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C613 deep feeling

On the bridge in the early morning, Yang ChuChu cried out: "Luo Jinyu, Luo Jinyu, where are you? You don't scare me, you answer me quickly? "

"I'm fine!" There was a man's voice coming from the river. It was obvious that he was struggling to drag Mu Xiyang up the bank.

"Let go of me, I don't need your help!" Mu Xiyang roars angrily. He doesn't want to push Luo Jinyu away.

As soon as he thought that he had robbed the woman he liked, Mu Xiyang wanted to cut off all relations with him. "Moxian, if you are like a man, you should not punish yourself in this way. You should rob the woman you like like like like a real man, understand?" Luo Jinyu almost despised his cousin. Unexpectedly, he jumped down. He didn't even want to die. It's really worrying.

Mu Xiyang sneers: "I am not so shameless as you. I will rob the woman my cousin likes!"

"I didn't rob her. I was in love with her." Luo Jinyu explains for himself.

"Don't you think you're too old?" Lucian stabbed him at his age.

Luo Jin's thin lips were tight, and he said nothing but dragged the cousin who was determined to die to the shore.

Muxiyang is actually afraid. When he jumped down just now, he regretted it.

When the water choked into his five organs and six bellies, he found that death was such a terrible thing.

So, at this moment, when Luo Jinyu drags him to the shore upstream, he also does not struggle.

He also has no strength to struggle. After drinking wine, he is weak. If Luo Jinyu doesn't save him, he will die in a wrong way.

Luo Jin did his best to drag the one meter eight boy onto the bank.

Yang ChuChu has run down with his mobile phone and flashlight.

When she saw both of them lying exhausted on the river, she rushed to check Luo Jinyu's condition at the first time.

Tears fell down in a hurry, and the voice trembled: "are you OK, Luo Jinyu, you are so stupid. Why do you want to save him? What should I do if something happens to you?"

Hearing Yang ChuChu's words, Mu Xiyang next to him really wants to go to the river again.

She doesn't care about herself at all. Is she really so bad?

"Don't cry, I'm fine!" Luo Jinyu reaches out and touches her long hair, avoiding strong comfort.

But in fact, Luo Jinyu's foot was cut by something, and the wound is still very deep. At the moment, he is bleeding.

Yang ChuChu fell into his arms and cried in horror: "you can't do this again next time. I'm really worried and scared."

Mu Xiyang only feels that his heart is torn by a hand. The woman he likes cares about others so much, but ignores him. Does he really love the wrong person?

"Did you call his parents?" Luo Jinyu's voice became a little painful.

"Yes, they are on their way now!" Yang ChuChu reached out to wipe his tears and nodded his head to answer.

Moxiyang frowned regretfully: "who asked you to call them?"

Yang ChuChu bited his teeth angrily: "moxiyang, if he is hurt, I will never forgive you in my life."

"I didn't ask him to help me, even if he didn't help me, I couldn't die," murcieyang said coldly

Just at this time, there was an alarm.

Mu Xiyang's expression changed in a moment, more angry: "Yang ChuChu, did you call the police?"

Yang ChuChu didn't expect that there would be police cars together. Presumably, it was Mu's parents who reported it to the police, just afraid that things would become serious.

When the police and Mu's parents rushed over, they saw two people who were wet all over, and they were scared to death.

"Well!" When Luo Jinyu was ready to stand up, he found that his left foot hurt so much that he tightened his eyebrows.

"What happened to your feet?" Yang ChuChu immediately took a picture of his mobile phone and saw that his feet had been bloodstained.

"My God, Luo Jinyu, is your foot hurt?" Yang ChuChu exclaimed, deeply distressed.

At the moment, Mu Xiyang's expression was also stupefied.

"I seem to be cut by something. I can't walk!" Luo Jinyu smiled bitterly.

Immediately a traffic police Comrade came over: "I'll carry you on my back and go to the hospital to deal with the wound."

Yang ChuChu's tears fell instantly. She didn't expect that Luo Jinyu was really hurt.

And muxiyang's whole body was also stunned, and he was pushed forward by his parents.

As Yang ChuChu walked along, he told Mu Xiyang's mother the story. Mu's father slapped Mu Xiyang in the face: "you bastard, even hurt your cousin to save you. How can you afford his help?"

Muxiyang, who just talked a lot, is now awake and dare not say anything more.

A group of people rushed to the nearest hospital.

The sole of Luo Jinyu's left foot is cut into a deep wound. It needs to be stitched.

Yang ChuChu followed him all the way, and his tears never stopped.

The Mu Mu and Mu Fu were also accompanied by the whole process. The Mu Mu looked at her nephew with great pain. She was so upset to save her son from such a serious injury.

Luo Jinyu's feet were sewn with four stitches. He lost a lot of blood. At last, he stopped bleeding and bandaged them. However, he couldn't walk normally.

Must lie down on the sickbed rest.

Muxiyang stood outside the ward door and was scolded by his parents. His face was not as frivolous and angry as before, but dull and impassive.

"Chu Chu, what's your relationship with Jin Yu?" No matter how dull people are, they also see that their relationship is unusual. The Mu Mu immediately asks.

Yang ChuChu also did not hide, replied: "Auntie, I am his girlfriend."

"What?" Mu's parents were all surprised.

Luo Jinyu nodded and admitted: "yes, we have been together for a long time, but we haven't made it public."

"It turns out that's the way it is. It seems that my son has no such fortune." The Mu Mu smiled bitterly.

"I will let this rebellious son come in and apologize to you."

Luo Jinyu's urgent voice stopped: "uncle, don't scold him any more. Take him back. I believe he is also very sad. Nobody is right or wrong about this matter. I just hope he doesn't resent us!"

Yang ChuChu also agreed: "yes, I'll forgive you for apologizing. You'd better take him back quickly. I'll take care of him here. You can rest assured."

"Chu Chu, Jin Yu, I'm really sorry to have filled you in such a big trouble." Mu's parents are very ashamed. After that, they come out and take away the awkward Mu Xiyang directly. Yang ChuChu looked at Luo Jinyu's left foot wrapped with gauze, and fell on his chest with heartache. He said, "I'm responsible for all this. I'm sorry for your injury."