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"Oh, then that's no surprise. You're about to become a big shot in the company. You have two big helpers supporting you from behind, what's there to worry about." The godmother was happy for her.

Tang You You laughed bitterly: "Mother, you don't know, this Yang Chu Chu might have forced her to come here to find me. Sigh, I told her not to sign, she still did not agree, forget it, since she is here, I will sign her as a customer, but from now on I do not want to receive his favor."

Yang Chu Chu received the contract and waved goodbye to Tang You You. "Big sister Tang, goodbye.

"Tang You You, what's going on with you? What's going on with that Yang Chu Chu? You are a personal designer hired by me, how can you accept orders from someone else? Do you think I don't give you enough money? I think you must be out of your mind to accept someone else's order. " On the other side of the phone, Xia Zi Yan reprimanded Tang You You with a dissatisfied attitude.

Tang You You frowned, her voice calm as she replied: "Xia Xiao Jie, although I agreed to be your designer, but there is no rule that I cannot have any other clients on my hands, this Yang Chu Chu is sincere enough to come and talk to me about cooperation, I cannot reject him, you just need not worry, I promise that I will definitely do your job well, as for the matter of how many customers I have, I will not trouble you to worry about them."

"Tang You You, if I hadn't given you face, would you have attracted Female Celebrity like Yang Chu Chu? Are you putting on airs for me now? If you do something that I am not satisfied with, I can break your promise at any time. If you want to take the money from me, hmph, stop dreaming. " After Xia Zi Yan heard what Tang You You said, her arrogance grew even higher.

Tang You You was about to go crazy, could this Xia Zi Yan still talk about ethics and morality?

There were clearly contracts written on them, but she actually wanted to break them? Not pay?

"Xia Xiao Jie, if you doubt my sincerity, why not, we can sit down right now and discuss how to cancel the contract. I don't know when you'll be free, or maybe I can go over to your place." Tang You You didn't want to suffer from her anger at all. Originally, the only thing she wanted to do in cooperation was to respect her.

Xia Zi Yan only wanted to give her a reminder, not to break her engagement with her.

She had set her eyes on the new dress that Tang You You had designed, so if she broke the agreement, she would not be able to get that dress.

"Tang You You, I didn't say that I want to cancel the contract, I just hope that you aren't so busy that you forgot about my matter."

Tang You You chuckled: "Of course I won't forget. Don't worry, is there anything else? If not, I'll hang up first. "

Tang You You was angry because there was never a rule in the company that there could not be more customers.

Isn't this Xia Zi Yan too overbearing?

After hanging up, Xia Zi Yan's phone rang again.

It was an unfamiliar number, but it was very special because almost all the numbers on it were 666!

Whose phone has such a good number?

Tang You You thought that there might be a seller who called her, so he reached out his hand to answer the call.

"Tang You You, how is it? Are you satisfied that I introduced you to your little client? " A clear male voice was heard, sounding a little pleased with itself.

Tang You You's beautiful eyes opened wide, after that, she took her phone and quickly walked towards the place where there were less people.

"Why are you introducing me to clients?" Tang You You did not call out his name because there was always someone by his side going back and forth.

Ji Yue Ze was much more dangerous than his brother, he was extremely famous. If the girls found out that she was talking to him on the phone, then they would be shocked once again.

"No reason, I support your work." Ji Yue Ze Dan Dan said, then became displeased: "Why do you look so unhappy, don't you want me to help you?"

"Of course not. I am already very grateful to you for helping me."

"Is that so? You didn't even say thank you to me. "

Tang You You could not help but chuckle lightly, and then thanked him in all seriousness: "Young Master Ji, thank you for your help."

"Is there nothing else you can say except thank you?" Ji Yue Ze began to fight for an inch longer.

Tang You You was startled, then said: "I do, wait until I get my prize, I will give you half, is that okay?"

Ji Yue Ze was also dumbstruck by her words. He had thought that if he were to play with her, she would say something about having a meal or treat. He did not expect her to push this matter of gratitude to him until half a month later, with a bonus.

"If you want to give me money, then forget about it. I'm not interested in your pitiful bonus." Ji Yue Ze said in a bored manner.

"Then I won't say anymore. I'll hang up first. My boss has something to talk to me about." Tang You You saw Lam Tung walk over from afar and quickly hung up her phone.

"Eternal Rest!" Lam Tung called out her name with a friendly look on his face.

Tang You You quickly walked in front of him and politely asked: "Lam Tung, what can I do for you?"

"Yes, help me deliver some information to the headquarters. I was going to have Liu Xi deliver it to me anyway, since Liu Xi is out now, why don't you send it to me?" After Lam Tung finished speaking with a smile, he placed the information in his hands into hers.

Tang You You was startled, and asked anxiously: "Lam Tung, who should I send it to?"

"Quarterly's assistant, Lu Qing, will be waiting for you in the hall." Lam Tung replied loudly and then disappeared outside the office.

Tang You You looked down at the information in his hands and sealed the bag. She did not know what it was, but since Lam Tung had personally given it to her, then it must be very important.

Since it was an order from his superior, and also an order from him, Tang You You didn't dare delay any further and immediately drove to the main building.