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C924. She's his bride

At night, Mu spits out blood and returns to spit blood. He wants to pull back a game. He immediately snorts and complains, "yes, I need to remember that I have a brother-in-law all the time. Do you have one?"

Everyone's expression on the scene, shocked!

Men chat with each other, sometimes as cute and interesting as children. However, this is limited to playing with very good male friends. The kind of children hidden in men's bones will be exposed accidentally.

Tang youyou is sitting in the villa at the moment. Her bridesmaid group corresponds to the best man group of Ji Xiaohan. There are four beauties sitting there.

Tang youyou invited Pei Anxin, Yang ChuChu, and Mu Lin in advance. As for Bai Yiyan, Ji Yueze persuaded her to come here anyway. However, the four beauties got together.

Tang youyou is not wearing a wedding dress yet. He sits in the dressing room and chats with several beauties. Please

the makeup artists who come here are also dressing them up.

Each of the four bridesmaids has prepared two sets of dresses, which are also very delicate and elegant, and will never lower their appearance value. "

sister Youyou, I envy you so much. I'm going to be Jijia's little grandma soon. You must fall into the honey pot in the future, waiting for you to wake up every day." Yang ChuChu is young and talkative. She has a kind of sisterhood for Tang Youyou, so when she speaks, she doesn't care about it, but she is innocent.

Tang youyou laughed directly and comforted her immediately: "wait patiently, it's your turn immediately. Look at your peach blossom face. I'm sure you've been very happy recently." Yang

blushed for a moment, smiled and stopped talking.

However, everyone can feel from her laughter that her feelings with Luo Jinyu must be getting better and better.

Nearby Mu Lin also laughed: "delicate little sister, we may be relatives in the future. I'm sorry to call you sister-in-law. I've grown up so much."

Yang ChuChu's pretty face was embarrassed for a while, and immediately said, "you dare not call, I dare not be. I have always admired you. You are my mother's idol. She mentions you to me every day. She says that you are young and a woman, but she supports the whole day of admiring my family. My mother scolds me every day for nothing."

Mu Lin shrugs her shoulders and says she has no choice but to turn her eyes to Pei Anxin: "Anxin, why don't you marry my brother now? If he doesn't settle down, his career will stop. If you marry him, he will be able to settle down and manage the company. I really want to quit. I'm tired!" Sad

Anxin is closing her eyes, asking the makeup artist to brush her eyelashes. Her lips are raised and she smiles: "sister Mulin, I haven't got married with him yet. Don't worry. I think you are better than him. The company will give it to him. Are you relieved?" "

How could you hurt your boyfriend like this? However, what you said is reasonable. I'm not sure that I'll leave the company to him now. He is fond of playing by nature!" Don

watching their topics go around in their own bodies, can't help but feel the atmosphere is good and happy. She turned her head and looked at Bai Yiyan. Bai Yiyan's face was nervous. When Tang youyou looked at her, she gave a strong smile. "

sister Youyou, I haven't congratulated you yet. You are so beautiful today!" Bai Yiyan says from Zhong.

"Thank you. I used to call you Miss Bai. Now I have to change my name. Let me call you Xiaoyan!" Tang youyou said with a smile.

"It's just a form of address. You can call it whatever you want." Bai Yiyan chuckled.

Three women get married together, let alone five women get together today. After talking about men, they start to talk about clothes, bags and even the latest entertainment gossip. "

by the way, do you know? Recently, the popularity of a small acting school suddenly increased. Do you know who it is? " Yang ChuChu suddenly asked. "

I know whether it's Lu xuanchen or not. I also saw the play he played. To be honest, it's a very good performance. It's the scene when he broke up with the heroine, which made me cry directly and was laughed at for a long time by lohnin." Mu Lin said the name directly. Don

hearing the name, the whole person stayed for a while. This name has a certain significance for her. Once a childhood sweetheart, together with a big playmate, carries the memories of her whole childhood. But at that time, she was naive and stupid, and could not understand what that feeling was.

Now when I grow up, I will think about it carefully. It turns out that even a little boy will not take care of and protect a little girl for no reason. He must like her, because the world of children is pure, like it can't be hidden, like it can't be good to an adult, or it can be pity, sympathy, children just like it. Don

slightly drooped his eyes, flashed the pictures in his mind and flashed the bitter taste in his heart. She is really negative for Lu xuanchen. She dare not apologize because it is true. Today, she is going to get married and marry the man she loves. At this moment, hearing the news of his fame, Tang youyou's complex mood is more happy for him and wishes him a long-term career. His hard work is worth having more palms and eyes. "

Yes, I'm talking about him. He's really a stream in the entertainment industry. He's been in the business for so long, and there's no scandal!" Yang ChuChu is very appreciative of this kind of male entertainer with zero gossip. It's very difficult to achieve zero gossip. There are too many temptations in the entertainment circle, which challenge everyone's mind and reason. Therefore, Lu xuanchen proves that, with his strength, zero gossip really exists. "

by the way, I heard that Nebula media is trying to dig him recently. I don't know if he will be poached. I asked my boss to dig him too. I hope he can look higher and choose our side!" Yang ChuChu said, looking over Tang youyou and looking at Bai Yiyan, she said, "sister Yiyan, you can't let such a good man go if you ask your boyfriend to work harder!"

Bai Yiyan's face stiffened when she heard the words "nebula". She thought of Wu Chang, the Betrayer. She was afraid that Wu Chang would dig people by any means. She was a powerful and popular male star like Lu xuanchen. If she was really dug up, she would be praised.

Tang youyou suddenly woke up, because the makeup artist asked her to close her eyes, and needed to repair her eyebrows. Don

after closing his eyes, he did not dare to think about it and emptied his head. Just remember who she is today.