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C1077: I can'st bear this evil spirit

Bai Yiyan walked out of the police station in a trance and looked at the sunshine at the door. She felt that her body was a little warmer. Now she was ready to cry without tears. It turned out that fate really likes to joke with people. She always thought that she came to the world because of her parents' love. She even felt that her father didn't know she was born, and didn't intentionally not come to find her 。

Now, all the good wishes are smashed to pieces by fate. "

Miss Bai, are you ok?" Lengfei has been waiting at the door, seeing her coming out, her face is as white as paper, and her body is also crumbling, just like the soul has been stripped, which makes people look worried. "

I'm ok!" Bai Yiyan suddenly fell into a trance and forced herself to calm down. "

just now master Ji called. Let me take you to a place to see him. Please get on the bus!" Now Ji Yueze is directly in touch with lengfei or Liu Xiaoxing. He won't call Bai Yiyan directly. It's really helpless. It's hard to explain for fear of being tracked down by his grandmother. "

OK, let's go!" Bai Yiyan nodded, sat in the car and looked back at the police station gate. It's so solemn and sacred that it's better to invade. Mother is locked here. I don't know what her mood is.

Bai Zhen tells her daughter the truth thoroughly. She stays petrified and grieves deeply. If it's not for the sake of not letting Ji Lin succeed, she's afraid that she's found a way to close her eyes earlier. Don't bother her daughter again and return her life to her completely.

Bai Yiyan sat in the car and didn't say a word. She stared out of the window. Suddenly, she saw a tall office building in the center of the city. She had interviewed a small official here before. At that time, she also expected to see the mayor. Because the mayor's reputation is very high. Under his leadership, the city's development is getting better and better The life index is also rising, and everyone supports him very much, so he can be reappointed for eight times in such a grim situation.

Now, Bai Yiyan's mood is really indescribable.

The car stopped at the door of a special restaurant in the suburb. Bai Yiyan wore a mask and went to the box on the second floor.

Pushing open the door, Ji Yueze is sitting on a sofa with an iPad in his hand.

"Here we are!" Ji Yueze put down his work and went to her. Big

reach out and take off her mask to show Bai Yiyan's pale face. "

What's the matter? Why do you look so sad? " Ji Yueze asked with a little surprise and concern. Yi Yan raised her head and her eyes were already filled with tears. She laughed at herself: "you can't guess what kind of person my biological father is."

"Your mother told you that?" Ji Yueze was surprised. He thought Bai really couldn't say it. After all, it's a very hurtful thing. "

Yes, she said, I already know who that person is." Bai Yiyan seemed to be very tired, so she took a chair and sat down.

Ji Yueze shrugged his shoulders and guessed, "your father should be someone you know, otherwise, you won't have this knowing expression." "Yes, I do, and you do," Yiyan said with a wry smile

"Don't tell me, it has something to do with our family." Ji Yueze's handsome face turned pale.

Bai Yiyan shakes her head: "don't worry, it's nothing to do with you. His name is Cheng Jianhong!"

"Who? This name A little familiar! " Ji Yueze didn't know who he was for a while. Indeed, the status of a mayor is not as high as everyone knows him well, let alone the Ji family.

"It's the mayor of this city. Do you remember?" Bai Yiyan said directly.

"Is it him?" Ji Yueze got the impression and frowned: "how could it be him? He and your mother used to be lovers? " "

No, it's worse than that. My mother was his surrogate, but he didn't want to have a daughter or a son!" Just now, my mother said that Bai Yiyan was very angry, but now she said it again, but it was surprisingly calm. Maybe, she never had any hope, so she had no expectation.

"Surrogacy?" Ji Yueze's eyes are wide open. I can't believe it. There are still such things.

"Yes, I didn't expect it, but that's the truth!" Bai Yiyan lowers her head and her eyes are sad. Ji went to Yueze and hugged her tightly: "if this is the truth, forget all about it. You can live a good life without father or mother, and I will accompany you!" Bai

Yiyan pretends to be strong all the way. At this moment, relying on her firm arms, she can't help crying. Crying

for a long time, the sadness in her heart also came out. Bai Yiyan found that she had dyed the men's shirts wet and had tears and snivels. She was very embarrassed to sit straight from his arms.

"I'll wipe it for you!" Bai Yiyan wants to reach for the tissue.

The man held her by the wrist. "No, I'll do it myself." Bai

Yiyan has to put down her hand. Ji Yueze takes the paper towel, wipes it at will, and asks softly, "did you feel better after crying?" "

much better!" Bai Yiyan nodded.

"Then eat!" Ji Yueze rings a finger at the door, and his assistant appears, ready to serve.

Because it's Bai Yiyan's dinner, Ji Yueze still chooses a very secret way. His assistant will take care of the delivery. "

lengfei is still downstairs. Would you like to ask her to come up and eat together?" Bai Yiyan didn't expect to come here for dinner, so she didn't call lengfei. She was a little upset.

"Don't worry, I have two assistants downstairs. Let her join them." Ji Yueze replied in a low voice. Mei served the table tastefully, and Ji Yueze filled a bowl of soup for her: "what are you going to do next? Do you want to see him? " "

don't want to see, just be a stranger!" Bai Yiyan bit her lower lip and made a flash in her eyes. "

it's OK, but he gave birth to you, but he's not responsible. That's what a bad man does." Ji Yueze grits his teeth angrily. "

I don't know what happened in that year. Maybe my mother took a lot of money from him. I'll be a trading product of them. Anyway, no one should care about my feelings." Bai Yiyan laughed at herself. "

that's not good either. He has to pay a little bit!" Ji Yueze felt unworthy of her. "

in fact, it's easy to get even with him. I just need to go to him at home. Maybe he will give me a lot of money to seal up." Bai Yiyan also sneered.

"It's true that he's going to settle you down. Otherwise, when you make a scene, all the good reputation he has built will be destroyed." Ji Yueze nods. I think this is a good way. "

forget it, I don't want to make trouble, and I won't ask for his money." Bai Yiyan still chooses patience. "

but I can't stand this anger!" Seeing that she was crying like that, Ji Yueze wanted to finish the man.