughter's sake.

"Well, half a year, I'll think it over!" Luo Jinyu can only extend the time limit.

Luo Mu's shrewd eyes flashed: "OK, half a year!"