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You want her to show weakness?

Hearing this voice, Tang You You's heart strings tensed up, following that, she shook her long hair, trying her best to stay awake.

"Ji... Ji Xiao Han? " Tang You You opened his eyes wide, his face was filled with disbelief. Why was Ji Xiao Han here?

Tang You You hurriedly used his fingers to button it. Unfortunately, why did her fingers become unruly?

No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't control the tempo.

His head was still spinning. How could this be?

Could it be that she was really drunk?

"If you feel uncomfortable, just lie down and go to sleep! Look at you, I won't let you out of this door. " Ji Xiao Han's voice was still filled with anger, because, he didn't dare imagine, if this woman had also gotten drunk in front of other men before.

He had such a poor tolerance for alcohol, but he still dared to show off. He really wanted to beat her up.

Tang You You could not resist the dizziness, so she decided to just lie down and cover herself with the blanket.

"I only sleep for half an hour …" Ji Xiao Han, if you are busy... "

"I'm not busy!" The man suddenly sat down on the edge of her bed and watched her eyes widen in shock.

Ji Xiao Han reached out to help her pull her blanket: "Go to sleep, I'll guard you!"

"No, you can leave now. You being here, I can't sleep at all!" When Tang You You heard him say that he would guard her, even if her eyelids were to droop, her mind still felt as if a string was stretched tight.

"I won't leave!" After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he stood up and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door.

Tang You You saw that the light inside the house had dimmed. Unable to hold on any longer, she fainted and fell asleep.

What was this woman thinking? He was actually going to treat his little brother to a meal? Drinking with him.

He was getting bolder and bolder.

Just then, Ji Xiao Han's phone rang.

It was from Ji Yue Ze.

"Brother, is she alright?"

"If you dare to drink with her alone again, I won't forgive you!"

"Bro, this is really a misunderstanding. I want to know if she can drink it. Even if I beat her to death, I won't let her drink it. We've always been talking about work matters." Ji Yue Ze felt that his big brother would definitely blame himself, so he wanted to explain a little.

"What do you have to talk about at work?" Ji Xiao Han laughed sarcastically.

"Sister-in-law's company is hosting an early winter New product launch. They want me to arrange some of the artists under my company to go and support them." Ji Yue Ze said anxiously.

"Isn't this something that can be solved with a single sentence? Why did you ask me out to dinner? " Ji Xiao Han felt that this was not a reason at all.

"Brother, you're the CEO, commanding the wind and the rain. Of course, you don't understand the hardships of the low-level staff. Sister-in-law only personally came to talk to me because she wanted to do a good job." Ji Yue Ze replied a little displeased.

"Forget it, she's still sleeping. I won't pursue this matter any further. Next time she wants your help, you must unconditionally help her. Do you remember that?" Ji Xiao Han lowered his voice, afraid that he would disturb her sleep.

"Bro, what do you mean unconditional? It's not like she's my girlfriend. If she wants to earn money, then don't I need it?" Ji Yue Ze felt that his big brother was simply too overbearing, and weakly resisted.

"Just help her. You can make conditions for me." Ji Xiao Han also felt that he could not squeeze his own brother out.

"Big brother, if you help behind the scenes like this, will sister-in-law accept your kindness?" I feel that she is not someone who likes to depend on you for her position. Otherwise, she wouldn't have come out to talk about work on her own. " Ji Yue Ze seemed to have a very good understanding of Tang You You.

"You talk too much!" Ji Xiao Han directly hung up on his little brother. Indeed, his little brother's words was something that annoyed him the entire time.

Tang You You was a woman with a stubborn and stubborn personality. Other women would usually show weakness and seek sympathy, but she just had to show off, even if she wanted to talk to him about it, he would help her with anything without any conditions.

However, did she know what a woman's advantage was? Showing weakness? Can't you be more delicate?

Why did he like a strong woman like her?

More than half an hour had passed between the tapping fingers of the man.

The living room was very quiet, and Ji Xiao Han could hear his own breathing, which was getting heavier and heavier.

That woman can't really fall asleep in bed in peace, can she?

Ji Xiao Han got up, and pushed open the bedroom door, the window on the floor was closed, and only a weak light could be seen coming in.

At some point, the woman on the bed had kicked the thin cloth off her body.

She was still wearing her black suit jacket s and her tight training skirt had also been pulled up by a few centimeters.

A pair of straight, slender and long legs, white and smooth. When Ji Xiao Han looked down, he realized that he had forgotten to take off this woman's high heels.

When he walked in earlier, he was filled with anger, but he just ignored her.

Only now did he realize that her feet were still wearing a pair of black, simple high heels. The thin heels made her legs seem even more white and slender.

Ji Xiao Han's breathing suddenly became sluggish. With a low curse, his huge body walked to the side of the bed, bent, and used his fingers to hold onto her high heels as he gently took them off!

High-heeled shoes were also a deadly thing for a man, because only with them could a woman show her flirtatiousness and delicateness.

"En!" When he took off her shoes, it was as if he was disturbing her rest. She lightly kicked twice with her feet in a very delicate manner.

When Ji Xiao Han saw her childish attitude, he could not help but burst out laughing. He really wanted to teach her a lesson and let her know that he should no longer drink like water!