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C1981 tells a lie

Ji Tingyan sticks her mobile phone to her chest and sighs. Is it suitable for her to tie Ting? He is quiet and does not like to move. He can stay at home for half a month without going out, but he likes running all over the world. In another room of the hotel, Li Jingwen stood by the window and stared at the road outside.

She has seen the itinerary, so she knows that Ji Tingyan will arrive here tonight. Just now, she saw them in the restaurant of the hotel, but Li Jingwen found that tie Ting was not there.

Li Jingwen narrowed her eyes, how could tie Ting not be there? Did he break up with Ji Tingyan so soon?

After being dismissed from the hot spring hotel, Li Jingwen didn't know where to go. If she left like this, she was a little reluctant, so she would come here first.

Tie Ting is not here, but Wang Cheng is still here, leaving his most powerful assistant, proving that tie Ting still cares about Ji Tingyan.

"Ji Tingyan, why do you treat me like this? Is it amazing that you are rich and powerful?" Li Jingwen's heart is full of hate and resentment. She thinks Ji Tingyan wants to get a sense of superiority from her. She likes to tie ting. She can steal it with a few eyes.

Li Jingwen's state of mind has collapsed. She can't just let it go. What if Ji Tingyan is the first lady?

It's a remote area, and it's catching up with winter. All kinds of accidents may happen.

Li Jingwen wants to teach Ji Tingyan a lesson and put out the anger of her eldest daughter.

Just now, in the hotel lobby, Li Jingwen hid in the dark and observed. There were only two bodyguards and Cheng Yue. It was impossible for Li Jingwen to get close to Ji Tingyan through them. Cheng Yue alone would not necessarily be her opponent.

It doesn't work in the light, so come in the dark. Li Jingwen has a sneer on her lips. She is also an expert at playing Yin.

Ji Tingyan will stay in this town for two days. There are many ancient capital sites and several big temples. She wants to pay a visit and donate some money.

As the eldest daughter of Ji's family, philanthropy has been rooted in Ji Tingyan's heart since she was a child. The more she grows up, the more she attaches importance to it. She is poor here. Just now, many children on the street are wearing thin clothes. After Ji Tingyan decides to go home, she wants to communicate with the charity. She wants to donate money to the poor people here to help them grow up.

In the afternoon, Ji Tingyan swam to several more temples. Walking in front of the temple with reverence and snow, people's hearts would become calm.

Sitting on a stone chair, looking up at the sky, I suddenly felt a sense of sour. If this moment, tie Ting would be around.

Ji Tingyan thought of him, and her pretty face suddenly turned red. She said she didn't want to, but she didn't. She thought of him. Every minute, every second, what she saw, what she saw, and what she saw on her legs, she wanted to share with him.

Is this love? So crazy, so unreasonable, but very subtle.

Li Jingwen followed all the way down, but still didn't find any breakthrough point. She gave up today's plan.

In the evening, Ji Tingyan and her party went back to the hotel. After a day's walking, they all went back to their rooms to have a rest.

After taking a bath, Ji Tingyan fell asleep in bed.

The light was on in the room. She was holding the quilt. Suddenly, she was awakened by a sound. Instinctively, she opened her eyes and saw a person standing in front of her eyes. She quickly sat up and stared at each other nervously with her mobile phone: "who are you?"

Li Jingwen didn't expect that Ji Tingyan would wake up so soon. She just put some materials in their food. At this moment, Cheng Yue and they should be sleeping very well.

Li Jingwen pulled off her hat to show her original face.

"Li Jingwen?" When Ji Tingyan saw her, she was scared to wake up, but her brain was still a little dizzy, as if she didn't wake up.

"That's right, it's me. Was it unexpected? Don't want to see me? " Step by step, Li Jingwen came to her with a sneer in her eyes, all of which were murderous.

Ji Tingyan pressed her forehead hard. Hearing her words, she said, "Why are you here? Are you doing anything else? "

"Why isn't Bong with you? Did you break up? " Li Jingwen asked suddenly.

Ji Tingyan's brain is heavy, but she's not stupid. Li Jingwen keeps pestering because she's with tieting.

"How do you know we broke up? You don't follow us all the way, do you? " Ji Tingyan immediately put on a look of astonishment.

"I don't believe it. Why is Wang Cheng still here?" Li Jingwen's tone sharpened.

Ji Tingyan sees her hand in her pocket all the time. She is more alert. Li Jingwen is good at it. Moreover, she has seen her introduction. She has been an agent abroad for a while and has a keen mind.

"Tie Ting promised my brother to protect my safety. Even if I break up with him, he can't ignore my life and death. Wang Cheng is familiar with this place, so he lent it to me." Ji replied directly.

"Aren't you hot? How to divide hands? " Li Jingwen narrowed her eyes and was dubious.

"Character is not right, he is strong, and I am strong." Ji Tingyan found a good reason.

"Ah, I said that you are not suitable. Feting would never like a weak and incompetent woman like you. In the end, feting would only show off her amorous feelings. In the end, she is not hostile to me. What feting needs is a person with good skills and common interests like me. Your hand can only draw with a pen, not fight for him." Li Jingwen's eyes flashed angrily, sneering at Ji Tingyan.