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C1597 arrangement of gentleness

LAN Yanxi's brain explodes. Some people can't believe that they have taken the mobile phone closer. His pretty face immediately glowers, "turn off my alarm clock again."

There is no doubt that Ling Mo Feng turned off her alarm clock when she got up in the morning, but today is not a weekend. She can't even ask for a holiday.

LAN Yanxi was just about to call Wang Xinyi, his boss, to say something. He saw a small note next to him, with a black pen on it. He wrote a line of words forcefully and forcefully: please help me to have a rest at home today.

Have you asked for leave for her? LAN Yanxi can't laugh or cry for a while. Ling Mo Feng is vice president. He makes his fiancee late and leave work early every day. Is that really good?

However, since Ling Mo Feng arranged her clearly, lanyanxi still likes to be lazy.

She moved her legs for a while, and immediately felt the legs and feet were sore. What flashed in her mind was the pictures of last night. She was going crazy. She didn't expect Ling Mo Feng's arm was injured, and she could still toss until that night.

LAN Yanxi opens the quilt. There is dried blood on the sky blue quilt. She is shocked and immediately covers the quilt again.

The pretty face is pink.

I've read the post on the Internet before, saying that many women don't bleed for the first time, so many men are skeptical and don't believe in her loyalty and cleanness. She's actually quite afraid. After all, she's also the first time. Moreover, she's a lively and active type from small to large. I'm afraid that she won't bleed for the first time, so she can't say a hundred mouths clearly.

Fortunately, I gave you some indication. LAN Yanxi got out of bed shaking her two thin legs to wash. She decided that she would never take the initiative to lift the ink front again, because she could not bear the consequences.

Is there such a big physical gap between men and women? She discovered the fact for the first time.

When LAN Yanxi took a bath and was going to go downstairs to find something to eat, her mobile phone rang.

It's Ling Mo Feng.

LAN Yanxi hurriedly takes the cell phone to answer and feeds it shamelessly.

The gentle voice of the man came from that end: "wake up? Is it better? "

LAN Yanxi rubbed his knee: "you are OK to ask me this."

"I just want to know if I'm sorry. I didn't think about your feelings yesterday." Ling Mo Feng called to apologize. He felt guilty for his madness yesterday.

"I feel good, really, very good." LAN Yanxi replied in a big way. Although she complained about the man, she was not angry at all. Instead, she felt very good when she was with him.

"Really?" The man confirmed with a smile.

"Well." LAN Yanxi replied solemnly.

"Then I'll go back earlier tonight." Ling Mo Feng is in a good mood.

LAN Yanxi's brain hummed, and she began to eat some words: "you What do you want to do when you come back so early? "

"Don't you want to accompany you to the blue house? Of course, I'll go back to pick you up and have a meal with your grandfather. " Ling Mo Feng heard her tone of panic, but he couldn't help it and laughed.

LAN Yanxi was immediately ashamed. God, she was just thinking about something.

"Well, you should be busy with your work and come back when you are finished. Don't worry." LAN Yan said with shame.

Ling murfeng said, but he was reluctant to hang up the phone, so he asked her, "what do you want to eat at noon? I want Aunt Wang to deliver it."

"Whatever. I'm really hungry now. I'll have some biscuits first." LAN Yanxi said as he walked out of the bedroom door.

"OK, I'll let her deliver it as soon as possible. You have a good rest in the afternoon." Ling Mo Feng still loves her.

"I see. Hang up first." Lanyanxi smiled contentedly, and then she hung up.

Ling Mo Feng looks at the mobile phone, handsome face slightly Zheng.

Mu Weicheng is going to report to the school today. He has been demoted from the general manager of a base to the school trainer, which is really a great fall in his career for him. In other people's eyes, he was implicated by the old president. That's why Ling mofeng was investigated and demoted.

Mu Weicheng didn't say a word much. Some people looked at him sympathetically, and his face was as usual.

He has three classes, all of which are young elites. He is about 18 to 20 years old. His main job is to take charge of military training. Mu Weicheng's training is very strict. He doesn't give any face. So everyone calls him general iron face behind his back. However, there are many girls who like him.

In the afternoon, Mu Weicheng walked into a new classroom, which was the youngest freshman. He looked at the past one by one, all of them were young and childish. At first sight, they were rich children who seldom suffered hardship.

All of a sudden, his eyes froze, because he saw a small girl sitting in the last row, the lovely and beautiful face, which made Mu Wei Cheng's face suddenly stern.

The next second, he walked directly towards the girl.

"You're not in this class. Why are you here?" His stern voice made some students shiver.

"I came here in shifts. I just came here yesterday. Does the drillmaster Mu have any comments?" Ling warm immediately stood up, micro Yang chin, a pair of beautiful eyes fearless and Mu Weicheng look at each other.

"You can change classes. Don't come to my class." Mu Weicheng asked directly, but he refused to show his face.

"Why should I change classes? I don't want to. I'll stay in this class. The headmaster agreed." Ling warm immediately sat back in position, a pair of uncompromising expression.

"No reason, I can't teach you." Mu Wei Cheng frowned and his voice was cold.

Ling warm immediately eyes a red, small mouth flat down, no longer speak.

More than 30 students in one class were surprised that Ling wennuan was a new student. I heard that she went to another customs school before. She just transferred to the military school yesterday. I don't know what her relationship is. She can come and go freely in such a harsh school.

Ling wennuan is the relationship of Ling Mo Feng's sister, which has been blocked all the time. Except for senior people, some ordinary people don't know about it, and only think that Ling wennuan must be a rich child, because she has a noble atmosphere.

Mu Weicheng looked at her red eyes. Next second, tears rolled down, crying silently.

"Wipe your tears clean, cry when you say two words, and see if you can cry in the sun." Mu Weicheng really can't help but scold her again.

Ling wennuan immediately wiped his tears with the back of his hand and showed a row of fine white teeth to him: "is the drillmaster Mu ready to accept me as a student?"

Mu Weicheng ignored her and turned to class.

Ling warm finally happy, because, Mu Wei Cheng does not speak is equal to default.

Sure enough, only tears are the most effective way to deal with him. She has to cherish her tears and stay at the critical moment to play.

Mu Weicheng thought to himself that Ling wennuan wanted to blame himself. He didn't believe that her charming Miss Ling could bear his harsh teaching style. She was afraid that she would turn to school in a disheartened way at that time, and wouldn't even call him.

Mu Weicheng originally wanted to talk about some theoretical knowledge, but he felt that he had to let these young people go out for practice before talking about it. The effect would be better if theory and practice were combined.

"You're going to change now. I'll see you at the third training ground in ten minutes. If you're a minute late, you'll have to run around the field twice, starting from now on." Mu Weicheng looked down at the wristwatch in his hand and issued strict instructions.

A group of young people in the classroom immediately ran to the dressing room.

Ling wennuan is also in it. However, just after she ran a few steps, she suddenly didn't know who tripped her. She fell on the ground and hurt her arms and knees.

She was covered in circles. Unexpectedly, the next day she turned around, she was so intrigued. She sat on the ground and was angry. She knew that there was a serious team organization in this school. Unexpectedly, it was aimed at her new student so soon.

Ling warms up and runs to the dressing room at once.

It's just bruised knees and arms that make her pretty face crinkle and painful.

In the dressing room, Ling took her training clothes and put them on quickly. She ran out regardless of the fact. What she didn't expect was that just after she ran out, someone pointed out behind her.