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It was definitely that woman who mistreated them. Otherwise, how could a child of such a young age have such mature thoughts?

The more he thought about it, the more angry Ji Xiao Han felt. Ji Xiao Han really wanted to ask that woman what kind of torture he had caused his children.

"Brother, what is a written document?" Tang Xiao Nai blinked her eyes, looking at Tang Xiao Rui, his face was at a loss.

Ji Xiao Han felt a headache coming on as he looked at this intelligent son of his.

At such a young age, do you know what happiness is? Do you know what love is?

He didn't know anything and just asked him to love a woman he didn't know. If he couldn't make her feel wronged, then what about his grievances? Who cares?

Obviously, the two little fellows didn't care.

"Lu Qing, bring a pen and paper over here."

After using ice cream to deal with her cute little girl, Ji Xiao Han had no choice but to treat her little son seriously.

Lu Qing was close to bursting with internal injuries. He wanted to laugh a few times, but managed to suppress it.

Oh god, the two little kids were too interesting, they actually messed up the usually calm and wise Young Master.

"Lu Qing..." Ji Xiao Han immediately roared.

Lu Qing did not dare to be negligent, and quickly brought over the brush and paper.

"We'll talk, you write!" Ji Xiao Han was clear that if his son's request was not met, then the father-recognition meeting today would not be able to come to a successful end.

Tang Xiao Rui sat on the sofa like a small adult, his two short legs swaying as he took the lead to say: "Firstly, Daddy must ensure that you do not anger Mummy, and secondly, Daddy must be responsible for the living expenses of us three. Thirdly, Daddy cannot find a girlfriend, and fourthly, you must be good to Mummy, and satisfy all of Mummy's requirements. Fifth …"

Although Tang Xiao Rui's IQ was sufficient, he was still not yet a four year old child. He could only think of these conditions, which were beneficial to Mummy.

"I'll keep the fifth one till I think about it, okay?" "Daddy!" Just a moment ago, he was still acting like a little adult, but now, he suddenly revealed the innocent smile of a child of his age.

The word "father" immediately softened Ji Xiao Han's cold heart.

"Alright, I agree to all of the above requests. Can I sign it now?" Ji Xiao Han still felt wronged, the little fellow only had that woman in his heart, he was really jealous to the point of envy.

Just as Ji Xiao Han was about to sign his name with a pen...