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LAN Yanxi squints at the sky, tilts her head, and really thinks about the bet.

"Bet on something interesting." Tang youyou is also looking at the sky seriously.

"Or do you want them to give a live performance?" Blue Yan said with a smile.

"Yes!" Tang youjue's idea is good. It will be very interesting if there is a program to cheer him up.

The two women fell in love at the same time. At this moment, the two men who were far away from work had a bad premonition of a cold back for no reason.

"Come and sit!" Tang youyou immediately invited with a smile.

LAN Yanxi sat on the chair and spread out his arms lazily: "your home is so beautiful. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery here. No wonder so many people want to be Jijia's little grandma." LAN Yanxi is the envy of the real name system. No way. Women are actually very realistic creatures. Beautiful things can make them yearn for.

Tang youyou chuckled: "where did you hear the news?"

"You don't need to listen to this. You go to the celebrities and young ladies in the upper circles and talk about the president of your family as long as you are unmarried. He is young and handsome. Wealth can block up a mountain. As long as he likes it, there will be endless money in this life and the next life. Who doesn't want to enjoy it?" LAN Yanxi is a straightforward person. At this moment, she regards Tang youyou as a close friend and naturally talks about the truth.

"Maybe, sometimes, I feel really lucky. When I wake up every day, I feel that I am dreaming a beautiful dream. When the sun shines on me, I will feel that my dream has come true. But in fact, I am more restless. After enjoying the sweet love, it is very trivial family affairs. I am afraid that the love is not long enough and the marriage is not loyal, Will you be afraid, Yanxi? " Seeing that she was so frank, Tang youyou took out some hidden words to communicate with her.

LAN Yanxi blinked her eyes, obviously, she didn't seem to start thinking about these things.

"I I'm not married yet, I may not realize your current mood. However, I don't know if love has a fresh-keeping period and how long it lasts. If you are afraid, I'm afraid. It's useless to be afraid. If you enrich every day, it's not a shock. " LAN Yanxi laughs bitterly. Before, she lived alone and was very optimistic. She even despised this kind of love. She felt that she was the most reliable one. No one can hope for it. Now, she seems to be slapped every day. It turns out that love really exists in reality. There is a man who is willing to give everything for her, even his safety Regardless.

"You're right. I'm probably a little sentimental recently. Maybe it has something to do with my pregnancy. Once a woman is pregnant, her brain will think more and her nerves will be weak." Tang youyou immediately bowed his head and smiled.

"Sister Youyou, are you pregnant again?" LAN Yanxi looked at her with a surprised face and asked, "it's so fast, but you can also conceive. Your two children are so big."

Tang youyou saw that she reflected so much, and jokingly asked her, "Yan Xi, you have been together for so long, when are you going to have children?"

LAN Yanxi replied shyly, "in fact, we have been preparing, but we don't know why, we haven't reflected. Maybe I'm not in a good mood recently."

"I heard from Ji Xiaohan about your grandfather. I hope you are stronger." Don youyou comforts her. "I'm all right. It's normal for me to live, die and die. I've accepted this fact for a long time." Lanyanxi reached for a cup of tea, took two sips, and then laughed again: "since you are pregnant, I will not come here for nothing, I will touch your pregnant one."

"Come on, get some more. I hope you'll get pregnant soon." Tang youyou laughs very generously.

"And your family? Shall I say hello to them? " LAN Yanxi found that he seemed to have been chatting with Tang youyou all the time, but he forgot that there were elders in her family.

"They just went out today. My brother-in-law and daughter-in-law just gave birth to a lovely daughter. My mother-in-law and grandma come here to help them if they have nothing to do." Tang youyou said with a smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll say hello to them next time." LAN Yanxi replied with a smile.

"It's OK. Anyway, you often come to play when you are free. I'm bored." Tang youyou is really happy to have friends come here to chat, even if they are talking about some non nutritious topics, they can also relieve boredom.

Lunch, two people are in front of the desk and chair in the yard. After lunch, Tang youyou calls Ji Xiaohan.

"Lan Yanxi is here? OK, I'll give Mo Feng a call. " Ji Xiaohan is also very happy to hear this news. As long as Tang youyou is not bored, he is more secure in his work.

"Well, then call him over." Tang youyou suddenly smiled twice.

"What are you laughing at? It feels like you're doing something bad. " Ji Xiaohan hears her crisp and sweet smile in the heavy work, which makes him relaxed at once. He wants to seize this time to make a joke with her.

Tang youyou's beautiful eyes quiver. My God, why is this man so keen? He even realizes that she has done something wrong.

"No, you think more, work hard, go home tomorrow and hang up." Don you dare not talk with him any more. If you let him know that you seem to have hurt him, you can't be punished.

Season owl cold quiet Mou narrowed up, why does he still have a kind of not very good presentiment?

After Ji Xiaohan hung up Tang youyou's phone, he immediately dialed Ling Mo Feng.

Ling didn't answer his phone in time, but an hour later, he called back.

"Xiao Han, I was in a meeting just now. What can I do for you?" The voice of the man's smile came.

"Oh, it's nothing important. Your wife has come to my house. She wants to stay for dinner at night and ask if you have time to go together." Season owl cold smiles to invite.

"Good!" Ling didn't think about it. In fact, he thought of Ji's family for a long time. By the way, he saw Ji Xiaohan's two lovely twins. He felt the family atmosphere with children in advance. Moreover, he believed that Lan Yanxi must have fun now. He had a chance to let her find friends to relax. He naturally depended on her.

"It's agreed to come earlier in the evening." Ji Xiaohan hangs up and continues to work.

Ji Xiaohan didn't call Tang youyou back, because he felt that he could invite Ling Mo Feng to be his guest.

At this moment, it's getting late. LAN Yanxi and Tang youYou are sitting in the living room, waiting for the two little guys to go home.

"Yan Xi, it seems that we haven't said how to gamble yet." Tang youyou suddenly thought of a very important thing.

Blue words Xi Leng for a while: "Ling Mo Feng came, calculate I lose."

Tang youyou immediately laughed: "then you must be defeated."

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyebrow quivered: "no, what did Ji always say?"

"No, but I think you'll lose. I really want to see what the president will show us." Tang youyou's face is happy.

LAN Yanxi couldn't help crying and laughing: "it's over. Did I pit him?"

"It's OK. If you comfort him well, he won't be angry." Tang youyou has tried to find out his experience in adjusting his husband. In fact, when dealing with men, he can also give a slap of palm to enjoy a piece of sugar. Because true love doesn't care. If you care, it's certainly not true love.

LAN Yanxi was amused again and nodded at once: "well, what you said is quite reasonable. OK, I'll reward him later."

Just at this time, there were three black cars parked outside the door. The door opened. The two boys, wearing expensive school uniforms and carrying a small schoolbag, rushed to the living room.

Half way to the house, saw the guests, or a strange beautiful sister, they immediately stopped.

"Mommy, is this beautiful sister your friend? Why haven't we met? " Ji Xiaorui immediately asked with a smile.

LAN Yanxi saw a pair of beautiful and delicate little guys running in, and her face was amazing.

"My God, it's so cute. The gene is so powerful. Your son looks like President Ji." LAN Yanxi couldn't help exclaiming.

Tang youyou also felt that her son, regardless of his appearance or temperament, was approaching Ji Xiaohan. She couldn't help stroking her forehead: "it's because of the resemblance that she was recognized, but I don't think it's like that."

"It's true!" LAN Yanxi said definitely.