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"sue me? "You still don't know who I am. Are you sure you want to fight me?" Ji Xiao Han inexplicably liked seeing her face flush red from being angered, like a small wild beast that could pounce and bite at any time.

"Hmm …" The feeling of being bitten by her...

"How dare you!" Since Ji Xiao Han was young, how could he have received such an impolite treatment? His expression instantly turned so angry that he wanted to strangle the perpetrator to death.

Tang You You was thrown back onto the sofa, and crawled back up, battered and exhausted: "What are you doing?"

"You're not allowed to leave until the results are out." Ji Xiao Han's incomparably overbearing request.

"On what basis? This is illegal imprisonment! "

"You want to sue me again?"


"But I feel like you're trying to seduce me in order to get a job contract …" Ji Xiao Han's tone changed as the bottom of his eyes turned cold and dark.

Tang You You was going crazy, how could the world be so repulsive and shameless?

Seeing that she was so angry that she couldn't speak, Ji Xiao Han smiled: "Woman, you can't win against me, just sit down obediently and wait for the results."

"I don't want to... I will not accept any result. The child belongs to me alone. " Tang You You bit his lower lip with a resolute expression on his face that he would never admit defeat.

"That's not up to you. If the child is really a seed of my Ji Family, then it should be returned to Ji Family. In any case, you stole it from him." Ji Xiao Han's gaze was cold and sharp, and she did not give in to the right to take care of his.

"Steal? I'm not that low. " The man ruthlessly opened the old wound, causing Tang You You to suffer extreme pain.

That night, she was the biggest victim.

"If you hadn't thought of all sorts of ways to steal my little brother's child, could it be that with my little brother's identity, he would sleep with you in the open?" Ji Xiao Han had met those crazy female fans before, and also categorized Tang You You as the kind of woman who would use any means possible to spend the night with an elephant.

Tang You You didn't want to talk with him, she just wanted to ignore him …

Ji Xiao Han squinted his eyes tightly. He was extremely dissatisfied with the woman's contemptuous eyes.

What kind of character could a cultivated woman bring up to a child? It was worrisome.

Just when the two of them were at a stalemate.

The phone's monotonous ringtone rang in the heavy air.

Ji Xiao Han's expression changed slightly as he took out his mobile.

Tang You You's tensed up nerves were even more tensed up because of his actions of answering the phone, as if she could break it at any time.

"What was the result?" a man's low voice.

"It isn't?" The next sentence, slightly loosened Tang You You's tensed nerves.

"The child is mine?" The man suddenly stood up from the sofa, staring fixedly at Tang You You, whose face was already deathly pale.