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C1877: loss of self-confidence

She has just bathed and washed her hair. Now it seems that it will hinder her eyes if it spreads out. She just uses a leather band to tie it to the back of her head. However, there are many mischievous hairs falling down, outlining her beautiful white face.

The most deadly, gentle and charming style is the touch of self-knowledge.

Jimucheng suddenly felt a little hot. He stretched out his hand and pulled down the collar which was already open.

"Why don't you sleep?"

He suddenly made a noise, which frightened Xia Xinnian. She turned around and looked at him.

Jimucheng looked at her frightened expression, and her sexy thin lips pulled a little: "how dare you be so timid

Xia Xinnian glares at him. Is he intentional?

"Why don't you answer today's son's question?"

As expected, jimucheng still cares about the answer. After seeing her, he asked.

"Why should I answer such a boring question?"

Xia Xinnian said faintly as he collected the drawings.

Jimucheng's mouth was drawn twice. Is it boring to marry him?

Where does this woman come from to be confident, dare to ignore his existence like this?

"Xia Xinnian, don't you see that my son really wants us to be together?"

Seeing that the woman closed the computer and wanted to leave, jimucheng didn't know where to get angry. She put out her hand and clasped her wrist: "why don't you think about being my woman?"

Xia Xinnian really didn't see anyone more cheeky than him. He signed the agreement of peaceful coexistence at noon. He asked her this at night. Did he really think that the agreement didn't exist?

"Jimucheng, let go!"

Xia Xinnian only felt his wrist burning. She instinctively shuddered and stared at him with warning eyes.

"Do you know how many women want to marry me?"

Jimucheng's eyes are burning on her face and her voice is deep.

"I don't want to know. I'm not interested. Let go!"

Xia Xinnian hates men's touch most, and she repels them with sensitive nerves.

Jimucheng found that this woman is really hard and soft, and oil and salt do not enter, it is really difficult to break.

"If you don't let go, I'll take my son with me!"

Xia Xinnian threatens him with his teeth.

This sentence really worked. The man released his hand and stared at her deeply.

He was not afraid that she would take his son, for he knew that if he would not, she would not take him.

He just doesn't want his son to be disappointed with his father. The most important thing for him now is to win his son's favor and establish a father son relationship as soon as possible.

Therefore, Xia Xinnian's threat had an effect.

"Xia Xinnian, are you cold?"

It must be a psychological problem to be able to ignore such a charming man.

Xia Xinnian is going to be pissed off by his words. Can this man say less?

"It's a disease. It needs to be treated!"

See her do not support voice, jimucheng low light care for her.

"I don't care. I'm just not enthusiastic about you."

Said Xia Xinnian, gnashing his teeth.

Ji Mucheng's quiet eyes changed, with a sarcastic tone: "yes, you must be passionate about that man named Yan."

Xia Xinnian blushed and said, "you are right. If I fall in love with someone, I will be passionate, but you should save."

This blow is enough. Jimucheng Jun's face looks gloomy as if she is going to drip water. Good. This woman has no eyes and doesn't know the charm of a real man. She will regret it.

"Why don't you try? I bet you'll fall in love with me!"

Jimucheng seemed unwilling to say these two words with great conceit.

Xia Xinnian was so impressed with him that he directly replied with two words: "ha ha!"

Ha ha, it's like a huge stone falling into the heart lake of jimucheng, throwing out the rage of taotian. This game is worth the challenge.

Xia Xinnian went back to the room with the document and computer and locked the door.

I didn't finish my work. When I was mixed up by that man, I had no mood. I'd better go to bed earlier.

The next morning, Xia Xinnian led his son's small hand downstairs. On the breakfast table, jimucheng was already dressed in Western clothes and shoes, and he was sitting in the first place with noble temperament.

"Son, sit by daddy!"

Seeing the lovely elf, jimucheng's face changed for a second, warm as spring.

The little guy drags mommy's hand and takes the nearest seat to Jimu city.

A family of three, quietly after breakfast, jimucheng took the initiative to send his son to school.

Xia Yuchen said goodbye to Mommy and didn't forget to run over and kiss her face, which made her leave in daddy's car.

Xia Xinnian also drove to the company. As soon as he entered the office, he immediately felt that everyone had different eyes on her.

Maybe because of work, Xia Xinnian is also very sensitive to people's expression. She feels that something happened.

Fast step into the office, into the eyes of the big bunch of roses, the moment gave her the answer.

"Who sent it?"

Xia Xinnian glances at the assistant outside.

The assistant immediately smiled and said, "I have a brother from a florist who sent it to you in the morning, and he also specially pointed out that it's for you. Miss Xinnian, this bunch of roses is so beautiful. Is there ninety-nine of them..." Xia Xinnian walked over and circled around the rose. He didn't find any cards or anything.

Who has done a good deed and left his name behind?

Xia Xinnian is upset and angry for no reason. He guesses who it will be.

Suddenly, last night, jimucheng said that sentence flooded into her mind, and she frowned angrily.

What's this man playing with, thinking that sending a bunch of roses can capture her heart?

Oh, look down on her too much.

Xia Xinnian didn't throw away the roses, so she decided to go home at night and find the man to make it clear. If you send her flowers later, don't blame her for rushing them.

Xia shuran is asking her two sisters to have afternoon tea. Recently, he Jiaxuan has been obviously indifferent to her. He doesn't come back until very late in the evening. He goes to bed as soon as he touches the bed, and completely ignores Xia shuran's meticulously dressed style.

Xia shuran always said good things to her husband in front of her sisters, but today, she was in a state of emotional collapse, and her two sisters saw her flaws.

"Shuran, you seem to have lost weight recently, and you are haggard. Is there anything bothering you?"

Xia shuran breathed out impatiently: "Jiaxuan has been busy with her work and many social activities recently, which bothers me!"

"Men are all virtuous. My family was like this a while ago. However, I found out later that he was going to hook up with a little fox spirit after work. I caught him and taught him a lesson. Now he is much more honest."

Xia shuran's face changed, trying to maintain: "my Jiaxuan is absolutely impossible to hook up with the women outside, he may be really busy with his work."

The two sisters are very good at looking at the color. Seeing that Xia shuran is not happy that they suspect he Jiaxuan is greasy, they naturally dare not talk more.