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C1507 attack of old pain

Uncle Yu's injury is still very serious. He has been holding a hard breath to see if LAN Yanxi is OK. Now, seeing her living appearance, he is in a coma as soon as he feels relieved.

"Uncle Yu?" LAN Yanxi watched uncle Yu's head fall down, her brain was empty, and tears rolled down in a flash. She reached out and held uncle Yu's hand, lost her soul and murmured: "it's all my fault. It's all my fault. If I leave with you, you won't turn back to save me or get hurt. I'm sorry, I'm wrong!"

Ling Mo Feng looked at her kneeling on the ground, holding uncle Yu's hand, blue Yanxi in tears. Like a child who has made a mistake, she was remorseful and regretful. She looked pitiful and distressed.

"Yan Xi, don't be sad. Uncle Yu is just in a coma for a while. He will be OK!" Ling Mo Feng squatted down, reached out and gently stroked her shoulders, only to feel that she was trembling.

"He's been protecting me, but I've hurt him!" Blue Yan Xi's tears, fall more fierce, for their behavior regret.

Ling Mo Feng also felt sad. Looking at the little woman who was not looking like crying, he clenched his hands tightly. It was the fault of the man who caused the tragedy.

"Miss LAN, please let us give uncle Yu an antiphlogistic injection!" A doctor came up and whispered.

LAN Yanxi just got up. Her legs were stiff. Cheng Yuan's eyes were red. She didn't expect that uncle Yu was such a loyal person. It's sad.

"Yanxi, uncle Yu will be OK. Don't cry!" Cheng Yuan comforted her softly.

LAN Yanxi's eyes were dull, as if he had lost his soul. He stood there motionless, only tears could not stop flowing down, as if he could not stop falling.

Ling Mo Feng knew that she had been hit hard this time. Maybe when she was very young, she was so helpless and sad in the face of her father's departure.

Ling Mo Feng wished he could hold her in his arms, hold her tightly and comfort her, but looking at her like this, he did not know where to start for a while.

Can only accompany her side, follow her mood ups and downs.

Uncle Yu was in a coma just now, which reminded her of her childhood. In the corridor of the hospital, she drove by the driver's car, too late to say goodbye to her father, only to see his raised hand, powerless down, a farewell is eternal life.

That blow made lanyanxi lose her voice for half a year. She was like a person who lost her soul and became a puppet. Just like Uncle Yu, she was hit again. Her whole body fell into such a dullness, unable to speak for a long time.

At the time of everyone's silence, the sound of helicopters came from the sky. Everyone looked happy. The rescue team came.

"Hope!" Seeing Ling Mo Feng's expression was also a little worried, Cheng Yuan went over and held her gently.

LAN Yanxi seems to be vulnerable to a state. In addition, she is still sick and suddenly is reminded of the past. Her head leans on Cheng Yuan's shoulder and faints directly.

"Hope!" Cheng Yuan didn't expect her to hit so hard. She quickly held her steady.

Ling Mo Feng looked sideways and saw her in a coma. With a shock in her heart, she quickly reached out and put her whole body in her arms.

"Doctor, come and see Miss LAN!" Cheng Yuan screams.

Immediately a doctor came to check, sad to Ling Mo Feng, said: "Miss LAN is not well, she has been hit again, just a coma, it should be nothing serious!"

The helicopter circled in the sky for several times and found a place to stop. Soon, Lu Qing came running with people.

"How are you, Mr. vice president?" Seeing the scene, Lu Qing was shocked and asked immediately.

"Mr. Lu, please transfer the injured to the city hospital first!" Ling Mo Feng looked at him gratefully and said.

"Sir, you and miss LAN should go first!" Chu lie proposed in a low voice.

Ling Mo Feng nodded: "OK, you stay here, I'll send someone back to meet you!"

Lu Qing said: "don't worry, Mr. vice president. Our motorcade will be here in more than half an hour. Now that the bridge is blown up and the motorcade can't pass, we have to find a way."

Lingmo Feng thought that there were still materials to be delivered. He quickly said to Chu lie, "immediately, the person in charge of urban rescue will be in charge. He will send someone here to build a bridge and road. It must be opened to traffic as soon as possible."

"Yes!" Chu lie answers quickly.

All the wounded were rushed to the helicopter and left first.

Ling Mo Feng holds LAN Yanxi in his arms, but he doesn't leave by helicopter. Instead, he waits for the rescue vehicle to come and then takes it.

Along the way, lanyanxi seemed to be asleep, but her body did not know whether it was cold or frightened. She would shiver sometimes.

"Sir, is Yanxi OK?" Cheng Yuan looks at it, also with solid coke.

Ling Mo Feng lowered his head and held out his hand to stick a sticker on her forehead: "no fever, it should be over stimulated."

"I knew that would happen. I should have advised her to leave early." Cheng Yuan can't help blaming herself.

Ling Mo Feng gently advised her: "it's not your fault. I understand her temperament. She looks like a person who doesn't make an idea. But once she decides to do something, she is also stubborn!"

Cheng Yuan agrees with her very much. LAN Yanxi is really careless on weekdays, as if she has nothing to worry about. However, she should be a person with great wisdom and foolish nature. She doesn't care about small things, but has clear priorities.

On the way back, there was no more situation. We had a safe journey.

In the downtown Gansu underground parking lot, in a corner, the blue fiber that was thrown down, exhausted her strength, just broke the opening of the sack. At this moment, she was suffering from torture, her frozen face was swollen, her hands and feet were even numb to move like ten thousand ants biting, and her whole person was powerless to shrink to the ground.

"Are you all right, miss?" Suddenly, a timid voice asked her.

Blue fibril suddenly seemed to see the Savior. She quickly exposed her face to the sack. She saw an aunt sweeping the floor, holding the broom nervously and looking at her in surprise.

"Auntie, help me. I was kidnapped. Do you have a knife? Untie the rope for me. Please, help me!" Blue fiber a face of panic restless move their numb body, to the sweeping aunt showed a look of pleading.

"Wait a minute, I'll bring a pair of scissors!" My aunt is kind-hearted. She couldn't bear to see a young girl suffering from such torture. She turned around and ran to get scissors to help.

Blue fibril's heart was beating like a drum. She looked around with frightened eyes. I was afraid that those dangerous gangsters would come back and tie her away.

A few minutes later, the aunt took the scissors and quickly untied the rope on her body.

The binding mark on the blue fibril was very obvious. She was bleeding, but she did not care about the pain and turned around to escape.

My aunt saw that she was greatly frightened, and she was sorry for her.

At the moment, the blue fibril is covered with charcoal, because the sack is used to hold charcoal. At this moment, her body and hair are all grey, black, and so is her face.

Blue microfiber ran into a woman's bathroom next to the underground parking lot. She almost screamed when she saw her charming appearance in the mirror.

"Who is it? Who killed me? Let me find out. I have to kill him! " Blue fibril is washing his face with his head bowed and gnashing his teeth.

Cold water, touched her wound, her face was twisted with pain, and she could not breathe more.

"Lan Yanxi, is it LAN Yanxi?" Blue Cilia's brain suddenly burst out such a name, and her whole person suddenly trembled angrily: "yes, it must be her, and that damned uncle Yu, it must be their partnership to bully me, I must find the vice president to make the decision for me, I can't be bullied by them in vain."

LAN Yanxi is the biggest suspect, because she and uncle Yu hate her very much. How could she miss the chance to revenge her?

Blue fiber found that her things were not on her body, which means that she is now penniless?

"Bitch, bitch!" Blue fiber gas to roar, if there is no ID card, I'm afraid I can't leave by plane, and, she used to have a work permit, now there is nothing, how can she go home?