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C1145 gifts for the old lady

Ji Yueze told Ji Xiaohan about this idea, and Ji Xiaohan sighed helplessly: "you are good at asserting, but also to ask my opinion, now, is my opinion still important?" "

brother, you must help me. My first child is also your nephew. You see how good I am to Xiaorui and xiaonai. What new toys are sent to them at the first time? Can you help me?" Ji Yueze is hard to get rid of Jiao with Ji Xiaohan. At this moment, he really hopes to have the support of big brother. Season

Xiao Han was directly amused by his words, and his tone was flattered: "OK, you decide. As a man, you really shouldn't let the woman you love suffer too much crime, otherwise, you shouldn't provoke her. Since you have such a deep relationship with her, you should treat her better." "

in the future, if grandma knows about this matter, you have to ask for help!" Ji Yueze is relieved a lot. With big brother in the way, that's half the story. "

I'll take full responsibility for you. Are you happy?" Ji Xiaohan can't help him since he was a kid. In fact, in his heart, he has always been grateful to his brother. At the beginning, Grandpa chose him as his successor, and his brother was the first to support him without saying anything. When Ji Lin persecuted him, he also helped him in various ways. Ji Xiaohan knew that his brother didn't fight with himself, left Ji's home and started his own business. Those days when he rebelled Zi, in fact, is far away from this war of seizing power.

Grandpa and grandma scold him every day when they catch him, but he is convinced. On the surface, Ji Xiaohan looks at him alone outside, but in his heart, he is always grateful for his brother's support. He has also vowed that he must be treated well in his life, no matter what, he should have a brother's appearance.

"Brother, that's what you said. Don't be in debt then!" Ji Yueze smiled and then hung up. Xiao Han put down his mobile phone, and he was very happy. His younger brother finally had his children, and Ji's family was going to fill in new jobs. Yang is quiet and thoughtful, but she is quick at things. She packed several big boxes and moved to jiyueze's new villa with her car of luggage.

"The master bedroom is yours, then this one is mine." Yang Siyu said with a smile. Season

Yue Ze put his hand around Bai Yiyan and nodded, "in fact, I want to give you the master bedroom. Who makes you our benefactor now?"

"Hey, don't be so polite. I didn't say I want to live alone. I Can I invite my family to come here once in a while for dinner and stay for a night or two? Do you mind? " When Yang Siyu talked about the key points, her pretty face suddenly turned red and she was very shy. Season

Yueze and Bai Yiyan look at each other with a smile in their eyes. "

do you mind?" Yang Si's tone is that they just laugh and don't talk. They get nervous immediately. "

of course not. She is welcome to come and live at any time. The four of us will live in harmony from now on. We are as close as our family and do not share each other!" Of course, Ji Yueze won't object. "

that's very kind, family!" Yang Siyu is also happy to bloom.

Bai Yiyan is infected by the relaxed atmosphere. She can't help but feel relieved. I hope this is the future life. Everyone is happy. "

wait a minute, Ji Yueze. What can we do if your grandma comes to check the post?" Yang Siyu suddenly thought of an important thing and asked it quickly.

"You may be wronged!" Ji Yueze looks embarrassed. Yang

as soon as his expression changed, his eyes widened: "you don't want me to play with you, do you?" Ji Yueze shrugged his shoulders and said, "I really don't want to be bold, but my grandma is very smart. If we don't act properly, she must see the problem."

Yang Siyu smiled and turned to Bai Yiyan: "if Miss Bai doesn't mind, I don't mind."

"Of course I won't. I'd like to thank you for your help." Bai Yiyan said sincerely. Yang said with a snigger: "we're all asking for what we need. Don't mention the word" thank you ". I'm ashamed!" This is a matter of good communication. The old lady is very happy when she hears that two people are going to move together. She has been worried about her little grandson's rebellious nature and won't agree with the marriage. Now it seems that the young people's nature of mind is still uncertain. It's hard to say who they will like.

"When your new home is ready, grandma will go to have a meal!" The old lady said to Ji Yueze on the phone.

"Grandma can come anytime if she is free!" Ji Yueze answered lightly. "

I'm going to pick out a gift for Siyu tomorrow. What do you think it's good to give her? What does she like? " The old lady immediately asked happily, thinking that Yang Siyu had lived with her grandson and could not treat others as outsiders. As an elder, she still wanted to give gifts to the younger generation.

"Grandma, people don't lack anything. Besides, I'll buy for her what she wants." In fact, Ji Yueze didn't know what Yang Siyu liked at all. He didn't have a deep understanding at all. This problem baffled him. "

that's not the same. You sent it to me, and grandma also sent it. Please tell me what she likes." The old lady insisted. "

she likes Jewelry, cosmetics and so on! " Ji Yueze thought, women should like these things. "

yes? Well, I'll choose some to send to her! " The old lady frowned at her little grandson's hesitation.

Wait until hang up the phone, Ji Yueze just pressed his chest. Is grandma testing him? Ji

the more Ze, the more uneasy he became. He called Yang Siyu and asked her what she liked.

"I like playing the piano, and I also like travelling and food. Why do you ask me this all of a sudden?" "

do you like jewelry and cosmetics?" Ji Yueze couldn't help asking. "

it's a necessity for women. I can't say I like it. Why do I need a gift?" Yang Siyu asked jokingly. "

No, my grandma asked me to give you gifts!" Season more light way. "

No, why did your grandmother give me gifts? Don't you really think I'm the future granddaughter-in-law? " Yang Siyu laughed again, and felt that the play was really interesting.

"Maybe I saw us live together and I thought you were a family!" Ji Yueze is also upset. "

she must not call me to ask my mother, my mother knows that my favorite is playing the piano and food." Yang Siyu couldn't help worrying.

"How do you like playing the piano and eating?" Ji Yueze pressed his head and looked depressed. "

because she likes it. I like everything she likes!" Yang Siyu smiled dryly.

Ji Yueze asked Heaven without words.

At this time, the old lady was looking for Yang's phone number to confirm something.