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C1532 short time

Blue fibril was dragged back home at last. She locked herself in the room, crying and tearing her lungs. She hated that the sky was falling apart. She really wanted a bottle of poison to send blue man to the West.

Lambert was left by the old blue man because he had something else to tell him.

LAN Mei looks down and waits for training.

"I know what you're doing. Although Li's development is not as good as that of our blue family, he has a very strong background. His family has three outstanding military generals. No matter who can win the power in this war, the blue family will be involved in it sooner or later. However, Lambert, you are my son. I must remind you that when you choose a position, you must open your eyes, Only when the people's aspirations are satisfied can they win more. They should not be used by those who have the will to win. At last, they become cannon fodder. " The old blue man said as he walked up the stairs.

He can only say so, hoping that his son can listen.

LAN Bai's face suddenly turned ugly. Of course, he heard clearly. It turned out that it was not only to punish her, but also to get married to save LAN family?

Is it true that this election will be a victory for Ling Mo Feng?

LAN Bai has a cold heart. He has been living in the society for many years. The wind, the waves and the waves have also survived. If this choice fails, will LAN family really be destroyed in his hands?

"Ling Mo Feng." For a while, Lambert lost the balance in his heart. In fact, he always respected his father in his heart. Without him, there would be no achievements of today's blue family. His father's vision has always been unique and accurate. He chose Ling Mo Feng at the beginning, which shows that he was interested in each other's potential.

"This is the time to get out I'm afraid it's difficult. " Lambert murmured and walked away.

It's dawn and a good night's sleep. Lanyanxi is in good spirits in the morning. She opens her eyes, but hears the sound of water in the bathroom. She can't help but stare.

In the morning, how can Ling Mo Feng take a bath?

LAN Yanxi wakes up in a moment with her eyes closed. She gently lifts her head off the bed, and then sneaks out of the bathroom.

An evil and bold thought was constantly forming in her mind.

What to do?

I really want to peek.

LAN Yanxi's hands tightly stirred a long strand of hair hanging on his chest, with a troubled look.

It's over. She's getting worse and worse. She even has such a shameless idea about Ling Mo Feng.

But take a look At one glance, shouldn't it violate the law?

She's going to be engaged tomorrow, so she can watch it legally.

LAN Yanxi's heart is engaged in a battle between heaven and man. Finally, the little nightmare defeats the little angel. Her little hand reaches out boldly and pushes the door open slightly.

Inside is the direct sunlight, the room is full of gentle light, plus the cloud of water mist. The man holds his hand on the wall, his back is facing her, and he doesn't know what he's thinking. The water is pouring down from his head. The water outlines his strong and long body. In the sun, it's healthy and elegant, full of male strength.

LAN Yanxi's eyes are wide open. She didn't expect a man to take a bath. The picture is so beautiful. It's like the scenes in the movie that have been deliberately publicized and dyed, and it's also the kind of attractive scenes that only beautiful men can have.

Lanyanxi's little heart, now it's beating hard.

She stopped breathing and looked greedily at her beautiful eyes

No blinking.

"Turn around, turn around." LAN Yanxi stood still and breathlessly, but found that Ling Mo Feng didn't even move, so he let the water fall from his head, and he seemed to be in some kind of meditation, so he didn't want to turn around at all.

Someone can't be in a hurry. He peeked once. If he didn't see anything, I'm sorry for her fast heart.

No, she must see.

"Yanxi, close the door." Just as LAN Yanxi waited patiently, she heard the man's deep, hoarse voice ring.

Lanyanxi seems to have been caught by others. He immediately makes a scream. Next second, with a touch, he closes the bathroom door directly.

And she also ran back to bed at once, pulled the quilt over and let her whole body hide in it.

"He knows." At this moment, lanyanxi wants to run over and die.

It's a shame. It's over. What will Ling Mo Feng think of her? She must feel that she is an impure woman. She must feel that she doesn't want to be hungry.

"I actually It's not that casual. " LAN Yanxi wants to justify her name, but the lingering pictures in her mind at the moment make her change her words without any persuasion.

Well, she's like that. She just wants to see it.

Just as LAN Yanxi reflected in the quilt again and again, the sound of water in the bathroom turned off, and soon the sound of pushing and pulling the door rang.

He's out.

LAN Yanxi is even tighter and tighter. She decides not to see Ling Mo Feng today.

The sound of steady footsteps, stepping on the high-level carpet, is subtle, but now blue Yanxi has ears up, as if even a needle has fallen, she can accurately say the position, but let alone the sound of men's footsteps.

It's over. He's standing by. What does he want to do? What does he want to say?

She didn't want to listen. She wanted to play dumb.

Ling Mo Feng was dressed in a gray blue bathrobe and looked at the shivering woman in the quilt with her hands around her chest.

It's as if he bullied her.

"Yanxi, I'm going to be late for work." His voice was gentle, as usual, as if the episode had not existed.

"I I'm sick. I won't go to work. Please take a leave for me. " LAN Yan's stuffy voice came out of the quilt. He was determined not to see people.

"Though you have peeped at me, I have forgiven you. Get up, I am not angry." Ling Mo Feng, with a smile, said deliberately and seriously.

"I don't want it. I'm guilty. Don't forgive me." LAN Yanxi said.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help it this time. He laughed and sat down on the bed. He stretched out his long arm to take away the quilt she had covered her body.

But did not expect that the girl's grip was so tight that he did not pull it off. On the contrary, she still grabbed it.

"Well, you didn't see anything. I don't blame you. Don't take it to heart. In fact, it's not good-looking. Men's physiological structure is like that. You are curious now, and you won't even want to see it in the future." Ling Mo Feng comforted her seriously.

LAN Yanxi can't laugh or cry. This man is really interesting. It's clear that she made a mistake. How can he comfort him in turn?

Lanyanxi immediately lifted the quilt and showed her head from the inside. Her long hair was in disorder, which set off her beautiful white face. In this warm morning, there was an unspeakable beauty.

The man's body swells in a moment, the eyes are deep, and the fingers can't help falling to her long hair: "Yan Xi, I like the time with you very much, very relaxed, very interesting."

LAN Yanxi is stunned. Is this man expressing his love to her again?

"Don't you think I'm very bad, not serious?" Lanyanxi is worried about this.

"As long as you are bad to me and not serious to me as a man, it's OK." Ling Mo Feng's thin lips rise, and the evil spirit of laughter is extremely strong.

LAN Yanxi blushed and stammered, "I don't think of other men except you."

"That's OK. You can only hold me in your eyes. That's my luck." Ling Mo Feng's smile grew stronger. His fingers ran down her long hair, and he saw the bigger part of her face because she was lying on the bed. His throat tightened instantly. Next second, he stood up quickly: "I go downstairs to make breakfast. You hurry up and get down. I'm late. I don't want to talk for you."

LAN Yanxi really wants to take a day to flirt with him. Unfortunately, time is too short. "I see." LAN Yanxi's mouth is languid.

Why is she engaged tomorrow and going to work today? Actually, she can ask for leave.

But Ling Mo Feng still has to go to work. It seems that it's no fun for her to ask for leave. Forget it. Go to work. Somehow she can be closer to him.

Ling went to the dressing room. In a short time, he came out in a suit, elegant and charming. He was full of mature male temperament.